FIRST LOOK at the NEW Bentley Continental GT

The third generation of the Bentley Continental GT has arrived! Albeit initially quite familiar, the design is honed in and refined and the interior has a completely new look with both technology and luxury galore. The stand out feature has to be the rotating centrepiece and vast display that comes with it, is it a gimmick or awesome?

To take a look around the car I’m joined by David Parker, head of product marketing for the Bentley Continental GT. Let’s explore the new features, materials and reasoning behind various aspects of the new car.

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george jefferson says:

can yoi imagine when the convertible comes out omgggg i will get one of these, my only problem is what color i want

clockman47 says:


dominicancash says:

Man this is on a nee level , I would just sit inside for hours to appreciate this art .

PKV Vlogs says:


neoperseus says:

Beautiful upgrade. Could do without the cliche bullshit from the Bentley rep … ” the rear view is what most people are gonna see”

Jose H. ELRICO says:

Now this a Bentley

Raj Nijjer says:

But that back looks like a vauxhall or something

jaydeezee1986 says:

Interieur Colours are very ugly…..ugghhhh….but the new GT is

Néo Bourgeois Christum says:

my superiority is clear throughout the universe, always first. BENTLEY!

cerebellum says:

Still with the janky touchscreen operation. Drag/drop indicator isn’t following the finger smoothly, there’s a noticeable delay on save…

Christ, why can almost no car manufacturer get that stuff right, the hardware is so cheap. Not that there’s any excuse for a car this expensive anyways

Jay Kumar says:

big lump in your trousers? 😐 @12:38

John Fisher says:

I wonder how much they’ve had to refine their Irish stamping process. They’d honed a gas pressure press after the final strike on the stamp to get the previous single piece wing/fender. That was difficult enough. Now they’ve pressed a sharp shoulder line into the same wing tweaked from before. Must be a nightmare to fashion, given the complexities before. One thing though, sharp seams have a tendency to split & or rust. I’d have stuck with a more sedate line or roll. It’s a nice car, but it errs on the honed aggressive nature of Bentley’s racing history, rather then a coutoured GT previously. It shows less pretence now, a move given over to the demon under the bonnet.

CSLFiero says:

Nice Chrysler

BMH1965 says:

Too much of the shiny metalwork grill design at the front – the car looks better when the lower portion and side vents are not in the mesh grill design. I have the impression that changes were made to the outside shape just to make changes to the look of the car without really moving the car forward. They have made significant advancements in the control displays – and they needed to. However, there are way too many control switches around the gear selector lever. Interior surface trims are ‘interesting’, but like all trendy, over-designed items, the design will date very quickly.

JBCMotive says:

Great review! Great car!

H3nry Lu says:

Tks your videos too much. In my opinion i think you can english sub to make them better . For example, I cant understand totally everything you said but i love the way you make these videos. Again tks so much. I hope you will make sub as soon as possible.

John McAlinden says:

Approximately how much does the Continental, with that specification, cost?

Mateus Escobar says:

This car will destroy the Wraith.

Szedelgo T says:

No offence but it kinda looks like the big brother of that toyota corolla from the 90s’

Nad K says:

Back lights look very Aston Martin….

mlipman3 says:

I have a kidney for sale. Will do a ‘buy one get one free’ for the right money.

Chris Bentley says:

The integrated storage won’t help me with the big lump in my trousers! XD

Wally Khat says:

trust the british to have horrid teeth

The General says:

The EXP concept looks better, sportier. I’m not crazy about the grill.. The lines are prettier than the previous generations. Why cant people take a page from Lexus and build almost identical to concept..The LC 500 is breathtaking.

Rush Love says:


Melissa Grant says:

Luxury defined

Nad K says:

11:05 satnav looks like it’s from a 05 Honda Accord

Janusha says:

Fantastic interior.

Zachary Hobbs says:

That machined finish is the coolest thing I’ve seen inside a car.

Prodigious 909 says:

Why do people like wood trim on cars ? I think wood in cars looks ugly

sachinv83 says:

Way too much background noise.. had to look at another review

Patryk Luna says:

I can’t believe they gave it digital clocks. WHYYYYYY?!!!!!

Michael Galasso says:

Gorgeous ride Shmee.

R4G3 Legends War Leader says:

Looking at the 2004-2009 models haven’t decided yet haha

Jimmy Miotke says:

Bentley is on another level!

Amanda Hugankiss says:


prince chopra says:

This is car or heaven

H Cheng says:

VW Phaeton wouldn’t end up so miserably if it has got some updates from this car.

Outland says:

One in dark green please, with piano black interior inlays.

Scott Adkins 1988 says:

it is very nice

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