2017 Bentley Bentayga – Quick Demonstration

Bentley Tampa Bay is accepting orders for the new Bentley Bentayga. The new Bentley SUV is redefining the luxury SUV market.
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soundlesspeal says:

looks like audi q5

Piero848 says:


GlaDiAtoR ••••••• says:


RPM1ke says:

idz pan W choj z tym brzydalem

rastawet says:

I think the toyota cr h looks way more better

dirtymind78 says:

inside nice, outside shit ugly

Dankwheelie says:

can I test drive it?

victor 003 says:

looks ugly

Luke Schumacher says:

Should be called Dimwit Automotive Group lmao

Jahangir Akbar says:

Blown up Q7

Dheevesh M says:

Such a beautiful machine!

Bobster986 says:

Are you kidding me? It looks like a customized Kia LOL

Bladedoctors says:

54 seconds there is a glitch in the computer heads up display

planbenterprise says:

Man! That 70’s porn funk geeetarr really compliments the $100,000 Bentley. $200,000? I don’t even know….

yensabi says:

The front lets it down badly and black cars are for funerals………!

Toon Nufc says:

Damn theres alot of jealous people commenting here

Chawo Sibiro says:

Looks like a mini cab in UK LOL

Ostkreutz Rox says:

I don’t think it looks good but I like the design of it. Apart from it’s hideous interior it’s rather simplistic, not many chrome bars or exaggerated edges

klexxp says:

fiat multipla comes to mind…

Eric Alonso says:

was somebody climbing a ladder

Durlesteanu says:

Why do americans call a car 2017 if it can be purchased in 2016, wtf? I have never seen this stupid thing elsewhere.
Btw, that car is very ugly.

Bull's Eye says:

I will be able to afford this 2017 model after 20 years of depreciation. Fk i am poor.

Reese Kilbride says:

does this music piss anyone elss of

KeinGanzNormalerKanal says:

It is a car for old peoples. It does not look very modern

zauru192 says:

porn music

Onry1 says:

Such an ugly front end compared to the rest of it…

andres herrera says:

ugly piece of s***

Hubert Soroczyński says:

Nice car. Seems pretty luxurious, not sure i’d buy though, i prefer stealth wealth, especially driving around my shit ass country.

Frank says:

Worth every cent!!!!!



Chris c says:

lol. every time i see this car i laugh. so ugly. give me a range rover any day of the week.

john tohme says:

that beeping would get annoying fast

Ovidiu Gabriel says:

im sorry…but it is ugly AF …..

Taylor Sweetova says:


paul beckenbauer says:


misternormL says:

A car for cucks


Q7 is better

crazy7997 says:

ugly! then it’s for people so stupid it’s got to tell them the engine is running when there is a BIG tach right there. then these stupid owners will be blocking traffic while programing the parking system. urgh! what a stupid UGLY car.

Paid Shill says:

looks ugly -_-

666jamie666 says:

What a absolutly horrid looking vehicle

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