New Bentley Bentayga SUV officially revealed

We’ve seen endless teasers and spy shots, but this is finally it: the Bentley Bentayga has been revealed.

See full details about the car here:


Mubzi VLOGZ says:

rather get a full equipped x90 and still sve money

Andro Dimitrov says:

this is where the fans of mercedes and bmw are getting jelaous.

BatuKMan1 says:

They’ve spelled it wrong, the correct name is Bentugly.

Peter Timowreef says:

blegh. disgusting. all SUVS are but this one takes the cake.

Alan D-Khaw says:

Its a Range Rover long wheelbase. Not the sport.

Youssef Hossam says:

im an amg fan, but I would prefer the x5 m. I have done a lot of research and heard a lot of opinions, and the BMW x5 m gets the bestest and most positive reviews

Brascofarian says:

A lot of people are saying it’s ugly. At least that would make it distinctive. I think it’s worse than ugly, it’s ordinary. Maybe it looks more impressive in the flesh.

Protector of the Republic says:

Who is this idiot narrating that she thinks there’s such a thing called Range Rover Sport Long Wheelbase. This competes with the regular Ranger Rover, not the Sport, you moron !

/Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1) says:

it’s like they’ve invented a ‘new’ Dinosaur! Big, heavy, thirsty and already behind the times. It’s the first car I can recall that going to need a mid life make over ‘before’ it’s even launched!!!

Calvin Chann says:

A huge improvement over the concept, and the looks will grow on people. All the haters hate because the secretly want one.

MuRph77 says:

My good god, so ugly

Victor Hall says:

looks bloody awful.

Christian Brown says:

How is this ugly? So many people saying it is. I would say it’s one of the best looking SUVs on the market right now. Definitely better looking than the Cayenne. The Jag looks mighty impressive as well.

Monkdroid says:

Another shameless polluter, no innovation, no new technology. I’ll go with Tesla model X….

Colin says:

oh no what is the point of it

Jack Wheatley says:

a proper dick heads car

Femi Omomo says:

It still has cheap and tacky gear change paddles and indicator stalks ! Which for me are more obvious now everything else is top quality

DNC Prod says:


Mitchell says:

Must be lots of arabs orgasming here

lovin f30 says:

I think a Bentley SUV would look nice if it was massive… like bigger than a Range Rover

The fact that they used the same platform as the Cayenne is kind of off putting. I expected them to build everything from scratch

Everett Kim says:

It looks like it was built on the q7 platform which makes sense bc they have same parent company

Pound Game Inc. says:

all me

Алена Макарова says:

а на русском какое прозвище к нему приклеется, бадяга?

Siwy Anioł says:


logical fruit says:

22mpg lol who cares if you got the money….fuck the planet am I right? For the record I am being ironic in this day and age Bentley have shown themselves to out of touch when all other luxury SUV manufacturers are looking to make hybrids to score Eco points and to enhance performance, Bentley seen stuck in another era. I am sure it will be an amazing car but could they have not made it a bit nicer to the planet?

/Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1) says:

Yes it’s crazy powerful but like my man disgraceland uk said this thing is extremely ugly!!! And seeing as design gurus the VAG group are behind it that’s very surprising. Could no one in that whole talented company not be brave enough to say “guys this car’s a awful looking!

chillout1109 says:

I know it is said “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, and some people actually like this car. As for me, no thanks. The way this car looks would give me nightmares. If we are talking Luxury 4X4s, give me the Range Rover any day. And we are talking 4X4s in general, give me a Lexus NX200 F-Sport any time.

ConditionRed says:


Eric Samper says:

WOW! Thats One Ugly Bitch!

muzman777 says:

Built for the middle east market clearly. Realistic 15 mpg and 160K. I will have a range rover everyday of the week.

Ricardo Mtb says:

same as the Q7, ugly on the outside, beautiful on the inside, in different levels though, bentley is not shitty audi….

appelpower1 says:

I’d have a Volvo XC90 and spend the leftover 80 grand on something sporty.

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