New Bentley Bentayga SUV review

The Bentayga is an incredible new SUV for a whole host of different reasons. For starters it’s every bit as good to drive as it is merely to sit in. We need to wait until we drive it on more familiar UK roads before passing a final judgement on its ultimate capabilities, preferably alongside its key rivals from Germany and the United Kingdom. But for the time being, be in no doubt; Bentley has moved the SUV game to a different part of the pitch with the Bentayga. Is it the best in the business? For the time being it’s a very strong maybe.

Steve Sutcliffe drives what Bentley claims is the “fastest, most luxurious and most exclusive SUV in the world.”

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H Chain says:

The word out is that the design came from Lada, dating back to 1980 when the Russians were building cars. Just take that Bentley emblem out of the hood and you’ll recognize it!, Ughh!

Clearanceman2 says:

It’s really really funny that they sell these upper end “SUVs” in such great numbers compared to their “cars.” This model will never see off road use from users and it doesn’t look like a truck. It’s just that in the USA, the “truck” is the thing to get. As long as it’s a fake truck that no one would ever use as a truck. Ha ha ha.

vegass04 says:

What is he babling about?? The sound is awesome, mindblowing…

Azerato Small Movement says:

whomis gonna drive a 200, 000 dollar suv offroad?!?!?!!?

Anthony Basile says:

dam nice 600hp

salonatos says:


Wedgeman ` says:

Interior = beautiful (not the spec in this video though). Exterior = underwhelming (Infinity-like)

Alien Vimanas says:

I would die if someone I knew saw me driving one of these “Bent aygas” THE ULTIMATE IN EMBARRASSMENT.

unknown says:

i hate how many people hating on this car.. i mean come on it’s bentley it’s all about luxury. so doesn’t really matter for those who can purchase it and “besides i think this SUV right here is obviously for rich people.”

parttimetourist says:

Dear Bentley is this really the best you can do? Because I can design a far more beautiful vehicle both inside and outside so when would you like me to start? Incidentally I don’t come cheap so lets get my remuneration package settled first

Big L H says:

that Truck is Ugly

Devante Murray says:

its ugly as shit

Alzarmah says:

I still prefer Range Rover

JBehnen says:

Driving the Bentayga is a rather lovely experience.
– a british dude

Matt Griffiths says:

Steve says, “God bleeding, blimey, guv’nah…luxury mate…luxurrrrrry!” Switched from gent to geeza 30 seconds into the review!

MonkeyWith72Magic says:

When it comes to engine and power it’s fantastic but, the exterior styling is very underwhelming for the price.

M Skallywagg says:

how ugly!

numberstation says:

Who’s the stylist? Homer f***ing Simpson?

bakabezzraka says:

ugly madafaka

mastadriver says:

All I can see is a rebadged Q7. Not that it’s a bad thing, Q7 already is a great car, loaded with options SQ7 is something like 100k. Paying another 100 to get the badges and all the “exclusive leather” +W12 bragging rights doesn’t seem like good value. I bet they will loose value faster than a hooker drops her panties



Keith Harleyk says:

This is a crossover not an SUV. SUVs have the bodies built on to the frame. This is a unibody.

Interior is amazing. Exterior is meh.

Wilhelm Wirén says:

4:41 why is it a man on the road?

Sean Henry says:

Pretty good review all around, but I don’t understand how critics examine luxury vehicles and come to the conclusion that you should hear heaps of engine noise.  I would have thought that if you buy any kind of Bentley or Rolls Royce that you’d expect next to no noise inside.  That’s the idea isn’t it?  A nice quiet and comfortable drive where you don’t get anxious in traffic because you’re sitting in heaven… so to speak.

eel pie says:

Looks are worse than a Volvo XC90. My wife calls the Brown colour “Baby Sh1t Brown”. It will never go off road, just buy a Mulsanne Mulliner and not look such a plonker.

andre felipe says:

jogava um vidro fumê nessa porra, ficaria monstro

IloveBaklava says:

what a stupid design, this guy look sshort and he still has almost zero head room

Nick Name says:

Shit car i wouldn;t pay not even 2500 for this monstrosity

Kelvin Waters says:

Looks like a London taxi.

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