Behind The Wheel: 2017 Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible Black Edition

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Let’s take a ride in the 2017 Bentley Continental GT Speed Convertible Black Edition! Special thanks to Bentley Atlanta for loaning me this car for a few days.

Chill Soul Rap Instrumental by Nkato
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0…

Music provided by Audio Library Instrumental produced by Chuki.

Equipment Used:
GoPro Hero 5 Black
Rode Smart Lav
DJI Phantom 4
Canon T5i


mikeymarmalade says:

Good job m8

Slick d. S says:

It might be the first time I see you driving Mr. Wayne since I am a subscriber well done!

marc1093280 says:

Always liked that car. I would get the coupe version of it or the Flying Spur if I had the money for one along with a Grand Cherokee SRT8.

phils550 says:

is this the same car that motortrend just used in their head to head with the S65 convertible?

Ronnie Matrix says:

This is a brilliant auto by Bentley but I think the Rolls Royce Dawn is a much better convertible.

Pete Davis says:

Fabulous car Ben

moderren star says:

thanks for the vid Ben, this one is certainly on my wish list.

Saad Gandapore says:

this guy is pure class

Scuderia Pertev says:

My god. I would say the Benley Continental Convertible are pretty much very beautiful and sportive looking luxury car for a beautiful roads outside the towns

TheMarvelous says:

oh man!! I love this whip and this is exactly the colour scheme I hoped you’d be reviewing. looks amazing and not too many videos show this theme. thanks!

Tony Toro says:

this one and the other bentley gt all black with the yellow accents was hard i must have one!!!!

Asad Ch says:

Thank you. Please make more vids about bentley near future if you ever get chance.

You LykeMe says:

Beautifully designed car. I love the colors

Kevin Hearts says:

nice review with a bold colour scheme

Nana Sarpong says:

Great review as always.

DoctaM3 says:

Great video…and a true mouthful on tis car. nice job man. Just subbed as well.

Daniel Allemann says:

This colour combination is awesome

How to All says:

Im subbed bro

john reicher says:


Maria das Santos says:

Mr Wayne,sir,you really need to help “others”in their attempts at car reviews,particularly their choice of music,delivery and analysis.I just love your laid back description of this beautiful car that is way beyond my wallet,but your wonderful vlog allows me to dream with a silky voice over.As always more of the same.

John Dawson says:


Christopher Hollingsworth says:


henry rodriguez says:

Great video like always,so how many hours did you have the car & how do the ladies react?

DUSTY1373 says:

How much..

Slick d. S says:

Btw, could you do a video about the new Vanquish S? I know it is soon but damn how I LOVE that car. Anyway, I am waiting for another good nicely done video 😀

Milwaukee Buck says:

Ben Wayne. Will you do videos on other (sort of lower end) cars mixed in? You’re a natural with this review thing.

Alpha Centauri says:

Ive told my friends about you… the videos just keep getting better!

243wayne1 says:

Thank you VERY much Ben!

James P says:


StretchakaKickman says:

Looks great

C M says:

Feeling this. Liking this car more and more each day. Great vid.

The Larson1family says:

About a minute into the video, my monitor power plug came out, but the speakers worked. While re-plugging I could hear your presentation. I was in the passenger seat listening to the engine and feeling the torque because of your flawless presentation…all without monitor. Great Job! That’s what I’m screamin! PS, I did re-watch with monitor plugged in 🙂 Keep ’em comin! That’s why I subscribed.

M. Low says:

Pretty nice I’ve always liked Bentleys, but are you able too get a Bac mono? I’m trying not too spend more than two hundred thousand.

Sneaky_Krait says:

Hey, do you know if Bentley will bring the 2 seater sportscar on the market? Great video btw!

SL Carrtel says:

No price and quantity quotes?

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