2017 Bentley Bentayga Technical Review

What’s going on car family?!?! Let’s take a few minutes to go on a tour of the worlds fastest production SUV. The Bentley Bentayga!

Special thanks to Bentley Atlanta for making this review possible!

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Earl Batson Jr says:

Great review! I just found you on here fantastic work.

gooden000 says:

for that money there should be a button to open new close the hood,doors

butthole pleasures says:

In 3 years this car will be worth half of its value most likely. I have the money and would still never buy one new. I’ll buy one used for 165,000 and low mileage in less than 3 years. Let someone else take it up the funny in depreciation by being stupid enough to purchase one brand new.

client video edit reviews says:

fantastic video production!!!!

Tony Tse says:

Ugly ugly ugly

niptodstan says:

Ben. If you lower the rear for shopping etc, what if you forget to raise it and go to drive away? Are there buttons in the front or will it tell you to raise the rear?

Live Jones says:

As usual great review… Ugly SUV though.


Love the channel bro!!

phrozen06 says:

Just found your channel. A damn good Review of this Monster in a Pinstripe Suit.

K Smooth says:

I couldn’t afford one wheel on this.. nice review tho.

Jay Kumar says:

might be your best review yet. keep it up.

Jason Jackson says:

ewww looks like a dodge caliber. no thanks.

Frank Kwok says:

Nice detail video. Although the rear seat ashtray is a nice piece but it looks it can get in the way for the arm rest.

Dusty Rusty says:

Ben – you do the best demos of any of the petrol heads.

Piedone21 says:

I couldn’t take the beauty off rand and get mud on all that wood and nice leather.

courtney Vegan says:

fugly headlight washers.

Sam Jackson says:

the tesla is faster

František Polák says:

Excuse me, are the rear seats positionable? And what about the double floor in the trunk? What is under the cover?

cdude100 says:


kim andrews says:


Edgar Harris says:

Ben could you comment on the interior trim shown? (the name of the colors and wood, etc) Great video…!!!

Thank you…!!!

Sergio Marcelo says:

why it looks like one of those cars that you can customize in a game

имя фамилия says:

Am i the only one who thinks design is bad?its 2017 ,even toyotas are curvy nowadays and vag comes up with some shit like this?it is expensive q7

marlontransporter says:

Am i the only one that finds this car completely hideous……ewwwwww

Underwood95 says:

I wouldn’t but a $220,000 car, but i would buy a $220,000

Sandhu Bhupinder says:

wow what a car

venasio peato says:

Looks like a Audi lol q7

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