2017 Bentley Bentayga Arrival

Unwrapping the new 2017 Bentley Bentayga after it rolls off the delivery truck at Park Place Premier Collection with Bentley Dallas.


Black White says:

I saw one days ago…Q7 is all over it.

süleyman wayne says:

it looks like the old cayenne with an new facelift

Jason Jackson says:

looks like an over sized dodge caliber. esp with the simular wheels. bentley step yo SUV game up please.

Natalie Williams says:

lol to the one that said that it looks like a Hyundia Sonata crossover. You are right

vitiland says:


Paloportugal says:

I’ll take a 2017 Mazda CX-9 and four years of college instead, thank you very much.

Jason Brice says:

it’s all about the hype

Gohot229 says:

The jiggs will do the 30″ wheels soon. Lame ass sport livestock blingmobiles.

Charles Walls says:


George Soros Jnr says:


Alex Abbott says:

Its a very expensive Volkswagen Touareg/Audi Q7/Skoda Kodiaq/SUV in general.

P. Petrance says:

the perfect mafia car

von Richthofen says:

I dont like it because it reminds me of other cars, with its 4 wheels, its Windows, its doors and so on. Im so disappointed.

drjd2real says:

Why the hell is it so small?

Markus Stevens aka BIG INFINITE says:

for that price point u better off getting the Bentley Mulsanne rather then this. It is da fastest production SUV but I rather have the Tesla Model X for half the price & 10 times the technology

dtay46 says:

overpriced VW

adele banks says:

I’ll buy this for my husband I’m a Mercedes Benz girl this Bentley truck looks good only in the front the back it looks like a Chevy truck from the back I don’t like this at all …

alex miller says:

London taxi crossover

Jay Bass says:

Ain’t no stoppin dis shit..

Lucius Transor says:

It looks like a hyundai sonata cross over.but i luv it,

MrPCT007 says:

I like Bentley, but not that impressed for the money. I’d rather buy the larger land Rover 5.0 Liter LR V-8 Supercharged SVAutobiography at $200k

septube26 says:

I like it.

Rich says:

Idiots criticising this great car-no one else makes an SUV as good as this…

Bad cougar Robinson says:

That a very nice gift to give someone it the thought that counts

Sirjean5 says:

If I’m honest, from the exterior I think its overrated just because it’s a ‘Bentley’ … I’m sure the interior and overall drive will be amazing but not really that appealing visually .

HIMI2003 says:

I am so not impressed, it was waaaaayy toooo hyped, seriously!

Jude Obi says:

Am a Mercedes guy but I luv how Bentley keep using their classic design in all their cars but Mercedes keep changing their classic design and now they look ugly asf.

Will Johnson says:

I’m so-so on the exterior design, but LOVE the wheel design. But would I replace my X5M with this guy?

croy manny says:

looks ugly and cheap try again…..smh

Benjamin Hatchett says:

busted girl on the outside, Sanaa Lathan on the inside!!!

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