Bentley Bentayga: Better Than A Range Rover? – XCAR

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The Bentley Bentayga is here to take on the likes of the Porsche Cayenne and the Range Rover. Is it a wise business decision or a distraction from where they should be going?

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Samuel Jonathan Ray says:

I love it just can’t afford it!!!!!!

lariwoo says:

The car at the beginning appears to have styling influences from a TX1 taxi cab! headlamps on the car later in video are better but still ugly car. says:

Well, one of my friends was contemplating a Bentley Continental GT purchase over the past year or so. But since he’s more a SUV/Crossover guy like myself, he was elated when I sent him the Bentayga launch video and he’s ordering his Bentayga now. While the EXP F9 looked like a disaster, I’m sure glad Bentley listend to their customers and significantly refined the SUV design for the Bentayga which makes it now a very attractive SUV. I think it’s really great that Bentley is offering the Bentayga, … for many it’s the right type of vehicle for our time.

Nuke Roch says:

No its not better than a Range Rover. No where near it. In fact it looks like something the Chinese would come up with -a Bentley on stilts. Shows lack of creative direction on Bentley’s part. And it just looks very odd.

So not only does it not look as regal as a Range Rover, it doesn’t have the off road prowess either. But it will appeal to mothers I suppose. And gay men.

Mercedes Benz says:

range is better

goodnight gøtham. says:

Both are INCREDIBILE. idk

Mike Canmore says:

Car company’s do this all the time to bankroll future projects, pick the highest anticipated segment for sales, sell a lot of cars, spend cash on crazy dream projects that will certainly make people wet in different places (sweat, slobber etc.). It isn’t entirely unappealing save for the dumb painted blank on the smaller of the headlight cluster (don’t know what that is about…). Porsche’s Cayenne was fucking hideous and a sharp deviation from their history save for the ’89 Dakar, but that leap has payed dividends to consumers and investors alike, in all it is an interesting beginning to a potentially bright future for Bentley, a marque with a storied history of passionate enthusiasts.

Josh Range says:

theyre doing what other good car companies have been doing for ages, make a desirable and sellable car to fund development of the fun cars

Arya Ahmadi says:

IT’S HIDEOUS!!! that’s what i think. looks like something only freakishly old people would wanna drive. I’ll have a Continental GT3-R please…

E2HJ says:

I am thrilled to see the Bentley Bentayga come to fruition.

jamiefly says:

it’s stupid name and from the outside garish…

geoffrey welsby says:

if I win the lottery I’d definitely have one or two..

TheChamp 101 says:

Most disgusting looking Bentley I’ve ever seen.

Femi Omomo says:

It still has cheap and tacky gear change paddles and indicator stalks ! Which for me are more. obvious now everything else is top quality.

Harris Cumming says:

too damn ugly, but look at the original cayenne I suppose it sold very well despite it’s terrible looks…

Jay Jones says:

+MrWisemasterful it gets 21.5 mpgs

donkeydicked says:

It’s good but not even close … Base of RR seats are mounded plastic …. Bentley is different class again

Heliot Master says:

Its utterly hideous!
It makes me feel sick just looking at the front.
The rear and side panels are all owed to the Audi suv’s. In my opinion, it very unimaginative.
Furthermore the name sounds like what us Americans would give to a Vacuum cleaner.

Steven Sep says:

It is hideous beyond belief, with possibly the most stupid name ever for a car “Bentayga” WTF??

Peter Wisniewski says:

what the fu*k you on about? yes it hideous, yes it’s unnecessary but Bentley is a business and needs to make money so of course it’s a wise move. and thanks to all the newly rich Russians and Arabs Bentley now be able to create some more awesome cars as this will make the company grow with profits!

Ade K says:

and i was waiting for this car for so long! looks like i’m keeping my range rover.
waht an ugly car

Eric Babu says:

Range Rover wont loose sleep over this. It looks hideous, but its going to sell in droves in the far East where their definition of taste, style and elegance differ from ours. Such a hideous lump. I bet Lil Wayne, Lady Gaga and Niki Miinaj want one, their music will go well with this one…ughhh. Thus all the nouveau riche will want one. Congrats Bentley, you just made a money maker.

Tony J. says:

Yes it’s about time !!

wagsbass says:


papaction says:

no matter how fast it can and will go i will always buy a Range Rover over that ugly thing

daniel thompson says:

look at porche their suv’s have allowed them to create some of the best sports cars of moden times. why not bentley!

House2 Home says:

i wonder if i will buy any bentley anymore…..this suv killed the bentley spririt, and in my opinion its not even good looking, specially the front angle….

geothermalenergy says:

Tesla Model X > Bentley Bentayga

Jess says:

Comments section cracks me up, gentleman trolls “look at me *please*” you guys are too much

Reginald Houston says:

I love and have been waiting on this SUV to surface. I am planning to purchase The Bentley Bentayga soon.

dvillalba3d says:

If only had a sexy body… What a shame of exterior design…

Klaus Scherer says:

. I simply to not understand it when people say this is just a “x” with a “y” badge, like so what? It is clearly, even in photos way better made than any of its competitors.

bhavani prasad says:

luxurious SUV ….. good .. let’s take it to Himalayas.

Mick Sealtoe says:

Wow! I know it’s a Bentley. But, it looks fucking horrible.

Brandon Scamarcia says:

I think it is great!
It just gives an option to people that want a luxury car or in this case a Bentley to be able to buy a suv.

James Parker says:

should have never entered the market. no place for a bentley. porsche maybe, merc bmw ofcourse, but bentley built a reputation of prominance and outstanding luxury, which has no place in the suv market. bad mistake. looks like carp anyway.

Ed Wright says:

definitely prefer the rangie, save $200k in australia and by a new s class with the change

Woodsman Birch says:

Looks like they got a dog turd and put a tiara, wheels and lights on it.

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