2016 Bentley GT3R TECH REVIEW (1 of 2)

MotoMan has a special car turn up on his doorstep – the Bentley Continental GT3R. In the open air studio, he presents a TECH REVIEW of the Bentley Continental with the heart of the Audi RS7. However, there are some special engineering bits that set this Bentley Continental apart from others besides a bonkers Audi Twin Turbo V8 engine . . .

For more information, check out our 2017 Bentley Mulsanne Range TECH REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPOraiLunW0

– or –

2016 Bentley Continental Range FIRST DRIVE REIVEW in NORWAY! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Bpw9y3_rD0

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woostersheer1 says:

Wow that sure is one heavy, overpriced Golf R.
The RS7 along with competitors from AMG and Alpina work as luxurious, practical awd muscle cars. This chassis is too heavy to work as a sports car, though I’m willing to listen to a Lotus guy if he thinks it does work.

Bob808 says:

I don’t like the CF on the hood and the stickers, it’s a bit tacky on a Bentley IMO. Not a huge fan of the wing either, for the same reason. The interior looks good though!

One thing I’ve always wished the GT had was a sunroof! I don’t think the RR Wraith can be had with one either. Come to think of it, I don’t think Aston has ever offered a sunroof as well. Probably the manufacturers way of getting you to buy a convertible.

Renzo Manrique says:

Great interior and aggressive look. It’s good when everything in the car is functional and not cosmetic.

Euge L says:

I feel like the 607hp E63s AMG 4matic would smash this

john m says:

Bentley were ruined by VW imo. It’s just a big heavy Audi with some nicer leather made in England and a rip off price tag.

nuclearthreat545 says:

oh look, bentley made a mercedes


u look red.

Dusty Rusty says:

I would purchase the Continental GT Speed convertible with its W12 engine. I like a convertible and 4 seats. It’s classy, and makes Merc’s look like soulless machines.

Anthony Davis says:

colour = wrong! Should have been solid “Barnato”green / Tan interior.

Edgedable says:

I Like turtles why? because they’re green

Mischa De Vries says:

Airfends in the hood are not something for a car lik this

Eske Ozdemir says:

I’d buy the gt speed black edition and put them carbon body pieces on

headcas620 says:

Who are they trying to fool with the carbon fiber? It still weighs 5000lbs. Also, you’re paying all that money and you get the VAG audio system with the power button on the volume knob that doesn’t stay upright at all times. Smh.

Blake Swan says:

the hood vents are horrific

Dzastynas says:

to me bentley is a class car. and this is toy-ish

Dee Jay says:

This car is a bit of an oxymoron to me, big heavy gt car trying to be a sports car.
I know Bentley has been successful in racing with the Continental GT but that’s only because of the racing organizers making rules to level the playing field

Jerry Chrisphonte says:

I think its a rad way to keep the class and elegance of Bently while still making it young, fun, youthful and still a car that all of us would be dying to drive. Well done to Bently for knowing how to have fun with their cars! Great show Motoman – Love your reviews!

zarbon700 says:


Mark Bojanjac says:

Looks too well-heeled asian try-hard cafe racer for me. The sound of it however – I love.

christian Chichester says:

Surprised you did this Bentley considering it’s not in “timely access”


You didn’t say, Santa Maria Madre De Dios…now I’m sad.

Voornaam Achternaam says:

OMG this is so ugly….

jneto0893 says:

Love the white black and green combo. I wish it looked more “track ready”. I wish it was lower and wider along with some sort of gt style spoiler

James Ellsworth says:

I have never liked add-on wings. This Bentley has fine lines without that. The GTR decals also take away from what the brand means: discreet power and performance. Even MotoMan didn’t comment on whatever was going on with those black whatevers on the bonnet. They break up the lines and put too much (possibly) carbon fiber in your face. I like the green leather interior but not with the black diamond seat covering. Too many colors are in play in this largely white vehicle. A complimentary shade of green for the seats and luggage area would be more to my taste. Thanks for another interesting video and for an interesting final question!

Eric Larsen says:

Think I would rather have an S63 AMG coupe

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