Bentley Flying Spur W12 FULL REVIEW test driven 2016 with 0-100 km/h 0-60 mph (Continental)

Thomas Majchrzak of Autogefühl reviews the Bentley Flying Spur W12 for you – acceleration test included!

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Gordon Miller says:

COMMUNICATIONS: One other great feature that you didn’t test, was how good the cell phone works in Bluetooth. I always got compliments on how good the speaker phone was in the car. Even in the GTC with the top down at 70 mph you could talk in a normal voice and Bentley has that all figured out. For those of us that work 24/7 it is nice to be able to take calls anywhere any time.

ThePaulv12 says:

Fuck the animals – give me leather. That said I really like the understated aspects of this car. In a sense the Breitling association with the car is a liitle off; and I do mean only a little. In some ways I see this car as having more the Rolex ie classic understatement but I’m nit picking.

I disagree with you re the rear. I like the rear. The reason I like it is the side shoulders are very sexy, and the way the side shoulders segue to the rear is quite well done esp. when viewed from the rear. There are subtle ques also, like at the back of the car when you look forward shows the recesses from the C pillar and the flatish portion on to the side shoulders. This speaks of power and is a hint to the lovely side view – even though you’re looking from the back of the car. The symmetry of the C pillar relief when viewed from the rear is nicely done!
If the back was ugly, all this would be academic because you’d be secretly sicking up at in your head saying to yourself, “Self, fuck that’s ugly! What were they thinking ergh, ergh, ergh?” But NO, it is resolved.
Sometimes unresolved can be good too but this isn’t that, Yeah?

This is a big car, and to make it still appear big (the presence part) and not appear as river barge is very skillful indeed. Those tail lights for example are cleverly proportioned and incorporated in a very British way. They speak of previous Bentleys from a bygone era, yet remain contextual in the understated and classic British way. It’s about the history of Bentley and this car is true to the marque. I for one am sick of electric stove top hotplates as tail lights. I guess they look good on a 1968 Dodge Charger with a 426 Hemi (and perhaps a Ferrari) but they’ve become so ubiquitous as to become passe, just like the man bun and beard look on hipsters that have achieved nothing in life except how to make a cafe latte the way they think you should drink it and really think they are artists when they’re just making a stinkin’ cup of luke warm coffee tainted milk. That passe!

The one thing I really dislike (hate even) is those horrible looking permanently mounted screens in the headrests. I do really think those stupid gimmicky things are as ugly as a hat full of pigs arseholes. Couldn’t they have tried a little harder and made them fold away or something? The understated nature of the car is significantly diminished in my obviously subjective opinion.

They could do away with the W12 emblems also. What do I need to be reminded or broadcast to the world what donk is in it? I just paid E220k for the idiot thing so I’m thinking I know what powers it. They look silly anyway. If they want an emblem then make a model with only one engine choice and then the model denotes the engine type, or alternatively,
leave – the – bloody – emblem – off.

It’s good to do the exercises, it’s good to do the exercises, it’s good to do the exercises, it’s good to do the exercises, it’s good to do the exercises

I would liked to have seen you barreling down the Autobahn at high speed in this review. I wanted to see the quietness and stability of it as well as the high speed characteristics when doing 270kmh+.

Dragos Teodor Bran says:

Nice car and review! You are so lucky to get to test such exclusive models like Bentley, Ferrari, Porsche, etc.. I also think that color is the best for a fast British car. PS: what the Brithsh and the Germans also have in common is the platform this car shares with the VW Phaeton :)) .

Mark Law says:

Thomas, you know why I enjoy your reviews so much? Because you Know what you are talking about! Your in-depth reviews, cover just about everything imaginable, seriously you are the Gold Standard of Excellence for the Automotive Review Journalist.
Great review Thomas, and thankyou Autogefuehl, keep up the great work….I will be buying a new car soon, and will do so via the internet, using Autogefuehl as my reference research library.

vsboy25 says:

Very detailed review, The flying spur W12, is a status symbol of a man success. in life.
it may not have the most fancy gadgets but it packs luxury and brutality in power like no other car on Earth.
it would be a honor to own one.

DutchJoki says:

Terrible English

MR.007 says:

such a nice beauty!

Derrick Laster says:

looks like the new chrysler 300’s

Gordon Miller says:

REAR AUDIO: You have to switch the rear audio system to the speakers from the controls on the front console.

pound4poundbeast says:

dream car

Sir Alfred Powell says:

Das ist bei weitem das geilste Auto auf dem Markt! Wenn ich mal Multimilliardär bin….gönn ich mir ‘ne ganze Flotte!

MahtiJaakkoProductions says:

Nice car!
The lagging driver’s interface is ridiculous tho.

Gordon Miller says:

As to the delay for the push buttons on the display, I will say that it was the one aspect of my GTC that I hated. My PhD work is in Human Factors Engineering and that delay is annoying as hell. I was told by Bentley that it was done on purpose to keep people from using it while the car is in motion and also to get people to slow down and enjoy the aspect of using the system and to minimize input errors. I hear all those and I still say it is crap. I think that there is a huge delay because they have a very inefficient routine for interpreting input and a poor choice of input hardware for the screen. It is by far the biggest downside of all the Continental range, GT, GTC and Spur. Even a software upgrade could cut the delay in half. It makes using the screen while the car is in motion very dangerous. The upside is that the voice module for voice input is amazing. In the 2 years that I had my GTC I don’t recall any time that it misunderstood a command. So, just use the voice input and you will love it again.

sunflower power says:

love it…my dream car.

Foer Hoen says:

for this price i would rather buy a rolls royce. way better infotainment system(bmw based) and the interior is way more beautiful and expensive looking. plus u can also customize it to your liking so choose leather which isnt made from animals 🙂

The CookieClan says:

It’s Thomas again! Gotta love him, always the best reviews ever!

Edward Kenway says:

Favorite luxury car 🙂 I love Bentley 😀

Mike's Big Mouth says:

I have despised what they did to the rear of this car. I wish they brought it in line with it’s continental sibling. Design wise i feel like the front and rear belong to two different cars.

IEEM01172 says:

If you’re going to daily drive a car, would you take this or an S65 AMG ?

Gordon Miller says:

The reason that the GTR-3 has alcantara inserts is because the leather is too slippery for track use and the cloth grips better. That is why the Recaro seats in the Mitsubishi Evo were only available in cloth at first. The cloth does not wear as well so the Spur has all leather for durability and comfort. You also do not have the same heat and cool options with combo cloth and leather.

Nehal PAL says:

mercedes maybach s600 is better than this…even the buttons used are cheap

Anthony Bell says:

Why don’t you like real leather?

marc1093280 says:

The Bentley Flying Spur is a great ultra-luxury exotic car, but the S65 AMG is a better daily driver.

Al Mal says:

Bentley will upholster the car in Alcantara if you insist through its bespoke programme. Bentley wird das Auto in Alcantara Polstern, wenn Sie durch ihr maßgeschneidertes Programm bestehen.

Omar R says:

nice review Thomas.i am big fan of BENTLEY and owned several of them however i am not happy with the recent design direction . Bentley suppose to be more unique in there approach and design its becoming BOLD with excessive use of plastic and cheaper wood and leather. Lack of B hood emblem is a shame so as the sheap black exterior door pillars
wish should of been stainless same goes for the huge plastic grill….totally un acceptable


I think it wasnt glue on the W12 logo.. its wax I think?

MBS5004M says:

My S-Class has all of the features (except for the fridge) and costs a split of the price of the Flying Spur… I guess people buy this for image purposes mostly…

Sajeev Ramachandran says:

very nice and detailed review.

Xplosion51 says:

everything is very PHAETON like

Eric Storey says:

I would certainly like to keep the circular headlamps, yes, up the lighting technology as it becomes available and you could still incorporate design enhancements within the classic circular configuration, it’s a Bentley trademark

Au Nguyen says:

You always have the most detailed reviews. Love them

Feudal Serfer says:

Great review – you look at cars properly, in the round. Few reviewers would note the white glue at 4:42. When British and German designers and engineers work together, they can come up with stuff like this. I love the round headlamps – I used to like the Mercs when they used them. PS have you driven the VW Phaeton? Poor man’s Bentley.

Belgian Roads says:

This actual car is now for sale at Bavaria Motors Harelbeke (Belgium)!

Nehal PAL says:

you actually give an in depth review! 🙂

Pholela Mapeyi says:

Thomas … i really think Bentley need to loose that enormous gear lever …i think a it is a bit of a bother when you have to touch or press the small buttons infront of it..especially in the PARK mode…. a small round selector button like the one found in the Jaguar Ftype …wou’d do better…

john d says:

What do you prefer – Flying Spur V8 or S63AMG 4matic sedan(specifically 4matic without magic body control and with AMG suspension) if you used them for day-to-day driving(also in snow/ice conditions)? How they compare in seat comfort, sound insulation, ride on autobahn, ride on bad roads, etc?
They cost approx. the same. S63 leads in tech and is faster (purly performance vise) but it lacks exclusivity since it is hard to distinguish between S350 high end-taxi and S65AMG if they both have AMG kit (if that matters) and it still is mass product.
Bentley looks and feels much more expensive and elegant, and it allways will have exclusivity factor but it lags in technology.

joshron99 says:

Stunning eyeglass frames, terrific suit, its drape and sheen, the shirt a superb match. As for the shoes and belt, well, what can be said except splendid choices, very tasteful– what an all-together impact everything made! Very good. As for the car, something of a bust actually. Nothing about it was dazzlingly impressive, as one might otherwise have expected– at least something about it here or there, after all, this is a Bentley. But only its grill, emblematic and timeless, still uber-impresses. The backseat refrigerator hogging, as it does, important “boo-t” space seems a silly effort to impress and the car itself, overall, not much more.

bilany2003 says:

I like the way that you make the reviews 🙂

i have subscribed in your

Ruozhuo Li says:

It’s healing by just looking at these spectacular designs!

Clara Brunner says:

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Boris Kislitsa says:

The front is nice, but the back isn’t haha.

utubecomment21 says:

I thought VW’s were for ‘The People’, not for the richest 5%!!!

squiresoft says:

please polish your shoes.

Gordon Miller says:

SIM in the armrest is for the rear seat entertainment for data etc. As I said in my other comment, the “phone” in the armrest is not a phone but a bluetooth handset that is called a “privacy handset” so if you get a call and want to have a private conversation then other people in the car can not hear you. In most US cars, it uses the bluetooth phone that you have linked and it is just a handset in the EU it may use the SIM that the rear seat uses. Not sure.

goddesseddog says:

Great review.

The car is however really an old design. The dashboard still resembles old Phaeton (highly). The armrest with the phone and the storage underneath is exactly the same as old D2 A8s. Of course, only the FS has leather everywhere, but underneath it’s the same old design.

Also, while the engine is unnecessarily powerful, it’s hung completely in front of the front axle (like all Audis / VWs / Seats / Skodas). Not really suitable for this class of cars.

hei says:

In Norway it’s over 300 000..

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