PREVIEW: the 700bhp Bentley Continental Supersports

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Meet the fastest and most powerful Bentley ever, the new 700bhp and 209mph Continental Supersports. DRIVETRIBE’s Editor-at-Large Jethro Bovingdon is your guide…

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shashi mohan says:

Basically an ad from Bentley!

cerealkiller says:

The back with that spoiler has a GTR feel to it.

obs1dian says:

I really don’t like the look of the new batch of supercars, the old Continental was subtle and elegant, this is just a complete mess.

theghostinyourdreams says:

I absolutely love this channel !

Joseph Elias says:

Another ultimate over-engineered posing car. Its a fat guy car.

Em Eff says:

Great video. Look like a Bentley rammed a GTR. Nonsense vehicle.

Collin Graves says:

This has to be the most professionally produced car channel. Every video is just great–cheers!

Kagiso Ramoloto says:

The spoiler really looks cheap, it should have been a build in automatic spoiler like other luxury super cars.Never the less its a beast!!!

Josh Charlie says:

Pretty awesome car.

DerHesse9000 says:

Sexy, now just use that 700bhp powertrain in an Audi A8 and make it a RS8. Pretty please.

skyhigheagleer6 says:

That t-shirt looks a bloody mess.

Affan Uddin says:

This is genuine love thank god they didn’t make this a hybrid

Reinhard Ecker says:

Over the years I started to like the continental especially this one looks great especially in that colour

Adam Petten says:

Next Bond Villain Car.

Aleksandar Gospić says:

one of the better cars from Geneva, looks great!

Tom Sung says:

Has clarkson May and Hammond bought evo?

Timo Kervinen says:

Car like that should be fully electric. Tesla P100D tech with this body would be perfection.

alessandro poggio says:

excellent Jethro!

Tim Tursonoff says:

ZF 8speed can handle 800lb/ft? That’s good to know!!

Fine Mwiiya says:

Does anyone know if they are still working with Evo?

Honfy Lam says:

come on… if you have a W12 6.0L engine, you don’t need amazing turbos to make 700hp.

Stevie Taylor says:

That rear wing is absolutely bloody awful. I do hope it’s a delete option.

Florian Gruber says:

why does this car remind me of an audi rs7

Lil Scotchy says:

I am so sick of these car videos where they don’t actually get in the car and drive it. All talk and background music, and a little stock footage. I’m down-thumbing all of these type of car videos. Join me so they get the message.

ZziggyPop says:

…”which ONLY had 628 HP”
Ahhhh the world we live in =)

Aston MartinDBS says:

Title of song in the background ?

Kuro Heart says:

700Hp, W engine, 4WD, automatic, 0-60 in less then 3.5sec and a curb weight of 2.2 tons. Amazing engineering and beautiful looking.

Sidhant Megh9 says:

why it is not having Sunroof ???

Montiman0 says:

Did drivetribe jusr buy the evo channel or something?

William best says:

Right then, I’ll have one!

E Gibson says:

No question that this is an unbelievable car but people who buy this are only doing so because it is a Bentley. There are much better sports cars and much more reasonable GT cars for the money, I just don’t see the point of it. Besides all that, I don’t like brands in this price point that have subsidiary brands. When I see that interior, I see Volkswagen, although VERY subtle in some of the buttons. It is still a pet peeve and seems unfair at that prior point. To be clear, this car is INCREDIBLE and I could only be so lucky to even sit in one, so not making excuses.

Georgi Trenkov says:

2:26, thank me later.

Stefan Karlsson says:

Put me in the car and save anout 40 kg’s atleast! 😀

Santiago Gutierrez says:

this car makes 10 feet a gallon!

911 H20Cooled says:

Now Bentley tries to compete with hellcat lmao

Isaac Grundy says:

this is just an advert rofl

Adam Petten says:

Awesome British Powah! Huzzah Huzzah!!

Arctic Avenger says:

Jethro Bovingdon might just be Tiff Needell’s successor

Louis Kévin says:

I don’t like the idea of this car.. but man does it look good..

Layron Doyal says:

Love to see numbers against its competitors on track times. This car is, on the surface, amazing. Wife and I named our large Percheron-Thoroughbred cross, Bentley for a reason.

Niki ZeTard says:

Hey, look! It’s a Volkswagen with kitschy interior and two VR6 blocks straped on each other!

ein lappen says:

Meh. That dude (not Jethro, the other one) was talking nonsense. Saving weight on a 2 ton car… Right. Of course it’s unsprung mass but not that impressive nonetheless. It was a video full of buzzwords and no actual footage to back them up.

And the torque vectoring by braking the inner wheel cannot be called advanced. That’s pathetic marketing.

Patrick Steinmark says:

Wow! DriveTribe is light years ahead of all the others(MotorTrend, Car Mags and even the old EVO) on the inter webs and television. Excellent production value blended with the music/FX and stellar hosts….Love It!

Tehmig12 says:

Fuck this thing is sexy. Side profile reminds me somehow of a mustang

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