Bentley Bentayga SUV first REVIEW Exterior/Interior all-new neu Geneva Motor Show

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Mark Law says:

Another Excellent review Thomas, like you I absolutely love the Blue exterior colour, beautiful is all I can say.

Filip K says:

Is the cameraman new?

Stu Kline says:

That blue is just beautiful. It actually makes me like the looks of this car. Haven’t been much of a fan of the looks in other colors.

GoodDay says:

Are they promoting drinking and driving

Keith Andres says:

Cameraman seems to be attracted to you…

enrique jardon says:

Hello Thomas!!! I agree whith you, the blue is so beautiful. It’s perfect for the Bentayga. It looks simply amazing!!!

Nbpoih Fiheqw says:

I always read the title “Bentgay” dammit…

Mario Dalla Riva says:

Thanks Thomas. Nice vehicle. Colour is stunning.
Btw, what is Katharina’s favourite exterior colour?

jumboJetPilot says:

I wonder what that specific shade of blue is; beautiful!

Marco Contino says:

Thomas is the best! So professional and sometimes quite funny.. Perfect mix IMHO 😉

Brandon Jolley says:

The size and overall look of the concept was way better than this production model

Anthony C Brown says:

Well Done!!!! Your coverage of the show in Geneva was top notch. What is the etiquette (if any) when trying to record and review a car? Do you encounter difficulties? Maybe you should do an outtakes video from the show.

Alexander Os says:

As usual, great video, cheers! 🙂

khris says:

Haha…Your Camera person needs to pay more attention to you and was wondering when can we expect a full drive review of the Bentayga…also a really stunning colour indeed.

MrDandymusic says:

better than the Q7, but still ugly the Q7 with the Bentley grille.

unatics says:

It looks decent, not German decent, but ok. The front design looks very mediocre. The headlights have a mismatching design with the rest of the front, the large grille has too skinny chrome lining around it. And that skinny, thin line in the middle of the grille, do you really need it?

Nbpoih Fiheqw says:

2.3 ton hybrid, with a 2km range on full electric mode ?

Riisfalch Cars says:

Awesome review Thomas! I also really love that color 😀

ChAbAr says:

Extremely luxurious!

kevin n says:

I can’t get the image out of my head of a rough looking Russian wearing adidas track suit driving this thing. This is the big chunky gold chain of vehicles.

OMG I was laughing so hard when you asked if the Champagne was cooled and then your reaction….. how could it be otherwise… 😉 You thought you caught them deficient in this regard!! I played this segment 4 times.

My my, you didn’t know that was an event seat???

I wonder if that butler helping you comes with the vehicle?

Bob Belcher says:

There is a three seat option though.

jahangir hamd says:

A…. j a f g ameen

gbriank1 says:

That blue color, is it a sky blue or a deep blue in person? I’m wondering how this car would handle at 200kph? As my friend says, “just because it can drive fast doesn’t mean you should”.

EA - Enormous Assholes ™ says:

Thank you for doing a show around this car! My friends weren’t too impressed with the car and I just wanted to see why they all thought that. Despite the fact I hate the way this car looks, I think that blue is an excellent colour and definitely helps the looks. I’m sure you already know a huge turn off for me is the engine, far too big and I personally don’t see the point of a huge engine in an SUV. Also, in my opinion if I wanted an SUV for the same price, I would get the SV autobiography range rover (I know you would disagree because of your experience with a range rover) but I think it looks better, you get better equipment, more practical, better engine options (although you did mention there will be a V8 diesel so that should be good), more room in the back, a nicer interior (to my eye), better priced options (although from what I have heard the SV autobiography doesn’t have many options as they are all standard) and those rear seat screens look very out of place in my opinion, all this sleek classic design then these two screens just there. But once again very good overview and I would like to hear what you would prefer the bentayga or what I have put.

Dragos Teodor Bran says:

The frame at 1:54 is so funny, then that guy notices the camera :))) . Than, at 3:04, you disturbed him again at the interior and he got shy. At 5:15 it was funny again when you made that (second) guy in the rear to go outside and he didn’t even fit inside :)). So you say “you don’t want to disturb that much” :)) .
Regarding the engines, what do you think about a diesel mounted on a Bentley? Also, in this colour, what would you go for the Q7 or this?
This one was one of the funniest reviews I have seen 🙂 it was nice. Thanks for doing it!

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