2017 Bentley Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase (EWB) Limousine FIRST DRIVE REVIEW (3 of 4)

For the first time ever on the show, MotoMan drives a Limo: The 2017 Bentley Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase EWB. Yes, while the business end of this car is in the back, it’s still a Bentley – a very rare one at that – so MotoMan could not help but try out the 752 pounds of pulling power as well as using sport mode in the most curvy roads of Germany & Austria where one would take a car like this. However, it was after getting that out of his system that he finally focuses on the business end of the 2017 Bentley Mulsanne EWB – the back – and goes through the finer details of living large . . .

For more information, check out our 2017 Bentley Mulsanne Range TECH REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPOraiLunW0

– and –

2017 Bentley Mulsanne Speed FIRST DRIVE REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Za-zCvJqtUM

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Anthony Lalli says:

what features (if any) that the mulsanne has that the phantom does not? what advantages do both have over the other?

Agentxphile says:

Why doesn’t the us allow on air TV in cars?

Rundfunker says:

Cool host 😀

Red Bricks says:

For an American, he dressed quite well for this episode… …Until I saw the red shoelaces.

Cyril Varghese says:

I’m getting this for Christmas. Yay

BBWfootLuvr says:

With fat white bitches

That Shooting Guy says:

I hate you for sitting in the back of that and taking a ride…

Kalpesh Shelat says:

I would choose this over any Rolls Royce, just not sure if i would take it over the Limelight, then again, Limelight is just a concept by Rolls Royce. Not sure if i would take it over the Maybach S600.

embe1 says:

250mm extra is 25cm. The extended wheelbase is longer by 25cm. I mean, that’s kinda ridiculous. That is the length of a pornstar’s penis.

Andrejski Skopski treti says:

why are you so rude with the car?

130world says:

Interesting, Id do a single varying tone with a touring package

Rohan G. Nair says:

Mercedes Benz S600 Maybach > Bentley Muslanne > Rolls Royce Phantom

Keybraker says:

Germany & Austria so beautiful roads !

KDM 420 says:

this dude really looks like a driver..

sixtyFive Watts says:

A tesla is better

Jim Jardine says:

Chrome wheel arch trims and rocker panels.

bond1811 says:

Such a great and well spoken host!

Rob Trust says:

Bentley extend the most ugly limo in the world,why? Rolls Royce make and design better looking cars by miles. Its only My opinion and personal view on this subject. The Rollers Rock as for looks.

atila huno says:

o único carro do mundo que eu fazia sexo com ele

hey hey says:

id still take a 2009 maybach 62s with the partition over this anyday

sheridanbucket says:

Three-tone! Two-tone is too common. Armored. Partitioned, but no center console (for exiting the opposite side). A hot water dispenser for that frightfully spiffy cup of tea, and a hydrotherapy foot massage– for the sheer hell of it.

James Ellsworth says:

I would configure mind with the Speed wheels and two tones of green: light olive and sage over. As an older person, I would use the EWB and a chauffeur for touring. My driving days may be coming to an end.

tuxzdo vik says:

What do you think, Motoman, Muslanne or Phantom (or Ghost)?

Gun Solo says:

No doubt It’s more than a great car but it’s heavy / not agile and bulky.
On the other hand, the S class is everything but that for less than half the cost of the Bentley.

木下 壌 says:


Stanley Nuriyev says:

MotoMan< which is better between s65amg and that car technically, is Mulsanne got the same speed ?

jerry henrie says:

Its sad that, only secret society illuminait scum will ever own them

Andrew Porter says:

I get the pleasures to build the Bentley mulsanne short/ long wheelbase they are a brilliant car to build.

Ian Fitzharris says:

Anyone think he appears just a little too confident?!

rc today says:

Excuse me sir, would you happen to have grey poupon?

7c8f says:

Black and silver with a white pearl interior.

James Freedman says:

Hope @ TATA and @JAGUARLANDROVER can bring back Diamler to compete with Rolls Royce, Bentley and Maybach…..Last heard the Diamler name was denied in US registration. There has been no news since then….I look at the video and feel “the aristocracy buy Daimlers, the nouveau riche buy Rolls-Royce”/in this case a bentley

Bring it on, give some news

zauru192 says:

so, any way to become millionare over night?

The YoungGun says:

bentley mulsanne is a wannabe rolls royce!

Robert Ruehlmann says:

the ewb version as I have pets amd they don’t offer an estate version.

TheRomeo6212 says:

secret of Misplaced sunroof???

polar bear says:

it would make a great taxi in dubai.

Firebrand says:

Bentleys have always been the limousine that you want to drive. Well that’s what they used to say anyway.

The Bentley website has a pretty good ‘car configure’ page on it. It’s pretty fun.

M. Imtyaz says:

basically a BTEC Rolls Royce

Vasiliy Shalamay says:

Неплохая машина.

MelodicProgressiveHouse (MPH) says:

Why am I not rich? Someone help me understand this, please?


still cant beat maybach

john Baldock says:

Great. I’ll Take Too!!

virendra chhasatia says:

Does this use leather from cows?

Pavel D1 says:

Big 7 series

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