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Simone is at the 2017 Frankfurt IAA Motor Show to introduce the new 2018 Bentley Continental GT.

Sleeker looks, more tech, more luxury and more power. The new Bentley Continental GT will be coming to Australia in 2018. Hopefully soon after we will bring you a full car review.

The exterior is upgraded, but explaining the main features would sound pretty similar to the previous model. The rounded headlights, huge grille, curvy hood and roofline and this beautiful retro rear wheel arches are already familiar.

It has a high class and elegant interior that is reminiscent of Bentley.

The W12 engine has been improved making it faster and more fuel efficient. The new Bentley Continental GT now gets to 100 in just 3.7s, which is almost a second faster and consumes 2l of fuel less than the previous version.

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CarNews says:

The color combination of the interior…No, no, hell no. In general, beautiful car, but in other color.

somali592 says:

Looking so much more like a Mulsanne from the front.

King Charles says:

She’s exquisite…oh the cars nice too.

mrpmj00 says:

I prefer carbon fiber in lieu of woodgrain (that’s 19th century old school).

Hiroshi Shidara says:

I like your feet

츄 츄 says:


iMafiaz says:

How are you guys feeling about the taillights?

Dan O says:

Clicked for…you know what lol!

achiepalaago says:

Wow what a beauty, the car not so much.

Chris Gee says:

Beyonce with an aussie accent

Mister G says:


Arthur Watts says:

Naim for Bentley is available as an upgrade for all of Bentley’s current range – its a snip at less than 6,000 quid 😀


Just park it in the living room, thanks love.

Benzinio says:

It is basically the same as before…

Mr L says:

Damn she’s a beauty and the car isn’t bad at all.

Yah'ellaaamell El Sinsimbarriie says:

Emm……yummy lol oh yes! you know who I am talking about….. I am not even gonna act like  on why I keep watch in this review.

aquosrising says:

Forget the car.. what did she say her name was?

Utpal Kumar says:

Review of Audi q7

rifki herliyadi says:

Where is Jenna?

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