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Bentley have made an SUV and like it or not it’s going to sell like hot cakes. Meet Bentayga.

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Luxferi says:

Overpriced Q7, now lets move on.

mightyfinejonboy says:

Not quite sculpted with a light sabre, more with an ugly stick.

turshin says:


Richard Harrold says:

You must be MAD to choose one of these over a 5.0 Supercharged Range Rover!

Andrew Dineen says:

Continental gt gone wrong. I saw on the other day on the motorway and I puked. What have they done? I’ll stick to me RR

James Hunter says:

>Says he’s going to thrash it
>2 minutes later says it’s no where near the harshest terrain it could handle
>pick on pls

King The Great. Salavan says:


alex180384 says:

Range Rover sport in a segment above BMW X5 ????!!!! This guy is lame!

Peter Sampson says:

It would be a dream come true and such a blessing

Leonardo Varuzza says:

A Sport SUV is like an war slipper, makes no sense

Nodearb Skärsgard says:

Q5 and Macan? …So it must be smaller in person than I imagine.

Twinkle Baby says:

Range rover autobiography sv LWD is better

John Edgard says:

Good god that thing is hedious.

Front 242 says:

love the accent babe

Authentic Max says:

Bentley looks like a fat bald guy wearing a hat and smoking a cigar.

Manjesh rv says:

i think those circular headlights suits the suv better than continental gt…

Dario Milardovic says:

Rob you are right. the car is ugly. The bentley is only expensive that’s why people want. .If that suv cost 50K with other name. nobody will by that crap.

Rachael Firth says:

I’m sure it’d make a great Uber taxi…

Rachael Firth says:

Bentleys used to be about heritage, lineage and pedigree. Can you say that anymore when everything is cobbled together from the VW parts bin, even if every part, screw and washer of the engine is new? It’s still derived from the same computer renderings as the other vehicles and parts. Deriving multiple nameplate vehicles from the same platform is undoubtedly great for VW but knowing my £200K+ Bentley is just an up-optioned Audi Q7 with a W12 engine doesn’t add the cachet that the Bentley name deserves. The same is true of Lamborghini. Mass-production and computerised design are commodifying marques that became legendary precisely because they were not commodities. The likes of W. O. Bentley and Ferruccio Lamborghini must be quietly spinning in their graves.

Woodsman Birch says:

Very much like the exp 10 rear of an aston, front like a baboons arse.

abdul rosaq adele says:

the concept bentley looks better to me

dominicancash says:

First royal off road, i can picture a rich guy on a suit meeting friends deep in the woods after miles of dirt and mud , GET OUT OF THIS WITH FERRAGAMO shoes , Hi guys sorry im late lol

madjh says:

The most luxurious SUV is the RR clasic long or short version autobiography and still a capable 4×4 with locks, low range and lot of stuff. Not the fastest but the most confortable. And looks much more nice than this one.

Leo Hart says:

Xcarfilms or only xcar is way better than carfection

master cobra says:

Hideous but I really want one.


Tasteless, pointless and overpriced

Terrance Collins says:

I absolutely hate the name

Florin Duduta says:

the ugliest piece of crap ever. how can you say that this car is handsome? its number one ugliest car on planet earth. Dacia duster is much better looking car .

ali sarosh says:

5:36 What’s that car in the background?

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