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The Yacht Club says:

Such a boring review!! 

Jamie Star says:

Can’t wait to get my hands on that car next week.

Amadeus Maxwell says:

We didn’t even get to hear it?

Michael Grant says:

Bently now has naim audiophile equipment, and invisible seatbelts. Try wearing one neext time

786boxer says:

someone wake this guy up!! boring cunt

Yippie says:

Why does he have to drive while he talks to us? 

realcuteguyyayiyayi says:

in the process to change from DB9 to the new CGT, tried the sound system, very good, however, still cannot touch Mark Levinson for Lexus LS460, simply put, ML produces the best car sound systems and home systems, things the ML for Lexus been doing for years the Naim just started copying and still playing catching up.

but thank you sir for this video, I was going all dark and grey on my bentley color chocies, now I find this blue is absolutely breautiful!

mavericksf16 says:

I wonder how much kickback this mug got from Naim.

Rapon Raponov says:

Stop murmuring, you professional murmurer! Play some music for us… I allready hate this “Naim” system. Can it play at all?

David Libbeter says:

For all the people asking why we didn’t get to hear any music, what would be the point? How could you possible judge the sound quality recorded using a microphone in a car, and then played back through your iPad or computer speakers? As the video says, there are 9 speakers placed in the optimum positions around the interior.

chunkspunker says:

@michaelgrant1988 What do you think the large beige coloured strap across his chest is?

barrie joke says:

fkin dork weres the fking music boring twat

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