MotoMan heads to the BMW Experience Center to drive the 523 HP BMW M850i. He learns two things about the BMW 850 coupe – the first and most obvious is about its design. For the second, he takes the BMW 8 Series coupe on the South Palm circuit at the BMW Experience center as well as includes a brief TECH REVIEW . . .

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Biking Bad with TC says:

Finally, what an exciting and well thought out design! Been waiting a long time since owning E36, E46, and E92 M3s. Nice work BMW!

Jobo so says:

Looks like a mustang

Elton Elzee says:

S550 coupe or DB11, no BMWs for me!

David Perry says:

The price point of the DB11 is much higher that the Bimmer. Anyway, if one were had to choose from your list, I’d have to pick the Aston. I disagree about the looks of the BMW, it’s an improvement, but not even close to the Aston or even the S-Class Coupe. And what about the Audi RS5? It would probably track a lot faster than the BMW. I’m not a fan the Lexus’s looks at all, I wouldn’t even consider it. And anyway, there’s nothing like the latest Bentley Continental, which is not the same segment as any of the options presented, but it does it all. The really interesting head to head comparison will be the M8 and the S63.


that grille is a disaster………gopping

Miguel Nunez says:

I can’t afford any car that you review, but I still love your video

Nick says:

the interior looks a bit boring, like most modern BMW’s actually.

LexVVTi says:

I haven’t driven any of these but calling the 8 the best looking BMW means nothing considering the LC is still the best looking vehicle PERIOD for less than or right at 100k.

Also, I’m sure the fake exhaust in the 8 sounds good but that too is nothing compared to the raw sounding 5.0v8 in the LC. The LC may not be as fast as this but who cares? If speed is all you care about then buy a mustang that the 8 resembles and save you some money.

My verdict: I’ll still buy a Lexus LC and rack miles on it and resell it for more than the BMW that barely got driven.

Kyoto(きょと) says:

Funny when lexus are over weight that’s all they talk about not BMW off course.

George Cook says:

Can’t wait to hear what Kumo thinks of it on the road!

GiovanniLACA17XD says:

S class coupe all day every day

Leo O'Neill says:

Shame it looks nothing like the beautiful prototype its supposed to be based on.

Daniel Sadjadian says:

This car has brake by wire? Isn’t that sort of against what BMW stands for? If you want it to be the ultimate driving machine, it must surely have good brake feel, just like you’d want good road feel via the steering wheel.

Leroy Brown says:

None of them. 340i with the Motorsport package in Estoril blue, Cognac interior with brown piping.

James Wisrik says:

the rear quarter reminds me of the mustang. cheapens the look. LC500 proportions are better, true v8 sound, and the convertible…omg! then the S class convertible…OMFG!

Bert Lee says:

The pretentious days of automotives. It just gets manufacturers to charge and arm and a leg for cheap tech.

Clarence Lyles says:

The 650 series was just as nice. This is the 650 upgrade don’t agree first classic in 17 years.

Pevvex Pevvex says:

If i would buy a car purely for driving experience for every day use Bmw M850i is clear choice by a country mile.
Had a chance to drive one for few days and it’s simply amazing.
I was first to argue can’t be any good before I had a chance to drive it.
Bmw made it again and it’s seriously amazing driving experience

Bernie Fen says:

Nice Mustang…… I mean, BMW.

IceDree says:

Man, I can’t believe its been 17 years since the E65 came out … Damn.

I wasn’t particularly fond of the new 8 when it first came out, but it has grown on me since then & I came around. I prefer the Cabrio though, the Coupe’s fast roof is too Mustangy for me.

I’ll pick the 8er over the S & LC … Preferably in the Cabrio form. I’ll have an individual 850 Cabrio in Mineral White over caramel Merino leather. Hold the shadowline thank you very much!

Quick question M, what do you think of the Barcelona Blue metallic paint? It looks magnificent in some shots & like a bubble gum in others, I have to see it in person.

Is it wrong that I’m looking forward to to the Alpina 8 more than the M8?

As always, excellent work, M.

Edit: I’d say the DB11 is a bit higher in the food chain, somewhere between the 8/S/LC & the Continental GT … For that kind of money, I’d rather my dram Ferrari FF.

Fox Mulder says:

when BMW has to copy Mustang’s lines to sell a sports car. and its reboot ain’t even a V12. xD

Hashim Makki says:

Bmw , 8 series, because of that M dynamic handling and performance wizardry!!!

Brian Willaman says:

DB11…because Astons look soooooooooooooooo gorgeous!!!

Jaffar Abdul Baqi says:

I’d chose the BMW of course because of it’s classic beauty like you said. The dynamics and value don’t hurt either.

Ash says:

LC500 out of the three you mentioned. But if the list included this BMW, I’d choose this Bimmer.

Simon Ward says:

My choice would be the DB11. It’s one of the most beautiful cars ever.

MIckey Merrick says:

Beautifully put together and edited review. Phenomenal job.

SkiddingMouse says:

answer: Panamera Turbo S 🙂
ok…. between the options…. I guess has to be the BMW for more of a sporty nature.

headcas620 says:

Shit car. Hideous and too heavy

Ken Martin says:

Good video, best 3 series yet. Should be a major player in the market. Pricing?

George M says:

BMW missed the mark on the GT segment by excluding the 840d from the US. I bought my A7 TDI because I got sick of stopping at the gas station every 3-4 days with my 750i as part of my commute. There are no longer any efficient Grand Tourers on the market that are sexy, great handling cars. …which is entirely the point of a GT.

Michael Spring says:

I would have the BMW, I like the way they look and feel over the competition.

Capt. Azzam A. Ganadily says:

I have a S 500 coupe 2017 and I love it.
BUT your right the 850 is beautiful. I’ll go see it next week if it arrived here!
Saudi Arabia

repent now says:

i don’t know if its me but this car looks better in the convertible version. Coupe is nice looking but i feel its missing something every time i look at it……The 6 series coupe will be a classic. To me that has more traits of the original 850 than this. i still love this car though

Les Murray says:

I’m keeping my SL55 AMG. Same weight, HP, and 600 TQ.


4500 lbs??? Most family sedan’s from the late 90’s were only 3500 lbs !

Stan Lee says:

S-Class Coupe. Best looking interior and exterior by far.

Closer to truth says:

Any Porsche over this.

Sean Watlington says:

S class coupe I would choose because I feel when your spending over a 100 grand on a coupe it should be pillarless for that much money. The S class coupe is the only one pillarless. I think bmw dropped the ball on the M850 I by not making it pillarless like the original one.

Basket Baw says:

DB11. Exclusivity.

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