Review: 2006 Bentley Continental GT – Look Rich for 30K!

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I review the luxurious 2006 Bentley Continental GT. Huge thanks to South Park Mitsubishi for providing this car to review! Check out South Park Mitsubishi’s used inventory here:

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richie m says:


Pat W says:

how much is servicing though?

MojoGrip says:

Thought about getting a Bentley continental once. Too much power that never gets used. Nice review as always!

idillit says:

If you’re buying this car and expecting tech, you really must be touched in the head. This is a hand made car. All the leather, the stitching, the wood veneer, w12 twin turbo engine, 200mph capable. If that’s not enough to get you over a few buttons, cry a river.

Chris Royster says:

Who else thought he sounded 12 at the beginning

Joe Billielo says:

The title of this video alone speaks volumes of where we’ve come as a people.

vidz06 says:

I just checked there are a bunch of Bentleys 05-07 at affordable prices with very low miles 30k -60k range. It’s very very tempting. We gotta remember these cars are not Toyotas the original wealthy owners had this along with about four other expensive exotic cars. So of course the miles are gonna be low . But for the average Joe this car can doom you. I wouldn’t want non dealer mechanics touching this nor do they have the experience. Many of them have hard times dealing with the complexity of a bmw and Benz and those are far more common than a Bentley.Then the insurance must be high too. So the stress to maintain it (properly) and cost to insure is most likely high.My question is how does a dealer sell this Shit? The rich ain’t buying a old Bentley . The middle class can’t maintain it. the poor can’t buy it. This must be a dealers nightmare.

King charles's approval says:

Nice ta know stuff, I’m assuming fact that it’s so cheap is because it’s turbocharged, otherwise it would be one hell of a collectible wouldn’t it

Markram N says:

Wonderful cars. I bought a 2005 one owner dealer serviced with 27000 miles two years ago. Very good price. No problems. Beautiful perfect condition. It always turns heads and starts conversations.

Will 88 says:

Won’t need to fix it when you can’t drive it because insurance is too high.

Ghana Mafia says:

To be honest, I don’t find older model bentleys to be beautiful…they just look big, gaudy, and bulky coming down the street and they give the impression that you’re trying too hard. Also, for some odd reason, I always see Obese 50 plus year old guys with swollen faces driving these….the interior tho…let me tell you…I hate the exterior but the interior of bentleys are TIMELESS…eternally beautiful.

Ghost says:

Umm thanks Mat but I’ll pass and get this 2016 Corvette Z06 I’ve been saving for. My maintenance costs will be lower , my tech features way better and the car will go up in value over time

panormia says:

LOL. 2006

More Haters? Really! says:

Can’t stand to listen to this voice. It’s worse than fingernails on the chalkboard. No way will I ever subscribe to this channel.

Hailey Phillips says:

Am i the only who thinks it’s ugly

Greg Kendrick says:

im thinking bout getting one. probably like a 2011. or a maserati gran turmiso. i have a benz nkw i love. but i always wanted one of these. i seen one today. it was a drop top one.

yb s says:

Well I’m getting a bentley then

Sminem says:

This car is absolutely beautiful. Way better looking than the new ones. However it surprises me that Mercedes was doin ventilated seats in the early 2000s, this Bentley doesn’t have any. I guess it was because they were owned by Audi.

Ethan Cerwinski says:

You’re an idiot if you buy this.

Matthew James Harris says:

This guy never stops amazing me with his reactions

Vikings For Nationalism says:

Their too mass produced to be considered an expensive and exclusive car now. All the local trash and drug dealers have them and it’s nothing special.

Jayson Davis says:

You may have only paid $30,000 to buy it, but when you need parts and service you’ll quickly be reminded that it’s still a $150,000 car.

The car will depreciate, the maintenance costs do not.

Pontus Frisk says: Is the best place to buy used and new cars trust me. They got the best deals and cheapest cars. I’m not paid buy them just like that site a lot.

Dillon Vossen says:

man – youre cute AF

mkellsoo24 says:

Thats a V12, the gas station will be where people can find you!

D.J. Trump says:

That technology looked pretty advanced to me however I have a quite a few years on you. My first vehicle was a 72 Chevy and the options were heat, am radio, and a separate key for door and ignition in event you wanted to run the car and lock doors. Course you had to push down both locks manually. Later I’d upgraded to a 78 with am/fm and an 8 track tape player that added AC as well as my heat and I thought I was ballin to have AC.

Mitchell Pritsker says:

Starting the car by using the push button start is better than inserting the key to the ignition.

Vile Nation Gaming says:

Funny. My 2006 BMW 3 series had more features than this

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