2017 Bentley Mulsanne Speed & Bentley Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase – TECH REVIEW (1 of 4)

From a very wet Bavaria, MotoMan unpacks the 2017 Bentley Mulsanne range – from the Bentley Mulsanne Signature/Premier to the 811 lb ft of torque Bentley Mulsanne Speed to the incredibly rare, 2017 Bentley Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase limousine. In advance of two FIRST DRIVE REVIEWS in this series, he goes over the engineering and design changes in the switch from original VW era Bentley Mulsanne to the updated 2017 edition of the Bentley Mulsanne . . .

For more information, check out our 2016 Rolls Royce Dawn FRIST DRIVE REVIEW https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbY8LDodMdY

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Abe Froman says:

Like the new blazer. Fits well. .

Francis Herrera says:

I hate the veins on the Mulsanne…it makes the car from being something special, to something designed by Fisher-Price…it looks bland and plain, and less exotic.. It looks like like a knock-off of some high-end Russian limo

IceDree says:

Oh look, MotoManTV UK plates!
I like the updates thy did to Mulsanne, especially the front end … I always disliked that bumper.
I was worried that they might give the Mulsanne the new mustache they have in the Continental & Benteyga.
I like the new grille… I prefer it to the old one, Chrysler ruined that one (insert Kat Williams Chrysler 300 sketch here)

The EWB is my favorite of the bunch (actually they are 4, you forgot the Grand Limo), I was thought that the Mulsanne is too short for its design & the EWB fixes that for me.

As much as I like the new Mulsanne, I’d still take the Phantom! But here’s the thing, if those 3 are on your short shopping list…. Chances are you can afford having all 3 & then some 😉

As always, excellent work M!

Beun007 says:

Look at 7:56… WOW!

Zachary says:

Love your reviews! Your enthusiasm for this car is on point. My car: the speed. Use: summer, spring and fall around the DC Metro area on clear weekend days, the occasional heavy hitter business meeting and those oh so special DC social events! Hello Virginia Wine Country!

Jamie Shapiro says:

Rolls Royce Phantom Extended Wheelbase any day of the week.

sexydjole93 says:

I would choose S 600 Maybach, because is more technology advanced than Mulsanne or some Rolls Royce. I like Mulsanne more in beuty contest though. I come from Serbia, and I dont have experience with this kind of cars.

andyhoov says:

I know Bentley has belonged to the Germans for a while now, but I still find it funny that the first thing I hear after clicking on this video is a German welcome.

Anish Ahuja says:

would choose the muslanne lwb over rolls and maybach why because it has that road presence which the rolls and maybach dont have. having worked with mercedes I have driven the maybach and been in the rolls at a car event.

onehotxfirefighter says:

@MotoManTV @BentleyMotors The last Queen of England was Queen Anne in 1709. There is no Queen of England. Queen Elizabeth is Queen of GB & NI Not England.

okumonux says:

the old front looked better – don’t like the new one…



Abe Froman says:

Mulsanne Speed EWB to be driven to the office. 911 Targa GTS to drive to the office. Lamborghini Huracan for the weekend.
All VW, all good.

vsboy25 says:

you would fear to drive these cars among low class people.

NewtonInDaHouseYo says:

That new grill design is absolutely terrible.

Iftikhar Uddin says:

Happy Anniversary

Gohot229 says:

The Grill mesh question ? Anywhere on earth and where man may be…… thinks that old stuff looks like shiny chain link fencing…    ….       …Your all thinking it too.

Goodluck Okonko says:

Veins plus mesh looks like an undecided child’s design choice.
Way too busy!!

Goodluck Okonko says:

This facelift Mulsanne looks like a cheap Toyota!
The old look was classy and powerful looking, maybe my favourite front end of any car.
A sad day for engineering.

Aaron Walcott says:

MotoMan, you’ve got to forgive me here but I’ll get to comments about the car in the subsequent videos. That you guys are up so early, and allowing us to partake of the gloriously wet Deutschland morning, is a blessing. Absolutely gorgeous!

Peter Fabian says:

The app is still not quite working on Android. Still the same Instagram error.

regarding the cars… I don’t know. I don’t like the styling… And Bentley… It’s had a bit of a weird reputation last couple years?
I think I’d go for a Rolls. Or maybe the older Maybach (57 or 62).

Or just get rid of the showy car and get something more stealthy.

DigitalYojimbo says:

“totally different direction on the opposite side” did you mean mirrored ? lol

AF A says:

Maybach will not be my choice. It is not exclusive enough. It is just a Benz, nothing too special.

Al Mal says:

I would buy the Mulsanne (standard one) as how fast can you really go. The money I saved I would use for bespoke options. Then I would use it on my frequent business trips between Glasgow and London. I can’t think of a better car.

****Focus**** says:

My Mom has this car and it drive good, smooth lie a jet…

The099az says:

I would choose the maybach becuase it looks realy clean and nice and

James Malik says:

they ruined the grill

Skymonkey400 says:

Those bonnet struts looked a bit cheap

kilay khan says:

Maybach 62 is brilliant with the mid section closed off, but presence is bit dated now, on the road rolls royce has alot off precence and so does bentley as they are bit more modern, over all id rather have maybach 62 with phantom presence on the road but doesnt exsist which is a same tbh

Seán O'Nilbud says:

What do they drive like when they are up armoured?

Ben Wayne says:

I would go with the Mulsanne Speed personally because I would prefer a sedan I could drive myself as opposed to one that screams chauffeur driven! Greetings from Atlanta, GA

Bruno TaTa says:

I wonder how many people who can afford these cars watch Youtube videos?

Way to stay in touch, Motoman!

Catalin Robert Aldea says:

A fost un test drive bun, care a meritat să fie văzut
Was a good test drive

Rowland Hoskins III says:

I would buy the Mulsanne EWB because while it is still a Bentley, (and by that I mean a luxury-mobile that can hurl through space at 180+ mph) you now have the option of being driven around in your mulsanne while having a large amount of extra amenities in the backseat compared to either the speed or the base model. Obviously these extra backseat amenities were made possible because this particular model option is focused in the backseat, considering they expect the owner to be driven around if they have made the purchase to get the mulsanne EWB.

Peter Fabian says:

The app is still not quite working on Android. Still the same Instagram error.

regarding the cars… I don’t know. I don’t like the styling… And Bentley… It’s had a bit of a weird reputation last couple years?
I think I’d go for a Rolls. Or maybe the older Maybach (57 or 62).

Or just get rid of the showy car and get something more stealthy.

Jay Kumar says:

The Phantom is my least favorite Rolls (unless it has two doors but that’s another story) so that’s out. Between the Mulsanne and the Maybach; if I’m driving then the Mulsanne Speed, if I’m going to be driven it’s the back of the ‘Bach for me. And if I must choose one, I’m going with my driving spirit and flying some Bs. Although I cringe at the new grille, it’s “ok” I think the outgoing grille was the better one.

tudo podjhou says:

mayback technology

BergmannDollo says:

3rd place goes to RR for me, because its only for chauffeured drive. Yes it is the best when chauffeured around but I’m not that old, I’d drive the car that bought.
2nd place goes to Maybach. The reason for that is Maybach is more like a modern luxury saloon with more toys, actually the finest champagne of cars.
1st place goes to Mulsanne for sure, at least for me, it is the best Scotch in the market.

I have to watch all of Mulsanne reviews to choose in between these 3 but it is most likely to be the Speed.

Living in Ankara/TR, driving Mercedes S350 CDI 4Matic 2011 (3L V6 turbo diesel which USA doesn’t have)
It is my only car and I’m using it on daily basis for commuting to work, pick-up kids and invitations etc.

Jonathan H says:

Mesh grille was nicer. Not a fan of the vertical bars.

AutoRingMagazine says:

Motoman, I know that we have to be a diplomat when doing our job. We have to tell the truth, but we also want to create long extended relationships with our manufacturing partners. BUT placing that aside, I want your true opinion on the new iteration of the Mulsanne. My take is that I like the previous model. I thought it was a more well resolved design wise than this new model. I think that play with too many designs cliches on the front fascia. So, what is your take on this issue? Oh, yeah the biggest cliche of this updated model is the grille.

Yash Nimkar says:

Too much of body language

o2i3u5klwerh says:

a lame android tablet?? ahahahah

sergh8605 says:

OMGSH they look like SUVS hight

wholeNwon says:

So, do the head gaskets last more than 50K now?

Zelin Li says:

“… to download Apps like … I don’t know … MotoMan TV” LOL

Eric Storey says:

The Mulsanne Speed is my choice, and I would use this beautiful car every day. We all know the story of W.O. designing the rotary engines for aircraft and the ghost of a pilot standing behind him, I feel that if I drove such a car recklessly on public roads W.O.s ghost in the rear seat would be shaking his head in disgust, that would make me enjoy the cars power and torque with respect for everyone else out there on the highways, but by paying a fee at a track day you could explore the limits of both car and myself, it’s pure respect for all that makes me drive the way I do

Jonathan Carcamo says:

man this channel should have so much more subs I love the way you review cars keep it up man not many people do it like you

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