Supercars in the snow – Audi R8, Bentley Continental GT Speed, Porsche 911, Jaguar XKR-S

What do you do when your best laid plans to test supercars go awry because of the snow? Drive them anyway, of course. Steve Sutcliffe pits his wits at the wheel of some fast cars in the very worst conditions. Full reviews at


Efe issi says:

Bentley is better

TrickTube says:

Because you don’t have one it will never see it either 😉

Christian Zimmermann Witt says:

Lucky Bastard, drivning those super nice cars – cant wait to get out in my Toyota aygo and drive around in the snow 😀

S1l3ntHunt3r94 says:

This is 2013 R8

Lum Lum says:

I drive 911 all year round… Porsche got very good traction in snow and ice (using michelin alpin) with pcm off it might start like this, with all systems on impossible on 4wd, or low skill driver my opinion

Reptilian Overlord says:

You’re missing out. AWD cars are really fun in the snow.

Daniel Kemnitz says:

esp is boring, what fun is it to drive in snowy weather when the stupid traction control cuts in all the time and determine how much power u are allowed to send to the wheels ?? If one has cars like these either you stay home and admit your driving skills arent good enough, or you go out and have some fun 😀 I’d choose a scoobaru over these cars any day, though 😉

Cristian Viliga says:

My RS8 is on DUREX not in snow or rain man. : )

Kien Giang NGUYEN says:


Dusmile Lemus says:

R8 <3 Bentley GT :3 Porsche c:

Daniel Kemnitz says:

Now that is a proper explanation. Finally someone who speaks english! 🙂

Breaking Cycles says:

quattro <3

michel dieuze says:

audi handed things in is not surprising that i seen with the porsche…

Ali Haidar says:

Bring the GT-R 😉

rda990 says:

lol…I hope you don’t mean in the snow…

yocaha1 says:

Nissan GTR Ski Slope. best machine for snowing

jamie101010 says:

What a strange video

Ben Cen says:

and you will never be able to afford any of these. are you still a man?

aqeel3344 says:

put the jag uphil like the 911

Daniel Kemnitz says:

indeed. but i fail to see why they changed the headlights to this shape. In my opinion the previous ones where perfect, and I think they should have gone with a similar design and their new LED technology. The new headlighs look a bit odd, they don’t show the shape of the housing, which so far has made audi so familiar and recognizable..

Nbpoih Fiheqw says:

Audi R8 all the way.

Daniel Goldschmidt says:

quite pointless…….. I LIKE IT!

Daniel Kemnitz says:

uhm the 911 is awd just like the R8 .. they have same specs, same tires, both have awd, same conditions. Only major difference (apart from the weight) is the awd systems, quattro all the wayyy!

Daniel Grgić says:

The only thing missing here is some girls pushing the stuck cars out of the snow.

Nakul Singh says:

Quattro !
Better than porsche AWD

Daniel Kemnitz says:

they also changed the head lights and rear lights, along with a few other minor details + the brand new dual clutch automatic 🙂

Justin Evenson says:

Doubt u have @n 8 douche

Tristan S says:

why did you turn off the traction control? let it do its fucking thing, esp on the snow. had it been on in both I guess the Porsche would have had an edge.

Michael L says:

and true porn on youtube was found

Resnorth says:

Porsche is the best even in snow

Daniel Kemnitz says:

well where exactly does the bentley and the r8 v10 fit in this vid ?..

jonny5777 says:

must say it does look a lot better

NigrosOfficial says:

Amazing color of the Bentley!

drink me says:

Subaru wrx sti has a better performance on snow then super cars

Juan David Pabon says:

Summer tires?


Ersin Demirci says:

Since when did it snowed this Fall in the U.K. ???

Diego Esteban says:

Please Steve, keep doing videos like this. We like the music, we like drifts in slow-motion, we like high quality videos like this one.
I hope you can confirm that you and/or producers read this notes. Consider to make a periodic series of videos of this type just to sit down and relax enjoying “the view”. Big productions like Top Gear has lost this what it made it famous around the world and you have the chance to take this business.

Resnorth says:

gtr for kids these cars are for MEN

Daniel Kemnitz says:

to be honest im not sure the gtr does good in snowy weather 🙂 it’s a track monster, not a weather god

思い出東車 says:


Rasco Kajtezovic says:

Just bring a gtr it will destroy all of these

Leo S. says:

Why would you put summer tires on R8 and 911 but on Jaguar its winter tires? Anyways R8 annihilated them all even with summer tires, Quattro all the way!

Lizeth Quezada says:

Cool Audi my friend has an Audi r8

DarwinLovesRedHeads says:

My R8 has never seen snow or rain……


Audi come alive in snow. WTF that Porsche at 2:13…….

mazinais31 says:

lol not against a 4×4 .. especially uphill, and the only advantage they have against a regular rwd car is the weight of the engine pushing down on the wheels with traction and the relatively low weight of the car itself

jesus duran says:

This is to mazinais13 its not a 4*4 its a four wheel drive

Diego Esteban says:

This is one of the best car videos ever. I love those natural drifts in slow motion. In spite of the great sounds that the cars makes, the sound track is just amazing!.
Please Autocar, keep doing so well !!! (Diego from Spain)

fabiomarine says:

That was really weird.
Identical conditions for both? Same tires?
Autocar said “traction control off” for both…

VirusTornado says:

summer tires + a bit more snow/ice on the porsche’s side

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