2016 BMW 7 Series (G11) Preview Quick Walk-Around Tour – paultan.org

A quick look at the 2016 BMW 7 Series (G11) at the international press drive event. Look out for our review soon at http://paultan.org/


Pmpbuh Pmpbuh says:

Thank you very much for the review and especially climate control panel testing as no one broke anything about it before. I give you the right to criticize any thing In BMW. Actually, I love BMW almost for 28 years, and in fact It took them a very looooong time to realize the cheap plastic has nothing to do with luxury segment cars. Now they are using metal crazily just to compensate for the lack of it during past generations. Beside no one can argue material quality of MB cars in general yet they are sometimes ugly but materials will never let you down even engine life span and durability is guaranteed briefly you will get every thing for every cent you paid.

Louis Cho Chun Tuck says:

that’s no such thing called “i dun know”!
in terms of luxury and comfortability, S Class won!

Thank u

Mohamed Alhashmi says:

BMW is very nice car and best mantenance

Selambee moon says:

That 7 series now look alot like s class mercedes. First their interior. But bmw 7 seris is not popular for their class. It never can comparw to s class. Look all the video when they fight together. Luxury mercedes still win

Muzur57_TV says:

Mercedes is still the best.. but BMW is 2nd best and VW is the worst ever

Jacky Mafia USA says:

I can’t wait to buy one for myself

Hendra Di says:

S Class still the best.

K says:

Too many chrome accents. How is these gestures useful when you can do the same thing with buttons on steering wheel..

thembp82 says:

That’s why Mercedes is better. the ambient lighting and the fragrance sprayer BMW got that from the s class. Stop copying Mercedes.

Arven Tahtyan says:

how tall are you dude? you are so tall that I think mercedes hired you so the 7 series looks small

baklawa1900 says:

It’s not enough to add features that competitors added before you. The entire design should “just work” as Apple like to say. This BMW 7 clearly looks like a quick fix to the series so it can feature compare to the new S Class. It’s weak and not nearly as elegant.

jaded1122 says:

Seriously you guys need a proper video team. I can’t understand how being one the most popular motoring site in Malaysia could not get it sorted out for so long.

miss laxio says:

aku rase kalau bagi rolls royse pon die nk complen… ingt senang ke buat luxury car

boertieme says:

fucked up singlish accent bah

Apiz says:

I realized that the car is left hand drive at 8:20 lol

HIM Solar Gate says:

It’s  a Lexus, lol.

GymBodyAtlanta says:

The Germans never have been able to master a beautiful and elegant interior it seems.  Ugly and still somewhat cheap looking.  This BMW seems to be like sitting in a laptop (silly gadgetry for no reason) with no soul or sense of poise or elegance and typical BMW culture–the buyer has too many options on the “so-called” flagship model.  Everything should be standard equipment.  Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Jaguar are still the apex of master craftsmanship interiors and smooth quick driving.  Watch out–because the Koreans are coming up fast (see the Hyundai Equos and soon to be spurred off luxury brand called Genesis).

max factor says:

are u Singaporean???

Milan Bat says:

first of all, learn to speak English, than comment the car.

3536837 says:

why the voice high echo and bass ?…

tim cheou says:

s class or 7 class all no class.lots of gimmick, status symbol.10yrs later problems oil leaks.. all shots comes..

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