I hope you enjoyed checking out the all new 2018-2019 Bentley Continental GT with me I believe this is the first one in the USA so that makes it extra special. Thank you to Post Oak Motorcars for having it on display and I can not wait to see these driving around in the future!

Song 1 – 300 Violin Orchestra Fast Version

Song 2 – lkson – Outside


Keith A says:

Beautiful car!!! Your videos are definitely improving, keep up the good work.

smiley says:

Subbed buddy

Knife Boszz says:

The blue just looks absolutely stunning.

Pablo Ochoa says:

Para losssss q se llevaron la plata afuera…les encanta!! Políticos hipócritas d este gobierno!! Y del anterior!! Corruptos!! Cargadores!! Parásitos!!!

S H says:

Next time you review a $200k+ car, maybe wear something other than shorts and a Tee shirt.

supercar cameraman says:

the video starts at 0:00. thank me later

Robert Geci says:

ONLY W12 or nothing .

Manuel Koch says:

It’s Coupé not Coup

Henry says:

y u no show the veyron in the background

Afro_Samurai 2000 says:

Andrew seems to be a veryyyy…special kind of guy

CinemaUnited says:

Why didn’t you mention that the naim sound system has 2200watts and a 20channel amp?

오동혁 says:

what a bugatti

Kirill Sokolov says:

Of course you would take a huracan. Nice news is – you never will.

Sony Brand says:

This clown would take a hurracan over this?

Mitul Kabutarwala says:

I’ll buy Panamera turbo instead of this thing, its just not worth the money…… however the new exterior is sexy

fulaan1 says:

I love the interior

MrFreeagent81 says:

I can’t wait to cash-out my crypto and buy that 🙂

Post Oak Motor Cars says:

Great job! You know you are always welcome at Post Oak Motor Cars/Bentley Houston. 🙂

Dennis Hewitt says:

Can’t wait for the supersports edition!

Booth_photos96 says:

Dude now that’s a beautiful Bentley I wonder how alec would like it if it was a coupe

Maria das Santos says:

Saw one of these parked up in Cambridge,UK,last November(2017).

Juan says:

No wraith review 🙁

rnnEast says:

Doug demuro copyyyy dammmmn boiiii

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