Bentley Mulsanne Facelift EWB motor show REVIEW extended wheelbase Interior/Exterior live check

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Ricky Bachman says:

But what’s with those shoes?

94306v8 says:

3:06 Are you confortable Thomas? jaja What a fantastic car!

Jason De Pieri says:

wow! the front of this car is amazing.

Adam Reichl says:

You earned that nap! Great reviews as usual!! I want to see more of your personality in the videos too! We see it peeking out from time to time and we want more!


AmdTheory says:

mix between maybach and roll Rolls now i think there is only Lamborghini who made mix with them owns cars,anyway its a fantastic car

Dawid Folfoszynski says:

haha garnitur i adidaski od waldusia co za wulc… i taki prezentacje bentleya robi…

이준혁 says:

Looks like the Rolls-Royce Phantom EWB got a new competition. But not only amused on Bentley’s new luxury, but Im also amused the great size of the Rolls-Royce that Bentley or the Maybach couldn’t follow. Even though the Maybach is longer, Rolls Royce just gives the feeling “This thing is goddamm big”.

pitthepig says:

0:01 LOL

Dragos Teodor Bran says:

Very nice review Thomas! I hope, just for fun, you will get to test-drive also this car so you could really tell us how it is with those dimmensions. Before this facelift, I didn’t like very much the front end of the Mulsanne but now it is acceptable for me. Also, I find attractive the rear and the colour, they remind of British luxury cars.

Trevor Standefer says:

Not in my league but still very nice…makes an expense herse ..

lewis key says:

there is a blotted look about the exterior of this vehicle that is just not elegant.

Eddie Mbugua says:

Phanton & Maybach mixed

Life Of Cricket says:

ŠKODA KODIAQ right at the back, followed by Lamborghini Huracan in the middle, than last of all, the queen of luxury, Bentley Mulsanne EWB.

derek452 says:

where is your accent from Thomas

Francoberry says:

looks like that guy at the start wanted to sneak on camera

Jan Šinkovec says:

Damn i actually got sleepy. Well it is incredibly late …
never liked these cars tho, just too fancy and flashy

Kratos Olympus says:

The Mulsanne is giving the Rolls-Royce a run for its money

Renzee White says:

what you rather???? Mulsanne, s class or 750i???

Vitalii Hershlag says:

у роллса интерьер получше..

TheMister Mann says:

Regarding the new ” upright ” grill on the Mulsanne. Prior to the Bentley Continental GT, all Bentleys and Rolls Royces had very similar grills. The main difference between the two cars was the Rolls had an angular surround to the grill while the Bentleys was more rounded.

Winter99ize says:

Very true Thomas. The rear shade reminded me of a hearse.

Carlos Alberto Muñoz Ramirez says:

Great review and really funny

Oswaldo Öberg says:

I understand it is a very luxurious car. But I dont like it very much.

derek452 says:

lets get Thomas some views, i have a good feeling he going to breakthrough

Marco Fontana says:

you wear suit whit nike sneakers ????? OMG jail for u !!

Moby Dick says:

You guys do a wonderful job working so hard to bring great car reviews to us, and i want to thank you. I watch Autogefuhl all the time. You guys are amazing!

PS: I’m from Canada.

Mario Dalla Riva says:

Thanks, Thomas.
Your hard work and excellent reporting is very much appreciated!
Caffé helps! ☕️

khris says:

A very bespoke look with the dual tone paint finish on this one. Finally, Bentley seems to have a car worthy of competing with the likes of the Maybach and the Phantom

mathardo says:

I love how the usually so tall Thomas. Actually looks small sitting in this car haha.

David Shekelstein says:

sad you didn’t show the boot. Would have loved to see how big it is.

Conor Jackson says:

name and age of this handsome presenter?

Alex Martinez says:

Bentley hit a home run with this redesign EWB car. Wow… Just wow! Bravo

Abdu Sh says:

The car looks so good why the hell are you underestimating it?!!! Maybe just because it’s not a german car!!

mikeymarmalade says:

I would love to drive and travel in it

S7 Studio says:

0:53 exactly my thoughts!!
Looking good Thomas 🙂

Peter Bradshaw says:

Bloody hell it is a repeat of the invasion of the Hanoverians or when Vicky chose that man from Saxe Coburg the bloody Germans wont let up isn’t it enough the Brits have a mixed German as Queen DWL Long live QEII.

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