Naim for Bentley Fifth Gear Review

Watch the Naim for Bentley Audio system emerge as the clear winner in a blind sound test against its competitors on popular program, Fifth Gear.

As we spend over 500 hours per year in our cars, it is essential to have a quality sound system to keep you entertained.
In this clip from Fifth Gear, the presenter compares the sound quality of the Audi, Bentley and Jaguar while blindfolded, with the 1100 Watt Naim audio system in the Audi emerging as the clear winner against the competition.

Naim Audio specialise in hi-fi systems that go beyond sound, bringing you a deeper more immersive sonic experience. Every Naim product is conceived, designed and engineered entirely in service of the sound, revealing a pure experience of music that is as close as possible to its original live source.

Let the voice of Naim take you inside the music… Naim. Go Deeper.

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Marco C says:

ep ?

Anthony Demone says:

so were all the stereos set at the same EQ settings

TheSweetVillain says:

For a more believable opinion the test should of been done by another guy , not the Fifth Gear presenter. British manufacturer , british presenter , british winner. Oh and what about the Burmester Audio in the Porsche ?

Agron Krasniqi says:

How about Meridian sound system? Jaguar XJL Ultimate is fitted with that.

tolis vasco says:

Whats the point with the blindfold? A motoring  press bloke surely knows whether he is sitting in an Audi, a Bentley or a Jag

mr.mike h says:

i have a naim based system at home, i’m not surprised it was the winner. You can’t buy better than naim, its what all other hifi makes strive to sound like!!

Jorge Pedro says:

The 2200-watt Naim system might make power headlines, but the clarity and crispness of the delivery for everything from drum and bass to classical is nothing short of extraordinary”. But they are also british.
So let´s find someting more believable. “WHAT HI-FI 2013 Awards” – The world´s most most trusted tech reviews.

Product of the year (CD PLAYERS) – Naim CD5si
“This is Naim’s best entry-level CD player to date”

GeneralHoohah says:

God dammit, I really wanted to hear his advice on good audio system upgrades for my car! But they freakin cut it out. Is there another place where this video is uploaded on youtube? I can’t find it.

ragin pulio says:

what’s the song called?

Anmol Butan says:

I have a bmw 7 series and it has 16 speakers.Not good sound!

Jorge Pedro says:

For the product segment where NAIM has equipment (Music Streamers,Stereo Amplifiers, etc), they are all most of the times the “Best Buy” in their price segment. Of course Car Audio Stereo and House HI FI Stereo are different things, not completely but still different. Now the fact is, is the same manufacturer.
I had an Audi with Bang & Olufsen audio setup and i can tell you that what he said is true.

Алексей Сергеев says:

Ни разу не реклама…

Jorge Pedro says:

Dont agree. Why should that happen? I watch Fith Gear and Top Gear (UK Version) and when they have a bad opinion they will say, even if it is UK made. Bowers & Wilkers is also british by the way. But isnt only fifth gear saying that “The Naim for Bentley premium audio system has received a fantastic review from Top Gear Online, describing it as, “It’s also got the best stereo I think I’ve ever heard in a car.

tv says:

I used to export HIGH END sports and luxury autos and had the opportunity to move a Bentley Continental GT coupe across the U.S..  The NAIM system that was in this auto was not only THE best audio system I’ve ever encountered in ANY auto (Benz Audi, Porsche, etc.  It puts most HIGH HIGH end home systems to absolute shame.  This was a 560 horse, 208 mph V-12 monster and I was most impressed by it’s musical sound inside, rather than it’s outside engine sound.  I love music and I love cars, this is a marriage made in heaven.  I was so impressed in fact that I dropped a note to NAIM to compliment them and thank them for the opportunity to listen to their work.  A head engineer contacted me personally to say I was most welcome and that my words were greatly appreciated by himself and his team.  They had spent a good solid year tuning that system to the GT’s cockpit, and it showed.  No matter the genre, jazz classical, vocals,  every note distinct, crisp, NO hiss NO distortion of any type, no clipping, no nothing wrong in any regard.  simply fantastic, truly like being there,  Only you’re in a 132,000 dollar  GT coupe, which was also pretty nice. cheers!

Andrew Barraclough says:

Jupiter – from The Planets Suite by Gustav Holst

BergmannDollo says:

im using bang&olufsen in my home, its quite good and i think this video is not rational i can easily recognize which car im getting in by touching it, please dont do that

Matt Todd says:

if anyone can make a sound system, it’s the British

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