The New Continental GT has arrived | New Bentley Continental GT

Be one of the first to see the reveal of the new Bentley Continental GT here.

And with it, the future of grand touring. With its sleek lines carving a sharp new path through the air, the new Continental GT marks the beginning of a new era: one of unrivalled power, exquisite craftsmanship and cutting-edge automotive technology.

Bentley’s design team has completely reimagined the finest 4 seat coupe, to create something truly extraordinary – with its reimagined new engine housed in a superformed aluminium body. A stunning evolutionary step, the new Continental GT redefines what a grand tourer can be. It is truly the peerless GT. Watch the film to experience the New Continental GT for yourself.


romain decas says:

il et magnifique . une vrai réussite

TheJakemate says:

The music kind of sounds like the game of thrones opening

Malcolm Mclaughlin says:


Evgenii IU says:

My applause to the team that created this car, I’m delighted

The Shadow Man says:

It’s god awfully ugly.

JCBeastie says:

The new Continentley Bental!

Dmytry B says:

my dream, Most gourgeous car on Earth, fuck tesla crap and german shit. Bentley the best

Marian Palko says:

If that’s not the most beautiful car in the world, I don’t know what is…

white park says:

What the muzic?

Roshan Gomes says:

I now understand the meaning of life.

Albert Einstein says:

oh god this is so fockin hot. Im touching myself right now

pietro rocchegiani says:

Simply amazing!

Krystyna Charbucińska says:

This car is amaizing!

Athul krishnan says:

Great bgm

unidentified says:

Rolls Royce Wraith owners are probably feeling suicidal.

Timothy A Nemeckay says:

Simply stunning

white park says:

Ost please….

Bova Mcfly says:

Это лучший дизайн бентли, который я когда либо видел.

Will Mac says:

Real improvement

RooNinful says:

Why am i watching this? I cant even afford a used hatchback

Simone Lovato says:

At the top!

코코몽 says:

거대하지만 빠른 시스템 매력 있습니다.

Steve Brolis says:

Esiste un modello gasolio?? O magari a molla?

이병준 says:

Lovely beautiful Bentley.

unidentified says:

Great car, but I prefer the new VW Polo.

Kuttypaappa Azhagu says:

Super i like this car

Practical Recommendation says:

Excellent design beauty ! Excellent quality ! … !!!

white park says:

The best my dream car.

Thom gaat Ervoor says:


Sead Biberovic says:

I think this gorgeous Bentley is driving a cross Croatia so
near to Bosna, my country 🙂

jblowitski says:

Regardless if you can afford this fine automobile…you can still “BE EXTRAORDINARY” by supporting this worthy cause.

gokul krish says:

it’s my dream car

Illegal BDG says:

Who wants to buy me the New Continental GT ? ; )

Alan Hunt says:

Fantastic refresh to the Bentley brand, interesting how one side of the VAG group drops their famous flying B in the dashboard design and another part of VAG in the Chiron almost picks it up. You can see the Audi in the Chiron and the Porsche Panamera  in the new Bentley Continental with its straight clean lines in the dashboard. VAG are on a role they make all the best cars in the world forget Ferrari and others… If I upgrade my Audi I could only buy a Bentley…. because I already have all the running gear…

Prince De Souza says:

The music and watching the car at the same time gives me goose bumps

K0T says:

Still terrific outdated multimedia.

Sigmund Freud says:



Wowww EXCELLENT in every aspect!!

hoang quy says:

i wish i had one

Nuno Barros says:

Does anyone knows the name of the background music?

marcelo airoso says:


asdsad6 says:

our, I literally drove here … sailva out of my mouth with these curves of the car; D gorgeous woman too; D greatings from brazil!


i will get this car

Horny Pervert says:

Good. Now make an efficient version with a 4 cylinder engine and lightweight interior.

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