Bentley Crewe assembly plant factory production tour with Bentayga & handcraft

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timecode index this video:
00:49 Historical Bentley vehicles
04:25 handcraft
06:48 Bentley wood shop
14:10 New Bentley Bentayga assembly line
16:45 Bentley Bentayga design talk
25:41 Mulliner customization at Bentley

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Ryan Wirtz says:

keep it up Thomas great job

No One says:

Haha that guy got caught in a lie at 19:53


Super mašine !

Chris X says:

It is your channel and you can broadcast whatever you like, but do you honestly think the majority of people want to listen to this? Why not make a video about animal rights and meat eating, and compare the number of views you get?

bob kirk says:

The best motor reviews on the tube objective, informative, no nonsense
very enjoyable, thank you

Jamie4K says:

Very good video Thomas, as always. I appreciate the depth of your videos.

Alex Vennos says:

Awesome video thanks for sharing!

dantze says:

Nice tour of the factory. Amazing handcraft experience. However the Bentayga’s look is….. umm… yeah… 😛 if I have the money probably I’ll buy it for the heritage and collection, not for how it looks…. xD

Davie says:

Time to order my “Thomas Blue” Flying Spur with an Alcantara interior.

Silent Shark says:

Wow, I live and work in Nantwich very close to Crewe and the factory. Hope you enjoyed your visit, and the weather wasn’t too bad!

Chris X says:

Thomas does not agree with the meat industry, and I’m assuming he is a vegetarian or vegan, but humans are omnivores which is why we have canine teeth. If the cows which are used to provide the leather, are also used for meat, then that makes for a resource which is fully used i.e. less waste.

Povilas Svedas says:

What a great feature on Bentley. I loved when Thomas caught out that designer on the fake B outlet piece in the front fender. I bet the exhaust is fake as well. Not sure if Bentayga looks any better in real life than it does on film, but so far I would say, even the concept looked better. The production version just screams Q7, and is plainly hideous.

zhbroder says:

that 8 litre is stunning

Matt Owen says:

Congratulations Thomas for pronouncing ‘Bentayga’ correctly, unlike ALL British and American journalists.

James O neill says:

You peeps just keep putting a smile on my face..hope you guys had a nice time at Crewe

Namn L says:

Huge carbon footprint. Bently clearly don’t care about the environment.

kevin n says:

I love these detailed videos Thomas. Bravo! I also like that you didn’t shy away from history or the issues of sustainability. That side vent is fake!!!! Admit it Mr. Designer!! 😉 Nobody tricks our Thomas!!

Andres Guerrero says:

So far your best video … You keep raising the quality bar … Love the attention to details and what makes these vehicles so unique

TommysToe2 says:

Thomas, the repeated expression of your opinion about the leather seating is getting old. I understand that the use of leather is something that you find distasteful. Mentioning it once is OK, but this is the second video I’ve watched today in which I’ve heard your sermon. You’re not going to change anyone’s opinion, but you will annoy your viewers.

greysmouth says:

The Stone Age Factory…

car addicted says:

Bentley is a perfectionist and traditional brand !!
I really love the design of these cars !!

Jan Šinkovec says:

10:06 i know you had a specific car company in mind but didnt wna say it. I wonder what it is

Marko Horvat says:

Very enjoyable to watch this complete process, thank you Autogefuhl team!

woodypwx says:

Regarding the Bentayga demo, there was mentioned a lot of “typical Bentley shapes” here and there. Ok. That’s fine. But similarly if you add a lot of “beautiful typical woman” shapes together, it doesn’t necessarily give you a beautiful woman. That car as a whole is a horrid monster. No matter how good materials they used. The design was a mistake.

Woodsman Birch says:

Great review as usual thomas, I just can’t understand how you can say anything good about such a horrorfest of a car as the bentayga, it’s a bejewelled monstrosity, has frankenstien got himself the job there as chief designer.

T.C. says:

Hallo Thomas, sehr professionell gemacht, wie eine reguläre TV Reportage. Du hättest auch Moderator beim TV werden können. Prima gemacht und sehr interessante Details sind angesprochen worden. Weiter so, auch mit den Reportagen direkt im Werk ;o)

Masoga Kekana says:

As always you and your team deliver an amazing experience for the viewer, we really appreciate your work!!

Daniel Sadjadian says:

Superb professional video as always, really enjoyed it.

Sam Herford says:

You always give us a close up detailed look into the car that no other réview manages! Good job

Francoberry says:

The old Bentley’s would’ve had fun trying to pass the pedestrian safety tests!


bist du veganer thomas?

Eric Storey says:

The vintage Bentley’s are gorgeous head turning cars even today, as we know the early cars chassis were delivered to the leading bodybuilders of the day, Mulliner, Hooper, Gurney Nutting and many more. The Derby Bentley’s are extremely beautiful, but later models seemed to be Rolls Royce’s with the Bentley badge, the latest cars such as the Mulsanne are staggeringly beautiful from any angle, road presence by the spadeful. W.O. Bentley and his philosophy I think is in good hands for the future

Songqi Bi says:

At 17:20 it’s coupé not coup. Because north korea exists.

nicholascremato says:

I am still not sure about the durability of alcantara but I do feel the negative emotions of having leather filling my car. Until today I didn’t realize that I no longer had any leather shoes. They are all man made materials.

eurouc says:

Excellent reporting. What was the name of the exterior designer?

Tal -ha says:

Great video.. i have to say Bentley really took a gamble on the Bentayga and I absolutely hated it when I first saw it, however its really starting to grow on me and it reminds me of the Audi Q7 in the styling. A couple of annoying things I see are the gear shift it looks like a vegetable as well as the chrome surrounding the rear lights, while it works on the silver colour cars its horrendous on others… anyway that’s just my opinion.. awesome video thank you!!

Chris X says:

You have your opinion and I have mine Thomas. If you want to push your views on this topic , then I would suggest creating another YouTube channel rather than talk about leather being bad on your car reviews.

K3Primrose says:

Great video, good to see you’re not afraid to ask the difficult questions and always push for an answer.

Might be worth considering a second microphone?

Ryan Wirtz says:

best suv ever

peter kara says:

When do you think the Bentayga Speed coming out ? This V12 Engine is amazing I drove this car last week, I think you have done the best factory tour report you deserve a free car from Bentley. I like the white myself the black looks like a Hearse

Feudal Serfer says:

Nice to see you, Thomas – I live near Crewe. It’s a shame we don’t build many of our own cars here in Britain anymore. We build Hondas in Swinton, Toyotas in Derby, Nissans in Sunderland, but since the collapse of the APPALLING British Leyland / Rover group we don’t have our own mainstream manufacuturer. With losing Rolls Royce and Bentley, we have proven that everything in Britain is for sale – everything.  I’m very glad to see that I’m not the only one who intensely dislikes using leather in luxury cars. PS: 19:53 Thomas busts the car designers spotting a false vent — brilliant LOL

Rob Trust says:

Great video and interesting to see the car in production. However the Bentley line up of cars just looks too retro for me. Rolls Royce have a design edge over Bentley. The Rollers have managed to keep the classic design also, but they just look and feel more modern in their appearance. Its all down to taste and the look you want to drive around in. So for Me? Never going to own one anyway. I can dream though!!!! if I did have the money all said and done? I would buy a Mercedes S class. Its all you need for less money. P.S. It also looks great and has for years been the best value for the Buck.

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