INSIDE the NEW Rolls-Royce Phantom 8 2018 | Interior Exterior DETAILS

INSIDE the NEW Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV 2019:


The first ever Rolls-Royce Phantom 8 in the Netherlands has landed. Well a pre-production model. After 13 years the Phantom 7 is replaced by an all new model named: Phantom 8. Unfortunately I could only tape the INSIDE series in the showroom. Nevertheless enjoy all beautiful details!
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Royce Leanzer says:

My name is Royce.
But I drive a Prius.

Savita Kasana says:

katana rapua ka ha

soyal raj says:

Nice vido

DutchSavage says:

Heeeyyy ook Nederlands zou te gek zijn als je die auto aan mij kan geven ik heb lang gespaard! Wil hem graag kopen voor 300€

Kaif Shaikh says:

Wow nice car

Amira Saaeed says:

11:36 wtf how dare U? HE IS SAYING NOT BAD sh**

Shaik Rizwana says:

One day I will Owen this car


How much cost

BOB the goat says:

When I grow up I’m going to have a rolls Royce

Terrance Robinson says:

Bad ass car

Touseef Khan says:

Nice yrr

Bb 3hhhi says:

What a car

Sai Phaneendra says:

What’s the song

e says:

Its worth way more than my house

Khalid Hanif says:

Price 2000000

Suresh Konijeti says:

it not car .it just funny assol of world ..thier was may ..but we think that costly ..our mind looking very costly

fpineros22 says:

nice ride I’d love to beat the livin shit out of it….

Kaif Shaikh says:

My dream

MySmallBox says:

Wheres the toilet

Prashant Bhatta says:


Rince wind says:

Its not good enough for me

Rehan Rimsha says:

Darkened video. Idiot. This video is not a worth for car quality. A great car with poor video

MC LoLo says:

И у этого чела 107,000тыщ подписчиков.Л.о.Л)))

razlan hameed says:

sheikh is good

Rakesh Rake says:

Cars back look is not ok

Four Twenty says:

Beautifull Car

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