Bentley Mulsanne: Why it’s the most special Bentley built today!

MotoMan & Mean Gene take a look at the latest Bentley Mulsanne to demonstrate why this is the most special Bentley built today — and here’s a hint, it has NOTHING to do with the brand or the car itself . . .

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maldo72 says:

Why do people still drive these cars .. the only time I see them or for wedding and proms ….. dont get me wrong yes nicely built car but whats the point ?? Most people dont like them and they are huge on the outside but so so room on the inside …. noy worth the huge price tag

stuart anderson says:


Pig Farmer Ben says:

I’ll take one if I can drink beer in the back while my wife drives me around.

Brock Obama says:

I think Cadillac was first to have a v8 in a production model

Adam Othman says:

these kinds of cars are dope, top level luxury blended with outstanding performance to create a marvellous long distance barnstorming gt saloon

Mathew Hyde says:

Talking about style and attention to detail but still unable to pronounce “aluminium” correctly.

Car Connoisseur says:

Im a Mercedes guy but if I ever get some real money this is the car im getting to be driven in and yea yea I know its a drivers car but who said I had to drive it lol

Eddu13 says:

I buy and sell cars. I drove a 2014 Bentley Continetal GT Convertible with 6K miles on it, with all that wood finish and yadayadayada. Really top notch, but somewhat overpriced. I never liked English cars and still don’t, but the Bentley CGTC is changing my opinion. They don’t last much though, I’ve never seen on with more than 80K miles. Mulsanne would not be my choice.

Lawrence Winfield says:

Very nice car if you don’t like it you should be aborted like the 25 dislikes you should have been swallowed by your mother beautiful car nice video!!!!

DMF says:

OMG!!! I was really shocked, to see all of that corrosion/rust underneath, from Bentley! I mean, for that kind of money that these millionaires/billionaires; Spend on such a vehicle, One would not expect that. Smh!!!

edwing 22 says:

The Mulsanne is stunning

Deron Wirts says:

The ford v8

peter455sd says:

I’m not impressed

Pete Davis says:

One of my favourites of all your films

Christopher Leamons says:

I want to see more MotoMan videos like this. Great work!

TheDopestGamer says:

I just bought a Bentley Continental GT, it’s amazing.

MrPrieto75 says:

the ford flathead was the first V8

Lbolting005 says:

I bought 4 of these cars, gave one to my 17 year old niece & she crashed it. Told her I’ll buy her a Bugatti as a replacement. Bugatti said they’ll send her the car in 42 days. She can’t wait!

Andrew Piatek says:

iPod inside of Bentley ruins the Bentley 🙂

Sam Nelson says:

These videos deserve more views. Some of the best car reviews on YouTube

misha17422 says:

It’s amazing how many people actually don’t know the difference b/w quality and grade. Bentley is a no more quality vehicle than a Toyota Camry because both will get you from point A to B with no problem. The thing that distinguishes cars like Bentley is grade. Bentley is a higher grade, not quality vehicle.

Jalen CEO says:

Jesus Christ, that is a beautiful car! What is the exterior/interior color?

Ismail Oluwo says:

Mercedes Maybach is still better though

Fussinated says:

Ugly and irrelevant …. overpriced too.

nosecomosellama says:

0:44 Sir, then you will die if you could do a Review of a Huayra

Cue the Critic says:

General Motors built, and put the first PRODUCTION V8 in a Cadillac in 1914.

John Fisher says:

I have to say, there’s a plethora of motor sites to view ad nauseum, but you guy’s do seem to strike a chord of appreciation with the viewer. Good for you & keep em’ coming.

Sloughwallah says:

I think it was Ford in the 1930s!

Vitaly Tomilov says:

It is not fair to compare torque with Mercedes S63. It is a different category, and you must compare it to Mercedes S65, which has the same torgue as Mulsang and many more horse powers: 621hp, 738pft.

Michael W. Bush says:

I never wanted a Bentley until I saw this video. I could never muster a passion for Bentley until Mean Gene pointing out the outstanding quality of components under the car.

Kirill Dorokhov says:

thats a real review!

Blacknight1812 says:

this car is a masterpiece.

J Segal says:

Good video. Thanks for dressing up. I see so many videos of guys in shorts and flip-flops driving premium luxury cars on tracks and pulling Gs in parking lots. Bentley is about enjoying the quality, not sport. 

Kar says:

I would go for Cadillac for the V8, but I may be wrong

Car Connoisseur says:

Love this Mulsanne  Because the styling Harkins back to the Elegant graceful styling of the Vintage Bentley Turbo R which I love its like the Old meets the new Cant wait to get one lol


my whole issue with the bently is that IT LOOKS LIKE AN AUDI OR VW ON THE INSDIE.. i mean the gauges look ike they came off a 2004 vw phaton

Peter Fritz Walter says:

Everything is like a piece of jewelry … wow, what a statement! For me the question is always, is it right to save the extra cost and buy a Bentley instead of a Rolls? You want the ideally rational car, buy the Hyundai Equus. But now let’s say you have the money, would you decide for a Bentley and spend about 220.000 USD or spend 130.000 USD more for a RR Ghost?

James Suttie says:

I’ve been thinking about a Bentley Continental. But I have a Porsche 718 Cayman S on order. How can I be thinking about two such different cars?

LazerFish says:

old timer magnet and nothing more.

廷禎 Mir.Tim says:

不愧是高級車! 在外表長又寬減簡單單 的零件是車迷喜歡的重要素材!! 精緻的內裝凸顯出d掉的舒服+享受!!!

That Guy says:

s65 amg is the pretty much the same foot pounds and well over 600 hp….. and is half the price…. and faster…..

Omelbox says:

Shitty beggar piece of vw group.

廷禎 Mir.Tim says:

結論{上千萬的極品美車} 是賓利 最適合的稱號!!!

Stephan Stephanoff says:

HAHAHAHA set it to Bentley and the car immediately takes you to tiffany!!! Hilarious 

Jdm Planet says:

cast iron brake rotor!?  for the money they cost they could have used carbon ceramic

Norbert Pešek says:

First V 8 in production car? Cadillac in 1914 !

Disinf3ctant says:

This has a bit of old school British charm to it. Even though I love it I think I’d buy the S Class if I had the money.

PaperChaser Wright says:

One of the first production automobile V8s was introduced in the United States in 1914 by Cadillac, a division of General Motors which sold 13,000 of the 5.4 L (330 cu in) L-head engines in its first year of production. 

Adrian Larkins says:

The most expense VW ever!

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