2019 BMW 3 Series Production

2019 BMW 3 Series G20 Production. BMW Plant Munich. Subscribe.

This first public presentation of the new 3 Series will be followed by the global market launch of the car from 9 March 2019. The BMW 3 Series Sedan has been produced at BMW Plant Munich from its first generation. The company’s “home” factory is also the birthplace for the new edition of the model. But in keeping with the strategic guideline dictating that production follows the market, another two facilities have been added to the line-up. All of which means production of the new BMW 3 Series Sedan for the Chinese market will take place at the Tiexi plant in Shenyang run by the joint venture BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA), where the outgoing 3 Series Sedan has been made. And in 2019 the newly constructed BMW Plant San Luis Potosí in Mexico will also join the fray.


Adro 900 says:

Piękne ale i troche smutne .

Wade says:

If I visit the factory can I get a free sample?

jitterball says:

7:29 When a motorcycle gang member gets emotional and intimate with bare body of a vehicle^^

Ryan Stafford says:

Why is there an old gen 3 series in on the line 26:17

tzimhs85 says:

the engine bay lower section did not got painted,you can still clearly see the grey galvanization!they just care for the outer skins of paint.
what a shame.

gary mazet says:


롤스토리디자인연구소 says:

wow.. unbelievable

Nivas varma G.Nivas varma says:


cybermili23 says:

Very nice and professional to see how the chassis and the shell of this BMW series 3 become finished and with which precision the processes where worked out. That garants an high end exterior finish and a perfect look for the future owners. From this manufacturing part respect to the BMW production factory. But this same perfection I personally miss at the other components designed and manufactured by BMW.
Broken turbo engines, defect prone and inadequate injectors, tear timing chains, worn chain guides, weak turnbuckels, electrical defects all kinds, the list is long. And most owners from BMW models 2007 and newer with such technical problems. Thats not the quality and perfection i expect from BMW. And a big reason why i never will buy a BMW 2007 and newer. Actually i rather search for a BMW 3 series E36 328iA Coupé in very good condition. That vehicle with the famous 193 hp R6 engine is one of the best models BMW ever has designed and produced. When i see one on the road i become euphoric and freaky. The same feeling becomes not with the bew cars from BMW. The quality and perfection is never the same as it was ~ 20 years before. I hope for BMW that they switch, and realize the same perfection in engine, gearbox, and landing gear parts as it is with the vehicle exterior finish which is perfect and lets no room for criticism.

lightspeed72 says:

Absolutely fascinating! No dramatic music, no droning commentary and opinions, just pure fascination!

Car TV says:

What is your favourite part of the video?

PlantiPal says:

So much love goes into them

J R says:

Brexiteers are crying now… lol

fwerf says:

working in a car factory with full-on-makeup??

Juss Los says:

Interesting.. They’re still making the previous models next to the new ones.

Felix Rubenbauer says:

The machine at 28:11 says “Scheinwerfer- und Fahrwerkseinstellung” which means “headlight and wheel track adjustments”. How can this machine adjust the cars wheel track without having to life the car, install reflectors to the rims or even just touch the tie rods?

Kino Zomby says:

Nobody talks to each other. I would fit in very well.

Alper says:

İşçilerin yarısı türk maşallah 🙂

Torga Warflame says:

I doubt it’s reliable.

helmsdeep84 says:

more electronics and more complicated than ever. when it breaks and its out of warranty, good luck…

Ricardo Santiago says:

in what part they forget to put the turn signals?

THZ says:

I live like 1km away from that plant and work in automotive fields as an engineer. It’s nice to see how the final product turns out, while you look basicalliy 40h/week on your PC monitor and see only CAD files. 🙂

Ricardo Santiago says:

33:40 i think i would be good doing that, admiring the car and pretending i am searching for any anormalities

Trades46 says:

Compare this to the Tesla Model 3 which is supposed to “kill” BMW 3 series…yeah, I don’t think BMW has anything to worry about.

komentator resek says:

7:30 acting

Art Sales윤효준 says:

27:06 dd

John Doe says:

Great looking car. How long until the timing chains let loose in these engines?

ewilddog says:

time to place my order, ready to trade in my old 3 series now 🙂

TheHvk says:

Great to see how something that will become an unreliable money pit in six years gets made!!

Svetoslav Popov says:

It is so terribly boring to work on this production line.

山根会長 says:


Adrian ,Don Adrian. says:

Deutschland the best country of the World.

makuszko says:

Is just a light or looks like plastic coated or vinyl wrap. A new trend? 34:52 Do they still immerse a whole body in protection primer?

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