2015 BMW M3 & M4: TFL BMW M Week 4K Preview

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The 5th Generation of the the BMW M3 is here along with the new two door BMW M4 Coupe. To celebrate the BMW M cars we’re going all out next week with road and racetrack reviews, BMW race cars and even a few cool surprises. Here’s a short preview video of what’s in store for you next week on TFLcar when it is All BMW M All the Time!

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Pawel P says:

0:49 at first I though he showed “f.u.”

MrKeyboardCommando says:

Roman, the M3 didn’t try to kill you. You aquaplaned because you were driving too fast for the conditions and the tyres. The car had nothing to do with it.

Michael Howatt says:

Did DMW seriously bring all those cars in Babyshit Yellow?

Olmo Kobie says:

men all u need land cruiser!!

SkurrSkurr says:

Screw all this im 17 and im not gonna brainwash myself with these crash stories, obviously every car can lose control and fuck up! I wanted a e36 as my first car ( or even e46 but thats more cash ) and im not letting these stories change my mind 😉

Smokey BEAR says:

all bmws look the same rip

Luke Detty says:

That’s because you can’t drive!

JoshGrami says:

Hey Roman, I work at the club where you dined on one of the nights you were up here for BMW. I was going to say hi but didn’t have a chance. Hope you enjoyed Wisconsin! 

nickL7389 says:

The real question here: is Spinelli still alive?

Jack Simoes says:

First comment?

Gordon Mccracken says:

Volvo. For Life.

Zack Kennedy says:

The CAR did not almost kill you. Had to of been your driving skills in the wet at the time.

Super Dan says:

Looks exciting, can’t wait to see the videos!


Roman drive the race car..

Harrison Freon says:

*You almost killed yourself, and it happened to be in the M3.

venom5809 says:

Is that Libermann with Spinelli?

Briguy1027 says:

I love the sounds of the engines, that green for the stock car though is not to my tastes.


I also had a friend who lost control of his E36 M3. My friend Andre just blew his head gasket on his E30. As well as my cousin’s airbags didn’t go off in a BMW 325i E46 when a car pulled in front of him earlier this year. My friend also lost control of his Z3 M roadster on mountains near Malibu. I have the pics if you guys want proof, however this has urged me to stay away from BMW. Good cars, just I guess there is a message that is being sent to me here and After Roman said that it confirmed it for me. Thanks Roman.

Marek Vítek says:

Hello from Prague sorry that our roads almost killed you 

To The Floor! says:

Please please please get rid of the intro and intro sound. It’ annoying.

Wheelman GT says:

I hope M week includes some M5s! M5 E39 my favorite!

swinglow33 says:

Keep the electronics safety gizmos on, you’ll be fine.

lovin f30 says:

Is the manual transmission “outdated” for the new M3? I love driving stick shift in my f30 335i but people say the dual clutch suits the M3 much better. Of course, my car is not as powerful and intense as the M3 so I can understand why people think that way.

taporsnap74 says:

M Power!

Fast Er says:

These cars are so far ahead of cars from other manufacturers.

LeilaMurka says:

Yes, finally. M power. Thank you guys!!

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