2017 Bentley Bentayga Preview!!!!

What’s going on car family, be sure to check out this quick video on some of the first official production Bentley Bentaygas for the US! Technical review coming soon. Please be sure to like, share, and subscribe!

Special thanks to Bentley Atlanta for allowing me to get the behind the scenes sneak peek at the new Bentayga! Check out BentleyAtlanta.com to view their inventory.

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dr. jones says:

Dam! those are sold already? ?? what are they 289k plus? ?

Peter Sampson says:


The Larson1family says:

Anyone interested in these aren’t buying, but investing. Get it from this guy…he really knows his stuff. Great presentation Ben.

Alex K. says:

Q: Who buys this?
A: People who desperately want to spend more than 250k on an SUV.

Peter Sampson says:


Mike Stafford says:

itz clean but my opinion, i would still rather have the new escalade…just sayn

Benjamin Hatchett says:

if the same car had VW badges on this car, 90% on the comments that says it’s beautiful wouldn’t notice this car or say it’s good looking!

Arbeli Rozenberg says:

This guy loves details

Gerhard Richter says:


Maria das Santos says:

Utterly,utterly beautiful video of an absolutely gorgeous collection of new Bentley Bentaygas.You have got to do a driving event video.


will there be a long wheel base in this model?

Del Mac says:

Cool intro to the Bentayga and good photography, and nicely presented. Wish I was there to smell the leather, and get to sit in it. You come across as a well spoken, polite, decent man, just the type to be given a loan of the Bentley for a road test, here hoping they lend you one. Liked and subscribed.

sinclairs22 says:

Awesome video!


It is what it is….Pretty nice machine

Ben Wayne says:

Fresh Bentayga anyone!??! Get them while they’re hot!! Tech review coming soon! Be sure to hit the like button and enjoy!

정호일 says:

Beautiful car! Bentley Bentayga is beautiful works of art. Thank you for your detailed explanation!

Lbolting005 says:

I got $600 and a used 1991 Honda Civic, let’s trade. I’ll give you the cash and the used 1991 civic in exchange for this Bentaga. Hit me up.

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