British Super Sedans Square Off! Aston Martin vs. Bentley vs Rolls-Royce

We head to Palm Springs with the 2010 Aston Martin Rapide, the 2010 Rolls-Royce Ghost & the 2010 Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed to pick the ultimate British luxury sedan.

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Shot by: Mike Suggett
Edited by: Mike Suggett


Michael Matt says:

This sounds sooo scripted

sid B says:

Silk underwear down a supermodel’s leg! Really?? Pretty poor auto journalism!

StriderCX says:

“… went down the road like silk underwear down a supermodel’s legs.”
That’s easily the kinkiest simile I’ve ever heard.

Nathan Brown says:

Poor people don’t drive Mercedes especially when you have a s63 you have to have money to even attempt to bring that car home so what that man said was foolishness

djamel becherif says:

Only an American can say that an Aston Martin looks like a Peugeot………..

crackuhjack123 says:

Lol only 560hp from a 6.6 liter TWIN TURBO V12???? I can get that same power tuning my 1.8 liter turbo with a gt28 lol

coolsdon says:

Toooomany clichés!!!

Robin Kaya says:

The Bentley is the best one!

CaptainXero says:

Basically, all 3 suck balls.

Airforceproud95 says:

I’d take the Bentley. Like he said, driver’s car just as well as a chauffeur car. Although I might say that Rolls Royce interior is stunning.

WhipRunner says:

Lovely music and good audio mix too! Liked the Aston for some reason. Could i know who is the artist?

Hamish Goldsworthy says:

Did the man at 0:45 say a “POOgeut”???

Steven Mendez says:

for rich people they dress really bad

gtjack9 says:

This is such a poor production quality channel.

Geralt de rivia says:

the ian fleming james bond drove a Bentley

yash vardhansolanki says:

wtf is wrong with the aston designer team

the same basic design since2002 for all the models

Peyton Urich says:

This is the worst Motor Trend video I have ever seen. JS


it is as simple as this….rolls and bentley are like merc and bmw…. especially the exterior of rolls is a zillion times more elegant luxurious and sophisticated. than bentley s….!!!absolutely no comparison between rolls and bentley….!!!

Willem Pretorius says:

What a load of horse shit. The stupidest commentary I’ve heard in a long time (“can’t put too many ladies in the back of the Aston” – sexist).

Jaylen Bond says:

poor people don’t drive Mercedes they drive Hyundai and kia

auraxfire says:

So that’s what happened to Alec Baldwin

IlikeAlotOfThings says:

I’ll take all 3.

Kelvin Brinham says:

Bentley and rolls Royce r now German design.

Snakebloke says:

My god this was a boring video. Sorry guys but you’re voices are all too monotone for me to maintain interest…

Net Millionaire says:

PM me if you want the means to own and drive cars like these…

Don D'souza says:

With all respect to these brands, I’ll take an old e39 m5. Rich or poor, we all can agree. Very amazing saloon.

RoobehTunes says:

I’d buy a fleet of twenty Suzukis and body doubles to drive around in a convoy and repeat everything I did in a staggered formation. every clap would be an applause. Every three cylinder thrum one with the great howl of the pack. AAWWWOOOOOO. The world will gasp in wonder as my wave of self passes by.


maybach is still better

Sw3y Syyco says:


My beautiful and amazing mistress says:

You mean Mercedes vs Volkswagen vs BMW?

Asuram21 says:

Lol I like the Top Gear vibe, but all the bad acting is just terrible. Keep it simple guys.

Geert Wilders says:

lol they talk like there on script

GTI Encores says:

Mercedes S63 AMG is better than all those three.

Samlawts 1 says:

Did that absolute retard just compare an aston martin to a peugeot?!?!?! he is either mentally retarded or blind

Donovan Campbell says:

6:43 what’s that song?

vh9network says:

The Rolls Royce looks like an over inflated Chrysler 300.

Chris Anderson says:

It is not 100% british car
Copy from encyklopedia—
Tadeusz “Tadek” Marek (1908–1982) was a Polish automobile engineer, known for his Aston Martin engines.[1]

Marek was from Krakow and studied engineering at Technische Universität Berlin before working for Fiat in Poland and also for General Motors.[2] Despite a serious racing accident in 1928, he raced the 1937 Monte Carlo Rally in a Fiat 1100 followed by a Lancia Aprilia in 1938 and an Opel Olympia in 1939. Driving a Chevrolet Master sedan, he won the XII Rally Poland (1939) before moving to Great Britain in 1940 to join the Polish Army. He joined the Centurion tank Meteor engine development (1944),[3] but returned to Germany, working for United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration.

In 1949 he joined the Austin Motor Company, and eventually joined Aston Martin (1954). He developed the alloy 6-cylinder engine (forerunner of the DB4 engine) of the Aston Martin DBR2 racing car (1956), and redesigned the Lagonda engine with a new cast iron block using top seating liners, used in the DB Mark III. The DBR2 engine (after changes) was subsequently used in the DB4, DB5, DB6 and DBS. Marek also developed the Aston Martin V8 engine (1968), which was in use until the year 2000. It was first fitted to a DB5 driven by Marek personally (1965),[4] and two Aston Martin DB7 were also equipped with this V8 (1995).

Frank Assnot says:

so rolls is NOT the most expensive.

CVArts says:

i go with my hyundai

Jamie Hart says:

Guys, Hell option It looks for me like truly awesore woro half XD

yereverluvinuncleber says:

a rear seat mix-up there…

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