2017 Bentley Mulsanne Speed FIRST DRIVE REVIEW (2 of 4)

MotoMan drives the 2017 Bentley Mulsanne Speed in Southern Germany and Austria. However, to demonstrate the importance of the engineering changes, he swaps the hot rod version of the 2017 Bentley Mulsanne – the Bentley Mulsanne Speed – for the 2017 Bentley Mulsanne Signature. In doing so he unpacks the go fast bits assembled here – like larger bushings and adjustable engine mounts – and their very different purpose in the 2017 Bentley Mulsanne – all the while on the very wet roads of Austria. But as much as he tries to focus on driving dynamics, MotoMan couldn’t help but let his inner frustrated designer come out to discuss the details . . . After all, this is a Bentley . . .

For more information, check out our 2017 Bentley Mulsanne Range TECH REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPOraiLunW0

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Mario D. Zmaj says:

why are all expensive cars inefficient gas guzzlers? why not a 300 hp hybrid version or something?

It's time for some fun says:

3:00 did he lose his mind?!

David Partono says:

Motoman, if I were in a position to choose, then I would choose the more comfort oriented Premier Signature. In my opinion, if one were in position to buy a Mulsanne, then they would most likely have multiple cars, an F12 for sporting mood, for example. But the whole purpose for me to drive a Mulsanne is for its comfort, so why not get the most comfortable one. Additionally, if one were to load up the Mulsanne with passengers, then how fast can you really go without throwing them around from side to side? If you really want a sporty ride while carrying five people, why not just take something like the M5?

Peter Smith says:

This reviewer is bloody dreadful!

William Duhon says:

I would rather the Speed. It has speed, Bentley (which is most likely half speed half comfort) and comfort when you driving the family around. Your movement and gestures are find with me, because I explain myself the same way

AlphaWolf says:

This is NOT a British car.  Underneath its a VW golf like all other German cars .

Matt Frazier says:

The front is hideous….. The older model is better.

Marian Stiehler says:

You talk much too much about the weather and about past episodes. It would increase your quality if you’d focused more on the car.

Goodluck Okonko says:

Do you do a program called “impractical jokers” with 3 of your friends?? lol

Scott Chegg says:

Why is torque ‘more important’ totally meaningless figure. Gearing is a torque multiplier and the figure you quote is a flywheel figure. You could create peak torque at 0rpm in an engine. If flywheel torque figures meant anything a Golf with 140bhp and 265lbs of torque would be faster, more flexible and pull better in any gear than say an EP3 Civic type R which has only 140lbs of torque. In reality the Golf with 265lbs of flywheel torque can’t do anything aforementioned faster than the Civic.

rett butler says:

Awful front .Chinese style grill plus simple headlamps. A cat could design a better front.

Snafu says:

NO!!! I hate when these big luxury cars don’t have an option to hide the infotainment!! Nothing makes a 10 year old car worse than a 10 year old infotainment system, and when you can’t hide it… I think the S Class has the best non disappearing infotainment, and that’s only because they don’t have a screen in the middle of the interior that looks out of place.

Turboslang says:

Can this guy pipe it down a couple of notches..almost lost my hearing

Stevie Lowe says:

that looks absolutely epic..apart from a roller it’s unrivalled

shbitz says:

hey moto man screw the molson, i love your shoes .

Antony the Muscle car nut says:

Awesome video sir. That Bentley looks so sweet! Thank you for the video 🙂

Eric Storey says:

I would choose the Speed Mulsanne because it connects you to the sporting history of Bentley when W.O. and the Bentley boys triumphs at Le Mans, it’s that relentless torque and power that propels you effortlessly towards the horizon

marky sammie says:

I always loved Bentley’s. I have 4, but can’t wait to get rid of them and get a new one.

Gurjeet Singh says:

Try not to move too much while speaking as it shows low confidence.. rest of you is perfect…

Kaleoliko Paalua says:

Looks like a rolls Royce in the front it’s so dope but the back is kinda weird

Siam S says:

screaming 260 as if it’s in MPH

Lin Yu says:

why is he always use spanish? can someone explain

Blue Steel says:

This guy is so annoying

Patriot Power says:

I love this car despite the fact its ugly from back


i am getting tired watching you..lots of body language..

Prodan Valeriu says:

I’d choose either one and i would sell it.. to buy a fucking house!

Rich says:

The ugly front looks as though it was designed by a Chinese man for the Chinese market, great car with a bad I nterpretation of how a facelift should look!
Wake up Bentley

Patriot Power says:

This shit is 1000 times better than VR porn

TheKingkingg says:


Keith Aspden says:

what on earth have they done to the grill? It looks awfull, back to the drawingboard Bentley or get the old one back.

Christian Rodriguez says:

The paint seems to change from an amazing blue to a dull grey between takes

Zach The boss says:

My guilty pleasure made in the uk is the Aston Martin

Hamlet Giragosian says:

What’s the point of the hood?

Geoffrey Bywater says:

nice car

It'sTsunami says:

It looks like a Rols Royse ! 😀 ahahahah

Ding Chavez says:

why would bentley use the imperial system to measure the size of the motor

pusher man/ flesh peddler says:

Wish I had one

Leo Estrela says:

EUA é outro nível

demarc says:

What’s with the Rolls Royce vertical grille?

Widi Syahrizal says:

” I’m on the blue mulsanne new edition” – The Weekend

DatgamingTV 12 says:

What’s up with the grill? It looks terrible

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