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This is the Bentley Bentayga. It’s one of the biggest, fastest and poshest SUVs that money can buy. That puts it up against tough competition – not only does it have to work as an SUV as well as a Range Rover, but still offer the plushness one expects from a Bentley. So does it hit the mark? I find out in my in-depth review.

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paul Smith says:

It looks like a London taxi. The design looks very dated, ugly in fact.

Subhasish Bisoyi says:

so thats what the loop in the shirts and coats for

dipro001 says:

This looks less posh than an upscale range rover, which is quite an dissapointment.

Mehdi Said says:

Clearly paying for the brand name here

Mohammed Khaled says:

Why the hell are you whispering! !!


Fuck you

Lefteris Gaming says:

whats 9+10= ?

Michael_Gaming134 MITCHBOI99 says:

Very luxury Bentley suv

Reece GamingYT says:

Nice car

Mo Azade says:

Too expensive for what it is. an ugly rip off

Daniel Osdinia says:

Why Mat did not call the gear lever phallic?! He is always calling the BMWs levers phallic whereas the BM’s one is among the most beautiful levers in the market. Also, to me, the wheel gear shifter is not practical at all as you have to keep your head down to see what gear you are selecting but in phallic shifters, you easily push the gear forward or backward! Think again about that!

Daanish Waseem says:

How does that concept look better ?!?!!? Matt I think you’ve been drinking.

mariuss72 says:

Fantastic review…but horrible looking car.

adilonline82 says:

A diesel Bentley simply doesn’t sound right!!! Regardless of how good the engine is….
If you care about fuel economy then get the hybrid instead. At least it sounds posher!

bobbyoty says:

the picture in the start looks so better than the actual one. digusting exterior

Aleksandar Dragin says:

Hope we will see Bentley Bentayga Coupe

Sonny says:

I would buy an sq7 and rs3 instead of this

Huss Dakh says:

It’s like an Audi Q7… except its really not.

staccatos says:

I just shortlisted it after the Seat as Matt recommended

xkid 99 says:

That horn is just sooo fucking loud

IMC IMC says:

It looks horrible, a pimps car.

s bari says:

Diesel engine in Bentley?daft fwakz

Jim G says:

I have an S5 and struggled with the foot operated trunk. One foot movement in the middle is all I need. I was moving my foot all around like he was. It’s actually pretty easy once you know how.

Ompakar says:

Its not a good looking car this. No balance. Inside it looks like too much of a x-mas tree, outside it just looks like God knows what. Overall; no balance. In my opinion; they built a solid car with a lots of quality feeling, but it still looks kind of cheap and build with their eyes closed; of whatever they, at the moment, had on the shelf!

Orthodox Saint says:

The outside looks like crap because they got a korean to do it. Interior was done by the British. If they had a British doing the exterior, this would have been a PERFECT SUV.

Di0guardi says:


piperbob2 says:

I wonder if Bentley will think of producing a smaller SUV (like, for example, Porsche did with the Macan).

Hubert Jadczak says:

Diesel in Bentley… ._. Rolls Royce then.

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