All-new Bentley Bentayga luxury SUV exterior/interior interviews background preview – Autogefühl

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goddesseddog says:

at 7:24 you can see that it’s just a lifted continental: the engine still sits in front of everything, and there’s a transaxle at the front (like audi quattro). this means this ‘suv’ has limited off-road capability

Jegor Zagainov says:


kevin n says:

These guys make it sound like they just landed the first manned mission to Mars!! Awesome!!

Omer Yehezkely says:

Car of the year… for off-road towing services (remember this VW – it will need a towing service).

Like wearing a suite and going to play soccer in the mud.

ZigSteenine says:

Well now all the mums in Mayfair can take there kids to school in even more luxury.

Freethinking Влади́мир says:

Dorky rear lights, dorky window outline, odd shaped wide hips (yes I know it’s a Bentley trademark, but it’s not executed well here), and the nav screen is too low like in most cars. .I.e the eyes leave the road too much. The ratio between the body and the pillars is just silly. It’s a fat bulging car, not a neat delicate design. I’m sure people will buy it, but its for the brand. And you now what? Even the name lacks inspiration.
I’m sorry but that’s what I think.

Here’s what I would do. Buy the new XC 90, and use the saved money to hire a modding company, such as Brabus and bring the car to a next level..

Peter Smith says:

It’s competition is Range Rover Autobiography. It isn’t as good looking as the Rangie whose simpler lines are more attractive. Is it as good offroad? Does it have automatic terrain response, hill descent, all around cameras, huge wheel articulation?

safewaycart says:

They hit a blank this time.

j400wel says:

What’s with the music ?

Miotrix says:

Luxury goes offroad! Amazing!

Guilherme filipe says:

This is a joke!!

gbriank1 says:

I like how they are taking a huge risk with a super premium brand. It has beautiful lines and the interior is even better. Have a bit of concern with the ignition on-off switch shared with vehicle settings. Otherwise, Bentley has taken the best of Audi and VW to create this new car.

Dodo M says:

Cut some of the costs and buy the Bentley team a free dental plan….just saying.

100vasiliy says:

they still better make the speed 6!!!!

Jonathan Stewart says:

This just smacks of “me too” marketing. Everybody else has an SUV, so why not Bentley? Unfortunately the looks are very indistinct. It could very easily be mistaken by the layman for a Lincoln or Porsche Cayenne. In any event, the styling is dated from day 1. Just who needs a Bentley to go off-road, anyhow? Don’t answer that.

chris siew says:

I’ll still prefer this much over the Escalade! Bentayga vs Escalade head-to head anyone?

Pierre Richard Posy says:

simplicity ugly

ProteanView says:

This thing is going to sell very well in Southern California & Southern Florida. That’s my prediction. …and, of course, the Middle East. They’ll like anything that costs a lot of money. 😉

盧廷禎 says:

crazy!= = but this car is amzing!

popeyepanther says:

Fugly Fugly Fugly!

Mavinski1 says:

Range rover will always be king of this segment…its ugly btw!

ntando mbatha says:

I’m not sure if i wanna take a Bentley off road


Looks like a brick with some chrome striping.. SHAME ON YOU BENTLEY!!!

Stu Kline says:

Just not a pretty car exterior wise. I love Bentley cars, but this SUV is just not a good looking vehicle.
That being said that interior is amazing and that engine I bet will be a delight to drive.

T Richardson says:

The hips and the distal headlights with the painted center ruins the design.

Google Poodle says:

super rich people will buy new grand cherokee ecodiesel if they want to go off road, this car is for toads and faggots who make extra dollar on a side and want to prove the world that they are better, they are clearly not

강용수 says:

이걸 사느니 아우디 큐를 사고말지

Jimmy S says:

Beautiful vehicle!

Charles Macgilchrist says:

I WO = is that I work out or 1 world order?! Who cares anyway check out the stats:

>300km/h, 0-60mph in 4.0 seconds and…31mpg on the motorway?!

Iyke Gbench says:

Wow, i thought i was looking at another design from ssangyong

Fadi Lafi says:

wish it looks better, this car is for 55+ yrs rich fat people!

Alfa Won says:

Looks wierd and out of place

Daniel Laurentiu says:

the fast, the furios and the ugly combined, wtf! this is the most fucked up suv ever, give me a break that you need a 320 km/h Suv… and 600 hp for what with those tyres and rims… this is a fucking joke! Bentley really needs to fire the designer of this ugly car and call in someone for a better job, not to late for a facelift, fucking ugly car, ever!

Noah Covell says:

“The best, the ONLY performance/luxury SUV” – Yeah OK I’ll take a Range Rover

Engin Akbaylar says:


Allaluca says:

Taking such a beautiful car off-road is just cringing to watch lol

jack wilson says:

4wd that will never leave the main raod

Raido Orumets says:

I think in real life It would be great looking car. I have seen many cars look ugly on picture and in video, but in real-life they look so beautiful.

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