2017 Bentley Bentayga Sandy & Muddy Off-Road Review (Part 1)

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) 2017 Bentley Bentayga – What’s the most expensive and luxurious SUV you can purchase. The answer is the 2017 Bentley Bentayga as Roman recently found out when he took it into the sand dunes and mud in the TFLcar Off-Road Review.

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Abhi Jain says:

Exquisite interior aside, not up to the Bentley standard and nowhere near the gorgeous concept shown 4 years ago.

This looks like a Subaru Outback and Range Rover had an ugly kid with tons of makeup!

soulofthebang says:

Talk about off-road, the engine itself is for high power benchmarks and since it’s a Bentley, I don’t think having off road skid marks will do the car justice.

Volnik says:

These things will sell like hotcakes. Probably will have to wait in a long line before you could order yours.

john jackson says:

3:34 :/

Carlos Fraño says:

Ugliest car on the market right now… $271K for that Chinese looking SUV wannabe? Send me a Range Rover or Porsche Cayenne and keep the change please! Thanks.

TdotSoul says:

He’s the director of vehicle engineering at BENTLEY and he can’t afford to fix his teeth?

medo durango says:

It Goin to go OFF ROAD on the first day in Middle East ! #moneyaintathing

Vasanth G. Benjamin says:

For US$271,000 what do you get?? Well, you get a shitty old car which is going to die of heartache soon.

Peter Leopold says:

its a luxury Subaru Outback

jeepthing98 says:

I’m having a lot of trouble seeing $100k worth of SUV here, let alone $300k. I’ll take less power by getting a G63 AMG and a Land Cruiser and have spare money to fill their tanks with premium fuel for the duration of ownership.

hejdiklump says:

cheesy barbie toy

ANonPaidAttorneySpokesperson says:

Bentley leave the OffRoading to Land Rover, give us a True Bentley SUV!!

Martin Hyde says:

Thanks , yes it’s worthy of that bumper sticker which says ‘ BUILT not bought’ ..lol

David D says:

Shut up and take my money!

Conrad Christel says:

I would absolutely love to take my Tiguan everywhere that they took the Bentayga and see how it keeps up. I bet it wouldn’t have an issue.

Ultrakillerism says:

Roman, put Bentley to send a car to me here in Dubai and I’ll break Range Rover’s record: I’ll take it in the desert the moment I sign the papers and get the keys. Will obviously post video proof.

Zionism is Terrorism says:

Nobody in their right mind is going to take a $270,000 car (SUV) off-roading.

sleepybird09 says:

so if their 2 door car weights 5000ib+ what does this thing weigh.. 20,000ib?

Cole Rochlitz says:

I still would rather have a toyota

Orazbai Murzakulob says:
koreagt ko says:

junk ford junk fucking crazy damn dip shit commercial ads scam ford shity ford scams junking ford fuck ford

jeff reissner says:

Man all that sand getting into bearings and breaks and and everywhere else must just be so bad for cars

Orazbai Murzakulob says:

Да авто отпад мне в такой на для возить сельского животных

Ax says:

Too expensive and an outdated exterior design. Even with 300K to blow, I’d buy a Range Rover or a Macan/Cayenne or the new Jaguar SUV before that thing. To me it is stodgy and screams “Hey everybody!! I can afford something like the Bentley SUV and I desperately want you to know it!”

Chuck McCracken says:

g wagon 6×6 is way more expensive

swaggermel says:

This car is indescribably hideous. Someone needs to tell Bently it’s uglier then the east end of a horse headed west

Andrew Griffith says:

2:57 Hooniverse theme music

agame948 says:

Dude in the sun glasses didn’t look half bad……Beards make cars handle better

jur4x says:

well, I can pretty easily imagine customers in UAE drifting it in the desert.

danturbo316 says:

Is there a part 2? 🙂

Bryan Chang says:

did u meet Shmee?

Sammy Dionne says:

what is the song playing when you are driving in the desert

Gavin Sharp says:

A lot of money for a posh Touareg.

boltar2003 says:

It might be the most luxurious and expensive, its also one of the ugliest too. The exterior looks like something Volga might have designed in the 80s.

Sultan Omran says:

Please change the 2007 feeling intro…

Thiago Lima says:

Bentley VW touareg

Rod Zimmerman says:

For the $280k, I’d rather own 6.6 Tacoma TRD Pros.

Evan Paulus says:

5.32 song?

Abdulmalik Abdulrahman says:

Another companies should think deeply to stop making SVU cars..
Bentayga is the best !!!!

Calvin Gadson says:

Tesla Model X >>>

briansmobile1 says:

Click→ 7:35 check out the abominable number of idiot hoods on that poor engine. They must really be ashamed of it to sweep it under that many rugs! Ferrari and Lamborghini showcase them behind glass.

pimpninja1985 says:

those quarter panel vents look so damn tacky on a Bentley.

connelly6375 says:

fuck me this thing is ugly. but i guess only one thing matters for Veblen goods

Adam Miller says:

Roman is very wrong, yes at 280k this bentley suv is very expensive but the most expensive suv’s are the 
2-Mercedes 6×6 G wagon around 650k
1-Dartz Prombron around 1.25 million

Prince HWC says:

this suv is no better than GL, RR, or G wagon
the design is not bad but price wise this is way more than
what bentley put in this vehicle .

la10sooony says:

Where is part 2?

Saturnino Guajardo says:

Amazing suv $100K., Bentley Logo $170K

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