Bentley Bentayga W12 FULL REVIEW test driven SUV Autobahn

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timecode index Bentley Bentayga W12
01:02 Sound/Exhaust
01:31 Exterior
06:29 W12 Engine
07:22 Interior
24:29 Driving

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Dr. Drakken says:

I saw one of these parked in front of the King Edward Hotel in Toronto the other day. Damn it’s imposing and gorgeous especially in person.

Kay P says:

Deine Videos sind Super, Du zeigst auch die weniger schönen Sachen. Find ich echt Klasse. Danke

Mateusz Pędziwiatr says:

“you can play temperature dj” 😀

Grant Muir says:

Oh dear! It is not pretty! Crap name too!

John Smelt says:

Interior is by far the best I have ever seen!!! WOW!

Dion Wagner says:

Almost as ugly as the Pontiac Aztek.

mesho beshai says:

the best car ever till this moment

Christian Schumacher says:

Only one comment to this terrible vehicle: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do!”

Nyana11 says:

nothing beats a Dacia Duster nothing not even a Bentgay W12 😀

Seán O'Nilbud says:

That’s 15l/100km in mpg remembering gallons are a different size in the US than normal.

Steve b says:

Another great review Thomas… thanks!

Dodger says:

Fugly for the amount of money you gotta spend. And it gets worst at the rear.

Moby Dick says:

Interestingly, 15 L/100 = 15.58 us mpg, the figures converge at 15!

My car is a 2.4L and it averages 25 mpg, so 15 mpg for a W12 is not bad I think.

Pete Davis says:

Exactly the spec/colour I would choose

Ramnath Iyer says:

Beautiful video….. really well presented…. and the Bentley seems a good proposition for just pottering around Glamourous regions….guess for every other purpose one cud easily prefer a Range Rover or Cayenne and be happy with it

Itz Cretolo lp says:

autogefühl wie viel geld kriegt thomas für so was

jan singh says:

Beautifully crafted interior, but don’t fancy the exterior design.

Eric Storey says:

Thank you Tomas, your in depth reviews keep us well informed, Bentley is my favourite marque and you show how this marque has evolved and will continue to do so, it is so important that totally informed reviews take place to show positives as well as negatives, and believe motor manufacturers take note and act upon the reviews, thank you

RB26DETT says:

Does the Bentayga’s infotainment screen uses Google earth for the navigation? Like other VWs and Audis?

Zvonimir Jerković says:

The name ”Bentayga” is (regarding to an Car and Driver article) taken from Roque Bentayga, a 4642-foot mountain peak on Spain’s Grand Canary Island. When you read it in spanish it pronounces something like; ”BentayRa” (read that ”R” like you’re reading in german and that would be by the ”spanish”. ) P.S. I don’t like long reviews but as a couple of guys mentioned before, I also like how you usually point up almost every detail. I like that. After that when I have the opportunity to sit in a car you reviewed I feel like I was already in that car. You do a good job.

nielshunniche1 says:

Dear Thomas. I totally agree with your view on animal skin, but we cannot change the industry here.
Happy new year and I look forward to dream about these ……. nice cars you show us.

Feudal Serfer says:

Fabulous review, and I’m sure it’s a beast to drive, but I can’t warm to it. It’s an absolute moose, visually, compared to a Merc, Audi or a Volvo. Just my personal preference. I like the front end, but the haunches don’t work on this vehicle. I prefer the Q7. I think the whole Bentley thing is a branding exercise – as you said the chassis comes from Audi and gets shipped over here to the “Factory”. What’s the point?

FrostyMoonBlue says:

The only thing beautiful is that B logo


leider ist der tank viel zu klein.85 liter sind ein witz.

ozzycarnut says:

great review thomas. i love the interior, i dont love the exterior. when its all said and done i look at the sticker price and raise an eyebrow. AUD $420k? crazy. i think id rather have a fully loaded audi q7, and a porsche 911 for the sporty stuff. and still have change left over for a nice holiday.

zoran djukic says:

nice nice car i want one :)))))
and video like always are very good i like camera angle… just keep doing like this guys

nakul singh says:

You love this SUV, dont you ?

sloppy jo says:

audi q7 is ugly but this is…..yuk

DeutscheAutobahnTV says:

i think you are to little to drive at high speed so you look very like a child when you drive 200.

Jatroklespartanson VIP says:

Why these prestigious companies try to build cars for soccer moms? what is next Rolls Royce 9 seater van and Ferrari station wagon?

Yossavin Sombutpanich says:

How come there is a creaking sound from the rear door at 19:40?

Matt Owen says:

Fantastic review, as usual Thomas. Also perfect pronounciation of the name Bentayga, I’m glad you remembered. Cheers.

aus friz says:

Beautifully crafted, quality interior…….nice to see something like that still exists

Tore Andre Ekerhovd says:

Thank you so much for this nice review, very good and informativ 🙂 A beautiful car and I’m gonna dream about it 🙂

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