Bentley’s $287,000 Bentayga First Edition is the world’s fastest SUV

On the first day of the LA Auto Show, we got a first look at the Bentley Bentayga First Edition

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Lambenstein says:

I love the interior… but the exterior was a bit of a let down… Come on Bentley, it looks like the sh*tty Q7…

hemi1520 says:

I can hear a s*** about the 200 $300,000 vehicle with your $5 mic

Château Angélus 1982 says:


Lofringer says:

what is the music ? i loove

ali plevneli says:

price is really cheap to me, what concerns me is :d when this car cames to my country price get higer 3x times 🙁

Prasad Bankar says:

Why is he speaking in ASMR.

Tomas B says:

Tesla model X is the fastest suv in the world…

sudeb roy says:

So the Tesla Model X is what? Bentley is fat and old. They should get over themselves.

Alexandru Klipii says:

0:27 she’s sitting there as if he has a really bad breath

scoupdogg says:

Tesla Model X pisses on this thing.
Dual 750HP Motors + falcon wing = Pure Lust.

Gabe says:

I’ve been where they filmed that Bentayga commercial and it is so beautiful there.

RoIIingStoned says:

i could listen to this guy for hours

leinadem2 says:

Is faster than the Tesla Model X? tesla Model X P90D 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds for $142,000.00 (Horse Power 762 Torque 713 lb-ft); The Bentley’s Bentayga has only 600 HP according to your article.

Raysaun McLeod says:

This isnt the fastest suv the lamborghini urus is a suv and goes 205 mph

Summit Sayem says:

can anyone explain to me why SUV’s are starting to look like fuckin hatchbacks nowadays?

Kian Kyle says:

i would have my mums lamborghini huracane

Panthers1521 says:

Take the badge off and you would not look twice at it

Lofringer says:

or the artist behind this music ?

Roberto Carlos says:

a VW in expensive camouflage

Exoticphreak VEVO says:

This one or the rangerover vogue autobiography which one should i go for ??? any comments? ?

Jonathan Stewart says:

What an unfortunate design. Looks no different than any other SUV out there and could easily be mistaken for a Range Rover or Porsche or even a Lincoln. It could have all the technology in the world, but the instantly-recognizable cache is just not there. Maybe that’s why this video scarcely shows the vehicle in full and instead focuses on details.

Black White says:

an expensive audi q7

Peizxcv says:

That’s one ugly ass car. Who would have hired a Korean to design a car when Korean companies keep copying others’ designs?

Kevin Smiley says:

almost a million subscribers

Memelorde says:

that voice was so calming and relaxed. can he read me bedrime storys

stabber65 says:

we all know that once this car is released its gonna be mentioned in every rap song and in every music video

Colonal Lingus says:

trophy wifes and soccer players are gonna loose there shit when its released

Ali Berkant says:

Am i the only who a bit liked the car, but hate the voice of this dude,.. damn i was gettin more and more tired and bored, glad i did not fall asleep

Decididor says:

I want to hear this guy fire someone

Samuraisahsah says:

I’m really surprised by how unattractive and possibly even ugly it looks, SMH
It just has this bloated appearance instead of the streamlined, svelte profile they were shooting for…

Mia Wasame says:

yawn boring design. looks like they copied a 3 year old Chrysler 300.

Gameline Gameline says:

I saw Messi there

aluminumdx says:

I’ll take two

Jayesh Gojiya says:

This guy voice is superb

Alex C says:

I could buy a Ferrari 488 for that price!

hemi1520 says:

do you spend all that money on that vehicle spend some money on a better mic

AkbarStudios says:

I could get two fully loaded LWB Supercharged Ranger Rovers for that price

Rol Romper says:

$287,000??? You could buy a very luxurious house for that!!

joseph nwosibe says:

Why would anyone get this over the flying spur. Both can have 5 or 4 seats similar price yet the flying spur looks and probably performs better. Unless if your getting this in pink to look like a rich soccer mom I don’t see the point in this car. Maybe the backseat interior is more comfortable and up to date but I’d get a flying spur any day over this.

Radoslav Petrov says:

But why is so ugly?

Le On line vk3 says:

Cool car! but tbh it’s pretty ugly! :/

insatiable2rossi says:

Looks like a coffin cart. WTF.

___InTheMaking says:

How fucking fast is it? what the hell?

zoepeezy1 says:

smooth car

Sak House says:

chinese ruined the brand

Hameed says:

fugliness unleashed

futmut1000 says:

this car is ugly as hell…

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