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We’ll soon get the new Bentley Continental GT in for a proper feature but we had a quick go in it in the Austrian Alps and thought we’d share our innitial thoughts with you.

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Julian Felipe Granados Flórez says:

They screwed up the front with that stupid obsesion to make everything aggressive, that’s just unnecessary for this car and makes it look terrible. That bumper could have straight lines instead of those stupid angles and it would be perfect, it would be classy, elegant and yet, modern.

Rishabh Menon says:

Awesome video

Gianni Di Giovanni says:

Why dose he wear two watches?

Yumeitoアルジュン says:

This is the first time I’ve ever liked a Bentley. I absolutely love this new Continental GT. I never liked the round bubbly designs of the old Bentley’s and never liked their interiors either. But this new one is just perfect. I will definitely get it soon.

Stephen Tyloo says:

Well how can you take a guy wearing two watches for serious?
If they were smart even he wears two all the time he should have wear only one for the shooting of the video……look at the amount of critics……carfection come on!

TheBucketOfTruth says:

Probably a great all rounder if you’re rich but I can’t say it’s a good looking car based on this.

João Ribeiro says:

Bentley is known mainly for being a true comfortable car. And being myself a GT person. This is indeed my next car.

Matt Clark says:

Wow, looks like they nailed it!

Dr. Josef Blough Ph.D. says:

Great review of a very high class vehicle.  Nice to see your team visiting my home country.  Welcome to Austria!

StronkGameReviews says:

This or S63 AMG?

scootosan says:


Seb Abril says:

not anymore Bentley vs rolls but Bentley vs Aston

EvendimataE says:

the rear has somewhat like a chrysler concorde appeal

sanketanchan says:

C’mon carfection, Please clean the lens before you start shooting! The video inside the cabin is horrendous with those smudgy lens flares.

dead monk says:

”Not as Bentley” I mean if you don’t owe one how would you know? Feels lile ure reaching with that comment. Its called evolution and its needed. Its like saying these new Volvos aren’t really Volvo cause they have been making crap cars since forever but its still under the Volvo badge so it is still Volvo. Saying any other wise is a kinda oxymoron.

Tony Teoh NL says:

Nice inside out except the rear lights.

queenform says:

will they accept 1 kidney?

Green Lightning says:

This is not Bentley. This is fcn Volkswagen

12 Volts says:

Looking more and more like it’s original prototype…. the škoda Tudor

Jide Odunsi says:

Better GT that the GTC4Lusso? Don’t think so.

AJ Franklin says:

Interior camera quality sucks!

metronemy says:

That rear is disgusting. And what’s with all the chrome? Prefer the last gen.

James R. Astor from Austria says:

Heavenly location.

Wolfmanthebear says:

Why are you wearing two watches?

Siver0944 says:

I like your reviews Drew!!

fulaan1 says:

The best interior design along with the Stars class

Mag Movies says:

I like it. The headlights surrounded in chrome absolutely works, but the taillights being outlined by chrome just doesn’t seem to be sitting as well with me, hmm.

minnie saab says:

❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ X 1000000

Masroor Hassan says:

Wonderful masterpiece works thank you Bentley

lovenowandalways1 says:

where are Alex Goy now???

Will Mac says:

Do you think of this as a British or German car?

Osama Bin Laden says:

I prefer the last generation. The back was much better.

Roberosein says:

Dirty lens inside of the car. The video inside is all hazy

James Young says:

I don’t like the colour of that one but I love the car, great video as ever keep it up.

nattachaiadelaide says:

Superb explanation about the car.

Playonmob says:

the back is horible (so ugly)

Gil Behar says:

I think they should counter the vw-ness of this and the betntayga (q7, cayenne, Touareg) by reintroducing the brooklands as a mulsanne coupe

Nitin Nitin says:

Now I cAn get a 2nd hand GT at 50k

Luke says:

This car looks better in almost every detail in comparison with latest generation especially the interior but bit of shame with rear end design. This kind of boat need something more special.

Jan Alexandro says:

l hate the voice of this guy – horrible

Net Millionaire says:

NIce, might buy one!

Ashish Mundefi says:

My dream car.

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