2017 Bentley Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase (EWB) Review

Let’s take a look at the EXTREMELY RARE Bentley Mulsanne Extended Wheel Base. Special thanks to Sid Barron​ for making this one possible. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel at YouTube.com/BenWayne85

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What’s going on car family, let’s check out the Bentley Mulsanne Extended Wheel Base. This is an extremely rare car with only 25 units being allocated to the United States. Special thanks to Bentley Atlanta for making this one possible. Please be sure to like, share, and subscribe!

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Top Notch Rating says:

Thats a sweet ride 🙂

Lucky the Cat says:

How much does this cost? I will buy this for my family. And does someone has a link to buy this car? (By the way i live in Europe, Belgium.)

ItsChicooo's Life says:

I would be blown it down. Straight backwoods and king size raw cones

Life Of Cricket says:

The car looks huge on even Big Bear Ben!

scumdrops says:

Thats nothing, I got a double mattress and a toilet bucket in the back of my van.

Lee Justice says:

Outstanding vehicle. My only comment is: Couldn’t they have fixed the cover on the rear console that would not close. Just sayin’?

Demeatriss Dunn says:

drawing benetly insurance

coderodde says:

Nice review, I liked!

Bahaeddine Khalsi says:

nice video bro

Kenyan JMC says:

Love the quality of the HD video and the Bentley review!! keep it up.


Ricardo Thomas says:

Ben, you did a Good job reviewing the Bentley Mulsanne LWB, however Bentley is a
British motor car of pure handmade Luxury, designed and built in England, So it must
be one of 25, exported to the USA, and not 1 of 25 made in the USA, as you’ve said
anyway you’re forgiven, it very easy to forget, in the presence of such Luxury

Don Motz says:

Beautiful car and nice review…..

Don Bond says:

I seriously feel like masturbating looking at this car.

汤晨 says:

oh, I will take buying this car as an ultimate goal in my life

Blake says:

Extremely impressive review. I’m not much of a car guy myself, but I still had to subscribe!

Peyton Place says:

Always love watching your video

Satnam Sohal says:

Very nice Reviews Ben carry on

BBWfootLuvr says:

Thank you for not responding to my ignorant troll comments. I’m proud of you for being a role model in our African American community.

Serge Roy says:

je cherche une monté par kit car

Faraj Alshahwani says:

Nice video for Bentley
My dream car is Bentley

STARTER 1 says:

Ben great job well done. Iam interested in adding this to my fleet of cars.Please call me 9143164682

ro_ro1235 says:

Impressive and Flawless, Great Review!

rich santia says:

I absolutely loved this highly detailed video! I have always been a fan of Bentley motor cars they are just one incredible machine! Thank you so much Ben for this most wonderful video! I look forward to future ones to come!


this guy is pro

Nikolas Butcher says:

Love the shorter to the point review, some reviewers drag on forever. Keep up the great vids!!

Mark 'BhigDaddyMark' Ferguson says:

Je S took the words right out of my mouth! Superb review and video! Excellent camerawork and narration and instant subscribing! First class all the way, and supremely professional. Thank you Sir!

Life Of Cricket says:

I love configuring this on the Bentley Inspirator app!

PKPhoenix83 says:

Great review. Your attitude matched the car. Relaxed, and sophisticated. One question, the little wood cover in the back that is supposed to cover the rear seat controls was broken wasn’t it? You seemed to be holding it down.

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