First Drive: 2011 Bentley Mulsanne

We drive the all-new $285,000 Bentley flagship that combines 21st century technology with a distinctive old-school soul.

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bowlofarthritus says:

8 Speed Automatic Transmission? wtf!? I thought the 2012 Hyundai Accent’s 6 speed auto was overkill

abdulazizdavid says:

6.7 v8 with turbo and only 505 hp ?!
my hemi 6.4 stock is 470 hp
come on bentley you can do better then this

Zeyad Zaki says:

what a nice car

Youtube Can Eat My Dick says:

@3nasacova rolex? wooow you really are poor. We rich don’t wear rolex nomore. We wear hand-craft and hand-made watches just like the bentley mulsanne above we drive. Lookup Vacheron Constantin and you will see what people like me wear on our wrist when we drive in our mulsannes.

noxis93 says:

I don’t really see why would you buy a Mulsanne for driving. I mean, I would absolutely love to drive one but for job, if I were to buy one, last seat would be my choice.

Sebastian Conrad says:

I like it except for the bug eyed front lights.

ohblondi says:

Any idea of the gas mileage?

drutherford1 says:

That driver is a bit sexy.

RuffleCoptah says:

Wow, that’s actually ugly as fuck. The Bently Arnage was way nicer.

david dempsey says:

i think the front end is the best part…it makes you insecure lol

TheTallMan35 says:

Daniel Craig will probably drive this in the upcoming James Bond flick.

alleycatttl says:


cliffthelightning says:

Studebaker avanti anyone?…Anyways looks better than the rolls

Master says:

@NottinghamForest22 Very true. Especially the last iteration (2005-up) which had four round headlights. It is a timeless design that oozes British class.

Swooshswish says:

Fuckkkkk the queen and the entire royal family. No need for royalty in the 21st century, behead them all….

DVAI says:

i like the tachs

elviscash56 says:

Pushrod V8 gets the job done!

rutrow says:

This is a bit like porn. I like it.

Lavalambtron says:

An easy way to spot a banker or another kind of crook.

William L says:

just watched the engine build process of this 7 and 3/4 liter engine. although it is pushrod it still packs some advanced gizmos

jumboJetPilot says:

I like it but why the plain-jane beige interior? Just about every car sold comes with either a beige, gray, or black interior. When you get a Porsche, Bentley, RR, or a select handful of others, you can get ANY interior color you want, so why not get something different; something other than the ordinary?

Flipper1974nz says:

Very nice looking , definately an improvement.

AbaaDy Al-Qarni says:

الا بسألكم على كم اسعارها افكر ابيع الجيلي الصينية واطق لي وانا وخووي من واحدة
<< الحلم ببلاش ... الله يرزقنا الجنة .. ويرزقنا في الدنيا

Umair Ahmed says:

You are right.

leozdnbr says:

there’s no way I would pick any sedan over a rolls

XJ12lover says:

i bet the queen was the top on the list.

sahil5151 says:


cartzar says:

this looks like a geezer on huge 20 inch shoes

Andre Williams says:

the front end is well received, 

flurry says:

I still like the classier-looking Arnage front.
The Continental was a little step back in looks (too “aerodynamic”-esque).
But the Mulsanne here is the best of both previous cars.
…and it gets to keep the the older and WAY torquier V8 engine!

Tomoyuki Watanabe 渡辺 朋幸 says:

Nice The Bentley!!! I want it!!!

a1lover78 says:

@taylorlael YOUR CRAZY

05Rudey says:


You raise a very good point, if i had the money i’d have a Aston for the love of driving, but a Mulsanne is for sitting in the back with a G&T being driven.

kosseh says:


Too bad they trashed it at the end ;(

Alex P says:

no, you cant use this as a bomb.

VisualX says:

the rear and sideways look similar to a RR Ghost/Phantom

djkasdjkasdjdjdj says:

arghh sooo much richness….

TheAstralracer says:

I’d take the Mulsanne only for the Legroom and presence, It doesn’t have that appeal and luxury of a phantom or cool options but the Mulsanne will always have that classic presence a midst it’s style.

thegreatmathsdebate says:

i want to stick my willy in the exhaust pipe

BobbleheadLuck says:

nawwww man rolls royce all the way

Red Berry91 says:

the rolls royce looks like a brick not nice car


Great, beautiful car…. but that GODDAMN FRONT END!!!! The designer must have died or got drunk on wine when it came to designing that part.

Thisath Ranawaka says:

“In the world which cars are to be scraped this is a car meant to last forever” 😀 Even the richest person ever wouldn’t scrap their $285,0000.

JET997u says:

Yep. A rich old man’s car. But what a ride.

KukuBird says:

@MCVastDifference the smal light looks like tears of the car lol

DonJeremy says:

What is this song? If anyone can help it’d be much appreciated.

TheCarArchives says:

the engine on the 2010-present Bentley Mulsanne
6.75L Bentley V8

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