The Bentley Bentayga SUV Is Finally Unveiled

Sept. 8 — After years of waiting Bentley finally unveiled the Bentayga SUV. The behemoth vehicle is really posh and can be custom designed to just about any specification. Bloomberg Pursuits’ Hannah Elliott has a look at the car that starts at about $300,000. (Video by: Zach Goldstein, Victoria Blackburne-Daniell)

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denisbaranoff says:


fidorover says:

It’s just a station wagon. A nice one, but a station wagon, not a SUV.

christopherwillson says:

This isn’t a good looking car. It has a weird Audi look.

The pictures that existed before looked muuuuuuch better, and Bentley-like.

mookixox says:

If TESLA made this car, they would charge 3 Billion dollars!

goodnight gøtham. says:

Tesla Model X and this are in my dream garage

Kirwin Bradley says:

The price just doesn’t seem to match the design.

Aussie Mate says:

fuck me hard

XYX says:


Benjamin Hatchett says:

anyone that says this is good looking is brainwashed!

Bobby C says:

Audi Q5 with a big engine and some bling bling.

SneakerTifosi says:

It seems like Bloomberg pulled this price out of there bottoms. I think realistically and based upon what Bentley has said before, if you can afford an expensive Range Rover this will be slightly more than that

Windycitykid says:

What happen to the Bentley EXP 9 F.

Sean Susun says:

All those years of design and this is what they came up with? It looks like it has a disease. I’d rather be seen in a range.

anon says:

Take away the badge, how much would you pay for the car?

Mobile Gamer says:

People are saying this Audi Q7 and Porsche Cayman with different front but you guys don’t realize that people that will be buying this are buying it because it is a Bentley.

MrBORISS420 says:


Scott H says:

Sorry, but I would prefer the Range Rover Sport SVR . For the price of the Bentley – one could own both the RR Autobiography LWB and Sport SVR and have nearly 100k left over.

Sunset Rider says:

ugly as fuck


looks like a toyota venza the tesla model x will eat this all day … save your money way overpriced

jaiveer17 says:

they just Bentlyed a Q7. The Bentley EXP 9 was so much better, sorry bentley disappointed.

Fitzger00 says:

this “columnist” is getting paid to read the pamphlet?

Danny P. says:

that is the most hideous looking things I have ever seen I guess you gotta do something with all the money you steal from people?

Arthur1992 says:

no thank u.

Yassine Ouerda says:

This is bae

Thiago Lima says:

Volkswagen DAS AUTO!

Darko Nikolić says:

Too expensive for such an ugly car… yet it is exclusive?! 😀

Jamaican Bloke says:

300k for this crap? I bet some twat will buy this overpriced stationwagon

DNez says:

Looks like a Q7 mated with a Venza and this bastard was born.

Xezatt says:

Luxury brand conscious people be like: “Well its Bentley. It doesn’t matter how ugly it is, right? I know its ugly, but as long as I got one, people will still look up to me more than those Cayenne or Range Rover owners. See, I am a rich motherfucker!”

nathaniel sherron says:

Understand something people, this is not a SUV. It’s a station wagon.

audrance says:

Hate the colour!

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