Bentley Continental GT V8 S convertible 2014 review

This Bentley Continental GT V8 S costs nearly £200,000 – but is it worth it? Read the full review:

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This the Bentley Continental GT V8 S, the very latest model from the firm. It costs about £9,000 more than the standard car, but what do you get for that? Well, there’s 20bhp more, some black splitters at the front, side skirts, a new spoiler, new paint colours and a whole host of options.

The standard convertible version of the V8 S costs £152,900 and you can go for the coupe instead (at £139,000), but what about the car you see here?

To start, there’s the Mulliner Driving Specification (that’s £6,325), which gets you these lovely 21″ wheels, some quilted leather inside, a knurled gear lever and alloy pedals as well.

There’s also the dark tinted front and rear lamps (£1,300), this lovely yellow paint (£3,295), contrasting stitching (£1,425), carbon fibre facia panels (£1,225).

Adaptive cruise control (£2,045), a tracking system (£1,345), the Naim audio system (£5,475), the sports exhaust (£1,860) and some fantastic carbon ceramic brake discs (£10,405) are included as well.

That’s a grand total of £193,000, but that puts it into Ferrari 458 territory. Can it match that sort of car on the road?

Under the bonnet is a glorious 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 producing 521bhp – the engine itself is a work of art, with the twin turbos nestled neatly down in between the V for a lower centre of gravity, which means better handling.

Throttle response is great: this car will do 0-60mph in about 4.5 seconds and on to about 190mph. The handling is just solid, really high quality. The steering is responsive, not exactly 911 sharp but pretty impressive nevertheless especially when you consider this car weighs the best part of 2.5 tonnes.

Plus it’s comfortable at all times and given the sporting intent of this car that’s something very special.

Bentley says that around 60 per cent of all buyers go for the W12 model. Frankly, I don’t see that – it’s spending money for the sake of spending money. I’d save a bit of money and go for this V8 S.

It’s lighter, feels better, still makes a great noise and you’ll save a bit of cash to spend on the options.

In fact, it’s one of the best sports cars you can buy to drive on everyday roads in the real world. It may not be as electrifying to drive as a Ferrari 458 but for most people most of the time it’s a pretty damn good sports car.


mofomanx10 says:

Bentley = Spending money for the sake of spending money.

Matt Owen says:

Great car ….. not so great review.

fesch198 says:

Love the car but it’s definitely not a sportscar.

Daniel Olesson says:

Pretty slow for £200k… I’d take a 458, or maybe buy a house?

Kaipeternicolas says:

This car has the ugliest throttle pedal I have ever seen in a $40k+ car. 

Boots N Pants says:

i believe the “GT” in Bentley continental GT stands for “Grand Touring” not “Sports Car” …………….. #Js  

Stratblooz says:

I´ll take the white one.

Stavros969 says:

Well done Steve, i’ve got to like your review style. You had me from your Citroen Picasso review which was excellent.

Nitechillsz says:

a car for rich middle aged bald men that are in denial thinking they are still young and cool, for the same money or less there is so much else to choose from why this?

William Ferry says:

And Verdant Green is THE colour surely, with Green hood and either Linen or preferably Saffron interior.

disgraceland uk says:

I’ll have an XKRS thanks.

/Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1) says:

That is an obscene colour for a Bentley! Bentley’s should be about English good taste and class. Bright yellow with black and yellow interior…yuk! For the new standard of English craftsmanship please view the Morgan Aero Supersports. That’s my ‘money no object’ supercar, what’s yours? 

Gabriel Sandoval says:

I cant imagine that yellow color aging very well on a Bentley, and for my friend, two words, Sun Block.

welderguy5 says:

I belieive nesting the turbos between the banks on a V8 is to increase responsiveness, not to lower the center of gravity…
Could you explain what you mean by that and why? 

Garry Mcdonnell says:

Dude, get some sunscreen.

قناة ماهر - maher channel says:

can’t believe some would buy this overly priced car when others are dying of hunger.

capturedbytee says:

Love the options list and prices. Good info. 😀

IGotNuked says:

Adaptive cruise control – standard on many Mk7 Golfs – is a £2000 option? More than the sports exhaust? I’d love to know how they came up with that.

Justin Carneiro says:

Looks menacing

Luc Verhoeven says:

funny how his commentary is copied exactly in the description. 

Oonnyyxx80 says:

2 Autoexpress team: i think you should agree once and for all where is the border between sports car and GT car..

James Franklin says:

that intro was a fucking mess. looked like you were desperate for a piss. 

Saqib Dareshani says:

You cannot compare this to a 458.  At all.

meady200 says:

I understand people can look stiff if they aren’t used to being on camera. But please stop swinging your arms out wide twice per sentence in order to look loose!?

youngprankster94 says:

Rolls Royce Wraith!!!

googleccd079 says:

too cheap for my taste

UzzyFuzzyy BMW IS THE BEST says:

looks so uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

tacfoley says:

I’d like to see a road report of what this thing is like to drive here in UK, where the roads are worse than Bulgaria, and even 100 kph in my Boxster is fair set to remove your fillings on the average road.

Jonny S says:

Gettin’ real tired of the term ‘sports car’ being liberally applied to anything with a whiff of pretense of sportiness. Almost as bad as Porsche calling the Macan it’s new ‘sports car’. A thoroughly capable convertible version of a GT this is, a sports car it is not.

S Jan says:

what is that fatso driving such a refind car?

UzzyFuzzyy BMW IS THE BEST says:

waste of money… buy a RR Wraith

bernard sheppard says:

The people vacuuming though! Lol.

Tadas says:

blue is nice..

patfromozZ says:

You would think that a lot of these options would be standard in a vehicle with this kind of price tag.

AssViol8er says:

Such an ugly colour. Why Yellow?!

Garrett Williamson says:

These videos always make me hate my life when they say “Here we are in San Diego test driving the new Bently Continental GT V8 S convertible.”Which basically means watch us have the best day ever! Arg!

Radu Fgr says:

People cleaning the house:)) i saw them there, noobs

TheMister Mann says:

1425 pounds for the contrast stitching? They have to stitch the leather anyway so you are being asked to pay all that cash just to use different coloured thread?  Weird or what ….

Torrey B says:

hahah that colour!!

jabber jaw says:

Nice piece!

o3tomas says:

Half of the video about the price but really… the potential buyers of the car don’t care how much a color, or a stitching costs.

TheRoggan123 says:

I wouldnt call it a “sports car” and even compare it with the 458 except that they cost similar money. This is a fast GT cruiser and the Ferrari is a true sports car.

Personally I’d go for the 458 Spider over this easily, but im more in to sports cars and handling rather than comfort and luxuary where this is better.

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