2017 Bentley Mulsanne: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

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Burnell Williams says:

I want one in white and silver

Thomas Semeniuk says:

Stone! Fucking stone!

Antwun Barbary says:


IamPotato ! says:

Nice car looks like a rholls roice with round head lights

David Bana says:

I like it and the flying spur

LaMar Winstead Sr. says:

as owner of volkswagen audi group it would be nice to have an active roll and say with all of my car brands.

Comment opinion says:

Excellent Car

مقاطع فلهه says:

من وين طلعو الاجانب مافي عرب بسوي هاشتاق

Vikas Wankhede says:

why this guy is not listening to him

mark marshall says:

the upside down reverse speedometer and tach, why is that so cool to me

Secret Rider's Garage says:

Nice Audi A8


beautiful car nicely built good job Bentley

****Focus**** says:

I like this car it drives good.

Pradeep Kumar says:

haaa it looks painful…

splitaxis says:

I started my youtube journey finding a car for my parents… “Buick LaCrosse”… now I feel like a failure….

Mr. GAWN says:

what an amazing car.. nicest car in the world? maybe it is

puffrooster says:

Stone veneer!?

RedDigitalMusic says:

Magnificent! They slapped the piss out of the other car company’s cheap rear seat screen configurations! Widen that deformed headlight placement though!

ThePandaBeat says:

Am I the only one that feels embarrased just by watching the Bentley guy having to deal with the baboon from TFL?

Jonathan Raven says:

Love the car, hate the grill

Violet Frankson says:

thank U

Sandhu Bhupinder says:

luxury surpasses the RR

Bob Walsh says:

STONE veneer?!

kev lar says:

Roman ruins every interview….but it stands out in this one particularly

Nitin Murali says:

Good video. Can anyone tell me the audio in the title? Thanks

Black Ice says:

Bullshit! I DONT LIKE IT. AND I KNOW CARS! first of all, why have all the so called “high” end luxury car re-designs look like the Jaguar Vanden Plas? ( Which is BAR NONE) That “ugly” ass mercedes maybach is a joke! notice I did not capitalize any other name except The Jag. Come hard or not at all. This spokesman is mis informed, just because you spent exuberant costs on jewels, mean’s absolutely nothing except you wasted your money. Consumers… dont be duped!

25052647 says:

The Bentley PR rep reminds me of Colin Firth in Kingsman. He’s an absolute gent and clearly lives the car.

Dwayne B says:

Thinking of selling my Maybach for this beauty.

Gyan Ganga Ltd says:

I have Bentley Musslane and I have experience in this car

Terry Thomas says:

U.G.L.Y. You ain´t got no Alibi , You ugly !

david eisenbud says:


Antwun Barbary says:

ms, ross

John H says:

This is the type of car I would love to own, above all else, if money was not the issue. A true gentleman’s motor carriage!

royalkina says:

A true gentleman machine

Dominic dos Santos says:

it looks like a Rolls Royce…they literally copied every aspect from another car…

kompartiman says:

replica Rolls roys

Keith Aspden says:

awfull design of the new grill………………….get the old one back Bentley

Antwun Barbary says:

ms, miller

javon holmes says:

Can’t afford it maybe a used Lexus

Spook Stomper says:

God, I feel like such a filthy peasant just watching this video.

Puneeth Bedre says:


Michael Hansen says:

Bentley is truly impressive build quality and craftsmanship…

木下 壌 says:


Heath Farley says:

lizas theme

Walid Aksoy says:

Finally , the Chinese are now ruining the Bentley design section , so RIP Bentley” majestic front .

Da'Carri Bryant says:

i got this car mines 2016 tho

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