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There was a time when a 4×4 was basic. Not any more. The Bentley Bentayga and Range Rover SVAutobiography cost at least £150,000 apiece – more than most luxury cars. The expensive SUV has become big news. Subscribe to Autocar now:

So what separates the Range Rover SVAutobiography from the Bentley Bentayga. The Range Rover has been blinged from its original point and given a 5.0-litre supercharged V8 to reach this price level. The Bentley Bentayga, powered by a 6.0-litre W12, has been designed from the outset as a pure luxury car. Which is better to sit in and drive, and which is the better car to give the President of the United States a lift in?

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Bentley Bentayga vs Range Rover – luxury SUV comparison:

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Richard Smart says:

Utterly rubbish review, typical of this amateur outfit.

Quin Koele says:

lol that’s not even close to light off roading. that’s just a dirt road with a fucking mud puddle. An MX-5 could conquer that like a champ.

no a says:

VW Touareg vs Range Rover

jody024 says:

the Bentley is such a design let down imho….the body lines from the doors up where the pillars start is so freaking ugly….

X0 1 says:

This range rover is not the best one there is holland and holland range rover and its a lwb

Ciro Muriel says:

The Range Rover has interior ambient light, that’s the reason for the gap in the veneer. A journalist should’ve known that.

Alex Fu says:

When you are talking about this class of SUVs, it is not really about driving dynamics, but rather luxury and ride comfort. I don’t think you can beat the Range Rover, the back is much bigger than the Bentayga. In fact, the rear seats of the Range Rover are like airplane Business Class seats. Then, as you saw in the review the ride quality is far more plush in the Range Rover, is just hard to beat the air suspension system. No doubt the Bentayga trumps the RR in the level of finishing, but the major drawback of the Bentley is that it is a MLB shared chassis platform car. This really limits the size of the car and to me as a Bentley it should be much bigger than this.

colin ashby says:

get rid that irritating music while the guy is talking. really annoying. it’s a car video

futmut1000 says:

Bentley Bentayga got to be one of the ugliest car ever made…thats some Dacia, Lada level right there…but they doesnt cost as much as this POS!!

Zzs Zzs says:

Why compare a white interior Bentley to a standard all black Range get a white one aswell

josh476_ morgan says:

Lower the suspension for more down force

Bryce Maxwell says:

The Range Rover interior is so minimalistic but I feel like it wouldn’t hurt them to spice it up in the next generation

Luis Miguel Luna Pais says:

Bentley is uglier but Range is associated to Russian mafia mostly because of the movies! At the end is all a question of each other taste, not money!

waaromwaaromdaarom daarom says:

From the outside the bentley look finer to me.
And from the inside the bentley look also better, buth both cars are great!

jajesam sigurno says:

Lets face it:
You take Range Rover to go to the Bentley dealer, and you pray the Lord that it doesnt brake half way to your destination.

Amrutraj Gore says:

stop the FUCKING BACKGROUND MUSIC. Do u not want people to listen to what usay??

Paul Thomson says:

why would you pay the extra for the Bentley when the range rover is the better car? if it comes down to branding the range rover still not to far behind Bentley . while the Bentley is vw touareg with Bentley badges and upmarket interior

Kaitlin O'Leary says:

RR! The Bentley looks like any other suv from the outside.

David Baker says:

Range Rover still looks elegant but, I agree, the interior needs updating. Bentayga’s exterior is utterly horrendous.

Hari Pv says:

sounds cool

chase white says:

Sure this comparison is fair, until the range rover driver decides to take a left turn into the woods and the Bentley has to go home.

yaomicqui says:

cant tell if the bentayga or the multipla is more ugly

Chris c says:

interior of the bentley is amazing..but the exterior is so freakin’ ugly.
i would take the range rover any day.

niptodstan says:

The Range Rover looks dated against the Bentayga. But given the choice…..I’ll have a Q7 and a chunk off my mortgage.

Martynas says:

Bentley looks intolerably hideous

RJ jr. says:

as Jeremy said, range rover was the off roader first and then they made it into the luxury car Bentley is just a Q7 in a different body …

Mim Aleph says:

what’s the name of the music starts at 2:43

A Chauhan says:

Worst comparison I have ever seen !!!

niptodstan says:

Thinking about it. For the cost of the Bentayga, you could have a Mansory or a Khan Range Rover. Which would bring the interior up to match.

Appleof Logs Lo says:

Bias prick

PlayYouAChopin says:

Bentley is bold for making an SUV, but the Bentayga will never triumph over the history and character of the Range Rover.

Filip Bruna says:

Thats not the top class rangerover vogue otherwise it whould have the leather seats with the triangle finish aswell there for i think tíha comparison is un fair

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