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Bentley Continental GT 2014 review:
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The Bentley Continental GT is a stylish, luxury performance car that is designed to carry up to four people in supreme comfort at speeds of up to 200mph. Boasting sharper styling, and with a considerable weight saving, the second generation Bentley Continental GT has slightly better fuel consumption and lower emissions than the outgoing model. The luxury interior maintains a sporting theme combining hand-crafted wood, leather and aluminium. The GT comes with a choice of two engines, a tweaked version of the proven twin-turbo 6.0-litre W12 unit, which is available in the standard GT and the even more powerful GT Speed. Then there’s a 4.0-litre, twin-turbo V8 that returns combined economy of 27mpg – 10mpg more than the W12. Driving all four wheels through a six or eight speed automatic gearbox, performance is very impressive. Competition comes in the form of Aston Martin’s Virage and the Ferrari California.

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Michael Hannigan says:

yet u can buy one or these for bout 60k and less for a 04-08 models … not bad tho but can you afford the keep up

Hassan Raza says:

i skipped the video when i saw a girl

First Nation says:

why did she down play the banana in the center console like it wasnt even there???

Richard Parker says:

I think Bentley overprices their cars to maintain the luxury aesthetic to their name. American powerhouse coupes like mustang, Camaro, and challenger are all realistically attainable but British cars still like to distance themselves into upper class.

jamezz34 says:

Got her hobble on

Instagram: raw_banter says:

Yay!! An English narrator, i’m fed up with American accents on car programs, thanks carbuyer! (Sorry America)

The FX Champ says:

I’ll take the car y’all can keep the bitch!

The one. says:

OK Sunshine you’re gorgeous you describe it well Take my Money!
total 20$ and 75 cents…

A203D says:

They need to get this girl on Top Gear.

korr pentt says:

Rebecca with her banana..

TheSRBgamer63 says:

This car or Rolls Royce wraith ?.To be honest ,this one looks more better from outside,less luxurious ofc than Rolls,but also more than double expensive than Rolls,so which on u would guys pick ?.And can this cars run 200-300k km without some bigger issues ?,i mean it would be funny if not,wtf i paying for than all that money,if car cannot run at least 200 000 without problems.

Alexander Sergeevich says:

She is just licking that car in and out. Every car this channel reviews seems to be a must buy. Where are the bad points of this car?

Matt Harding says:

Left hand drive car with UK licence plates? Odd.

R I O says:

The only thing I would be able to buy is a touch of the Bentley

leeseng boon says:

so she was driving with the heels shoes?

Peter Mitchell says:

This car suffers a catastrophic error. The steering wheel is on the wrong side. Well done Bentley!

CAMO LD says:

what’s the yr

Jan-Mikail Aslar says:

Why is the steering wheel on the left side?

Dennyz-The Wither Boy- Dennyz//TWB says:

she is an ant in comparison to the car lmao

jldude84 says:

Holy crap she’s probably the sexiest Brit I ever laid eyes on lol I seen that ring though, such a shame.

mc gee says:

Has anyone else realised that the cockpit is on the left hand side when it should be on the right?

Shalev Jordan says:

she fucking sucks

Comtek ComteK says:

Subminal message….

Mustafa Maker says:

i she that small is is that car realy that big

Ryan Fay says:

Rebecca is so classy! Love the review. Dream girl in dream car!

paul says:

great car but can’t stand the ridiculous commentating style…..carbon copy of tiff nedell….get your own style woman…..

Itt Intouch says:

cup holder?

mr man says:

She’s really pretty & she knows her cars, that’s always a bonus!

Nathan Nan says:

I would bang her. She is a lovely naughty girl!

myownruin187 says:

She’s so hot and petite..

MichcioLOLz says:

the 2004 model costs 35k dollars, guys go get it

frenk frenky says:

brittish woman, always my favourite

onelife187 says:

Overrated car I’ve seen Lexus cars that look way nicer. And a V12 when the highest speed limit is 65mph? when the hell you going to use it? LOL..

snkhuong says:

i want the girl more than the car

ts_ exotics says:

she turns me on

Diz Typical Bitch says:


JJ Stalker says:

Me: Gets a raise at McDonalds…

“I might go cop me a Bentley Coupe yeah I might go cop me a Bentley Coupe yeah I might go cop me a Bentley Coupe”

in 200 years

Warmachine Wow says:

Great to have a woman giving feedback on a car. I was just wondering though: if you can spend money on a bentley, you wont drive long hours in it.. you go for a rolls and be driven? Driving long hours for example: business. Is never fun, only time consuming. I must say, the bentley brooklands gives you just a little bit more bite. Driving a classy looking car, with almost a thousand horsepower under the hood. Keep up the good vids

IMC IMC says:

She looks teeny next to this tank.

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