2018 BMW M5 TECH REVIEW – F90 5 Series

The 2018 F90 BMW M5 makes its way back to the MotoMan Studio A a/k/a ‘The Hangar’ where MotoMan goes on a deep dive in this BMW M5 TECH REVIEW. Yes, he covers the details of the 600 HP Twin Turbo 4.4 V8 but then drills down into some of the lessor known facts that make up the F90 BMW M5 . . .

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2018 BMW F90 M5 FIRST ON TRACK REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5P8DjErExY

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67Bigsby says:

Great work !!

B Bee says:

First the color, it’s time for M to retire the 1987 Miami Drug Kingpin blue for an elegant Raven wing.( Black-Blue paint combo). Secondly, a designer storm cloud leather interior with real slate stone inlays instead of fake carbon fiber. Finally, center weighted rims on the rear only with a 1/4 inch rear biased lift. The car should scream danger.

LeilaMurka says:

I drive the 16 f10 m5. NYC. I would make the f90 m5 more aggressive. And i would also like for it to be morr distinctive from the 3er and 7er. They all look very much like each other. Id take away the interior carbon fiber trim…and replace with would or piano black finish. Id put real aluminum in place of the plastic pieces, such as the steering wheel. And id get rid of that side vent.
Awesome video btw…very interesting content.

Tully3674 says:

Nice car but I wouldn’t want to own it. Don’t see it lasting beyond its warranty period. As for change, I’d also like a more conservative interior. Otherwise, the car’s lines look good.

jojomanstyle says:

I will change the roof to panoramic roof.

Thorick says:

what is that plane with the yellow nose ? It looks like it’s painted to resemble a Focke-Wulf FW190 but the undercarriage looks like it has way too narrow a track to be an FW190. Didn’t the air cooled FW190s have BMW engines ? (is that the connection ?) Oh, nice M5 review too !

dandaman61 says:

Motoman continues on his quest to review every 5 series ever.

sean cannon says:

I can’t think of the name of the color but it’s a satin/ pearlesent silver color as seen on Shmee150’s video of the same car, it’s a little more subtle but still very striking, it would be my color of choice, it also compliments the lines of the car better.

weirdshibainu says:

I’d love to get the classic alpina wheels on this.

David Depaola says:

In NJ I’d want dark, almost black wood. Spoiler delete. Loose those ugly black rims. Paint it silver, gray, black, or something typical German so I can take it work. If I didn’t need a conservative sedan, I’d be driving a 911.

Mark Carlson says:

Delete badge option like Merc and Porsche!

Tazmn Wilson says:

I am a 2016 F80 M3 mineral white owner and love the Awd concept of the new M5. I do not like flashy colors. I guess I’m a little boring. BMW’s are getting bigger and therefore will stay with the E39 M5 size of my f80. I just hope the next generation M3 follows suit and goes Awd because putting the power down to the rear wheel only platform is becoming cumbersome. Fun but cumbersome. I also wish the new M5 differentiated itself a little more aggressively than the non M 5 series car a little more. Maybe more M parts will do the trick.

Vitaly Tomilov says:

To make it ideal car, I would want to throw away all the carbon fibre from the interior, and replace it with the highest-quality wood. Pity that BMW doesn’t offer it, which is a huge minus.

ExotikZBoy17 says:

It looks like a three series from the back

Omar Esieed says:

Even tho the AMG would smoke this but i would love a comparison with the mighty E63

S G says:

You’re absolutely right some ash wood would look excellent in the interior

Alex K says:

This thing will supposedly run a 10 second 1/4 mile from the factory as well. But I still prefer the E63 AMG, honestly.

zarbon700 says:

Just another overpriced, shitty reliability BMW. Pure trash for suckers.

_Elite_Culture Vlog says:

08 m5 e60

SkiddingMouse says:

good episode, I know m5 is a great machine but somehow I feel all these mega saloons gained a bit too many kilos.


Ok first I only drive M-CARS my first is a 06 E46M3 comp pkg. then an 2010 E60 M5 and now a 2015 F10 M5 comp pkg.
As far as carbon fiber I’m so over that might entertain KEVLAR !
And as for the Rice Burner wing no thanks it just cheapens the car and does not offer that much unless your 16 and have little boys for friends to brag to to try to impress. What most people forget this is an Executives car not a street racer car,even it does beat 99% of any car on the road.
I personally drive my M5 like I stole it.

cyuiyu wyguiyui says:

Bah,all these new cars,give me back the Skoda 1100.
I remember back in the day in 1966,before i was born,i was driving along in one.
0-100 km/h took only 2-3 minutes (or was it 23 minutes ?),and the top speed was 60..

Mike Willis says:

Better looking exhaust tips

The Best Products says:

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kichansilva says:

I remember playing Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 on the PlayStation 2 and thinking that it was insane that a car can get from 0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds. That was in 2004.

solen 1 says:

Review a Volkswagen gti or golf r please!

Green Lightning says:

Invest a bit in a new microphone.

Kanon 08 says:

It’s hot car, preferable with wood interior though. In reality I would most likely purchase the Amg E63 S Wagon. You get more space and as goofy as the interior is in the AMG I’d pick it first. A review of it would be nice too!

TurgBurglar says:

600hp, that’s nice. Now where is my android auto?

Calvin Yi says:

Need fender flairs!!

Jane Dogh says:

Enjoy those fake v12 engine sound.

T Bone says:

Can’t wait for the rest of the series. Not sure I will ever buy an M5 (love my M2) but I think this is a cool car.

Huss Dakh says:

No one does such a thorough review like MotoMan. Very well done and thank you.

IceDree says:

No one does Blues like BMW, gotta hand it to them!

How would I spec mine? I’d probably go crazy trying to choose from Marina Bay Blue, Hera Mica Blue, San Marino Blue, Frozen Silver, Pure Metal Silver or Sakhir Orange lol.

If I survived that part I’d go with the dark red merino leather for the Silvers or Caramel merino leather for the others, without the black inserts. black Alcantara headliner is definitely a must. I’d commission Brabus for the wood to replace the interior’s carbon fiber And I’d change the red buttons to match the exterior.

Exterior wise, I’d go with no badges, carbon fiber mirror caps, chrome grille, Chrome line (never been a fan of Shadow line), matching brake calipers & M760Li wheels . . . 😉

What about you, M? What would you choose?

As always, excellent work M!

Hans Peter says:

Absolute dreamcar!!!

Spoder Man says:

Sounds pretty bland I’ll stick with my Kia stinger gt

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