2019 BMW X5 XDrive 40 & BMW X5 xDrive 50 TECH REVIEW: Sheetmetal is the least of it . . . (1 of 2)

MotoMan gets early access to the 2019 BMW X5 – both the BMW X5 X Drive 40 with the 6 Cylinder Turbo and the BMW X6 xDrive 50 6 Cylinder Turbo. He kicks off this TECH REVIEW with a brief summary of the BMW X5 over the years. From there, he does a deep dive of the two BMW engines on offer, interior and driving dynamics . . .

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2018 BMW X2 FIRST DRIVE REVIEW @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFzwNCGj-MM

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boopalan palan says:

i buy only bmw

pete2323 says:

So nice

SkiddingMouse says:

1- not a Suv lover but this X5 is quite a machine, even the design starts to convince me.
2- at 8:25……. love the Ikea chair. got same one in different color 😀
3- good video, informative as always Mr. MM

brcarlos says:

As always, great job! Would appreciate if you could provide us with metric numbers too, maybe a subtitle? Thx.

6SpeedTA95 says:

Fuel Economy is always a consideration but in some cases I ignore it…always cover IMO

Cecil L says:

The X5 and it’s X3 little brother are both great looking vehicles this generations. Very muscular and upright without looking “bush”.

As for the fuel economy, I think you are right, the family getting this suv would care very little ab fuel economy. It’s $70,000 to start and has a cristal Ball shifter for crying out loud.

Tim's Auto Vision Tv says:

Watch “2019 Mustang Bullitt quick look” on YouTube

wagsbass says:

Ugly grill, slaby rear, Americans will love it

Clayton Sykes says:

I think mpg is not important to some but still important to discuss

Dave Farley says:

Sick of this efficiency nonsense. Europe needs to get opec inline and stop getting raped on oil prices. Americans want nothing to do with this tiny engine turbo charge everything bulllshit

M. K. says:

Ha! If fuel economy is not relevant to the sort of people buying X5’s, then neither is towing, cargo capacity, off-roading, or price. If you’re going that route, you might as well point out all the badges on the thing for ten minutes and how easy it is to get a car seat in it.

IceDree says:

Here’s a funny coincidence, we’re eyeing a late first gen X5 Sport, its the exact same color you showed, but have the 19″s wheels instead.

Moving on, they did an excellent job with the X5 this time around, both inside & out. It redeems the monstrosity that is the previous gen.

I’m very excited about the next X6, I was worried at first, but they nailed the X5.

Outside of Europe, I don’t think fuel consumption is much of a concern in this tax bracket.

As always, Excellent work, M.

Michael Henville says:

Is it just me of the interior looks cramped

tmwall25 says:

motorman is canadian? pronouncing the letter z as zed

Shaun Conyers says:

Fuel economy is a bit off the list.. but if you have to visit the gas station every 4th day, that can become annoying!!!!

Nikolas Schefold says:

Wow! beautiful! very luxurious!!

barnzstorm2036 says:

I’m curious about fuel economy, living in Australia fuel is a ripoff.

XiaoXing Liu says:

Rear control arms are made of iron? Not cast aluminium

headcas620 says:

It says x4 in the title.

Joe E says:

For all these x5s on the road everywhere only sold 1.8m to date? So you are telling me majority of x5s are sold in CA….it’s a weird thing ….leave OC you notice there aren’t many luxury cars on the roads

Peter Sothern says:

Americans know fuckall about cars

G says:

Why do people say fuel economy in expensive cars doesn’t matter???? OF COURSE IT MATTERS!!! It’s the *price of gas* that doesn’t matter!!!

Long range and long intervals between fillups is a convenience. This is related to fuel economy. People with money to spend want to buy convenience to go with luxury. GET IT???

Javi Fabela says:

Great review

Brandan honda says:

Interior looks kind of plain.

Adam Bernard says:

That front grille looks like the car has chrome buck teeth!

Official LXRY says:

I worked at BMW, that 4.4 V8 is notorious for needing engine swaps even under 10,000 miles… The reason they keep using it? I will never understand…

amirjon says:

Was not expecting a Ben Graham shout out. Chapters 8 and 20 should be read on annual basis!

Geovanni Varela says:

Have the interior dimensions become a bit more roomy and comfortable? I love your reviews so I figured I’d ask.

Ashish Mundefi says:

Kidney grill is looking ugly in new one

itbeokay says:

I’m looking at buying a used X5 35d in the somewhat near future and fuel economy is definitely an important factor. However, people who buy these $70k trucks new and don’t care about it losing half of its value in 3-4 years definitely do not care about epa numbers

Иван Пивоварчук says:

UAZ PATRIOT 2019 !!!!

GibsonOfAGun says:

Wrong about fuel economy. Which is why people who care and have money buy Teslas.

manifest 73 says:

At that price at least use led interior lights.

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