New Bentley Continental GT review – the best grand tourer ever?

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Bentley Continental GT: full story:

Bentley has revealed its latest Continental GT, which it claims is 100 per cent new. And the big news this time is that it shares its underpinnings with the latest Porsche Panamera.
Bentley’s engineers were involved at ground level with their Porsche equivalents during the car’s development, so they could dictate exactly which parts they were going to end up with. And that, say the folks at Bentley, has made an enormous difference to the quality of the end product. Time to find out if that rings true…

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Nate Kenny says:

The rear end of this car has gotten worse each time they redesigned it.

Renny1953 says:

Tail lights and exhaust exits are both dated and ghastly. Missed the mark design wise – big time.

FZ Bokeh says:

No interior shots?

RootsandTendrils says:

So the Maserati Gran Turismo doesn’t account for anything, isn’t mentioned among the world’s premier GT cars? What’s the thinking here?

Ian Pleasant says:

I don’t know what midget you got driving that thing but throw a booster seat under him

Flamma the undefeated Syrian gladiator says:

this has to be the most beautiful car ever made
i want this car more than i wanted anything in my life

Alexander Hamm says:

If you want a porsche buy a porsche! This is a extremely ugly car. Taillights porsche style are really not in balance with the car, the grill is chunky next to round headlights. One ugly beast.

Santino Ramirez says:

Envelope colonial sword qsznii me green inside union inspection yet sweat everyone.

Mawanda Shannon says:

Dream car

Dreamcatcher_11_ says:

This is what the Panamera should have been like! Love this car! They need to make a cheap version of it with a 3L diesel engine, manual transmission and cloth seats! No need for all the expensive bells and whistles, I got an iphone for that!

Luke Armitage says:

10 times better looking really???

miamimo70 says:

2 tonnes without him in it..

Adam Jones says:

What a completely pointless review of a fabulous car.

TN MUSlC says:

Yo Bentley could we have the de-chrome version? Im not a chrome person.

Kristen Sorensen says:

Excellent report! Love the way you gave it a serious professional thrashing!!

John Rutherford says:

Looks old man’ish’

Toyota4Life says:

Lexus LC500

dazzaburger says:

900lbs of torque, you could pull a house with that

LarryUK says:

After watching this, I think the RR Wraith may lose some sales too.

Avinash Shetty says:

learn how to shoot a video, half the time I am just seeing the back of the road.

Roger Green says:

That’s not how to drive a bentley abuse abuse abuse

Leighton Booth says:

Why do I want to go on track in a Bentley? If I wish to go on a track I’ll take out my Atom. Bentley Continentals and tracks are two things that should not be mentioned in the same breath. I want a Bentley to waft along and absorb bumps and pot holes, not flat through Stowe or Ascari.

hello yous says:

y the steering wheel on the wrong side

Mac Arows says:

This thing would be perfect with powerful V6 3.0 biturbo petrol engine!

Not just a Car says:

its pronounced “por-sha” btw

48stevemr says:

An overpriced piece of German bollocks. Give it twelve months and it’ll have lost 60 grand but its ‘Defeat device’ may still recoup a couple of quid.

Ali Ko says:

Film the road more…

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