New Bentley Continental GT 2018 – its interior is incredible | Top10s

The all-new Bentley Continental GT has been revealed at the Frankfurt motorshow – a sleek two-door coupe with a highly appropriate name. That’s because thanks to vast reserves of power and sumptuous luxury, the Continental GT should be one of the best cars for covering long distances money can buy. And one look inside, and you’ll never want to get out. Take a look inside and find out more about carwow’s top 10 thing you need to know about it.

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salocin911 says:

That rotating dash display is the stuf JAMES BOND wet dreams!

Ajay Kumar says:

For all intents and purposes, Bentley is as german as it can get.

Browsing Channel says:

when you show a car like that, you don’t even have to talk. it’s piece of art.

AD M says:

Better than Mercedes

Adster09 says:

The rear is hideous

ChelseaFC !!! says:

This so sad for all the Bentyaga owners here in the Middle East!!!

r v says:

India is gonna Bannnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!! This Carrrrrrrr!!!! hahaha!! LoL!!! Rofl!!!! Lmao!!!!!

Central Lifestyle says:

But has it got stars in its ceiling?

Duke says:

Do people really drive their own Bentleys though?

WDJS22 says:

Stunning car

모터피디 MotorPD says:

Thank you

Symbolic Automotive says:

Forget hybrid, I genuinely want to see a diesel V8 version, twin turbo. Like from the Panamera

Raajan_15 says:

For the £157,000 base price, is that for the 6.0 litre W12?

Azz Coopz says:

The interior looks like a 20 million pound boat

john smith says:

ok till someone smacks into it in a tescos car park

HeavyDutyTraining says:

Bentley is taking over the hyper-luxury automative market.

RR has been loosing customers to Bentley, and this video obviously shows why.

Adam Perkins says:

The rear looks like a Mclaren 570 somehow

Marc Gratton says:

EV Will be Faster and no moor Gazoline F ti

Surf Shop says:

Cylinder deactivation is a win… Start – stop in other cars, not.

Outland says:

Welp… The RR Wraith just got blown out of the water.

The Jew Crew says:

The rotating display thing looks tacky to me, it won’t age very well at all

Abhay Achal says:

Indian TaMo RaceMo is more beautiful than this

Zawadi Holliday says:

I like!!

loo lolo says:

This ugly digital display dashboard shouldn’t be in that kind of car. Digital display is just a tablet. Classical dashboards or dual dashboards are much more smarts.


love it

Stephen N says:

Ok, all I need is half a million dollars now.

Thulith Thalpepalahewage says:

1:23 that check engine light tho

j baker says:

Bentley British!! Nien

Francisco Espírito-Santo says:

Your style is utterly unbearable.

richard j80 says:

Love the rotating screen.

mrpmj00 says:

I prefer carbon fiber in lieu of woodgrain (that’s 19th century old school).

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